03706 6' Pole Choker 4 w/Grippers (1.9 Meter)

Wood Pole Fall Arrest System

Pole Choker 4 Fall Arrest System

Wood pole climbing fall arrest. CSA certified Z259.14.01 Type AB.

The Choker Strap is a key component of the Jelco Pole Choker 4 Fall Prevention System. This 1 3/4 inch wide, yellow nylon strap squeezes the pole, the roller's teeth dig in and you get the additional resistance provided by 2 sets of grippers. All this provides the gripping force required to prevent you from falling down the pole.

The Pole Choker 3 and 4 are identical accept for the ice grippers. The PC4 version features grippers to insure a fall stop within 150cm in icy conditions.

Size: 4.5 ft-03704, 5.25 ft-03705, 6.2 ft-03706, 6.8 ft-03707

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SKU JL-03706
Manufacturer Jelco
Manufacturer Model 3706
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