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Laser Tech TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

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Laser Tech TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

The Laser Tech TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser Rangefinder features Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT). It is the world's first laser that provides both accurate long-range outdoor measurements PLUS short-range high accuracy indoor measurements. This all-new technology combines a traditional laser rangefinder that uses pulse technology, with a laser distance meter that uses phase technology. This double duo allows the exciting functionality of getting long-range measurements with the laser rangefinder and high accuracy on short ranges with the laser distance meter for getting indoor measurements.

The new TruPoint 200h offers range accuracy from millimeter to centimeter and a rugged dustproof/waterproof design for harsh environments. Enhanced with LTI's TruTargeting technology, this hybrid laser provides the best accuracy and acquisition distance to any given target, allowing you to stand safely in one place - never getting in harm's way. The six target modes available in the TruPoint 200h - closest, farthest, range gate, filter, continuous, timer - will give you unmatched flexibility to capture the measurements needed while out in the field. The TruPoint 200h integrates with LTI's newly developed WorkSite App. This free app is designed to extend the capability of the TruPoint 200h and make daily work easier, safer, and more efficient for professionals. The laser also easily integrates with your current GPS/GNSS technology and software/apps ensuring not only unmatched accuracy but affordability.

Accuracy: +/- 1.5 mm (0.05") phase technology
+/- 2 - 4 cm (0.8 – 1.5") pulse technology
Inclination Accuracy: +/-0.1 degree typical
Battery Type: AA (2)
Capacity: Max Distance Phase Technology: 100 m (328 ft)
Features: Dustproof
Manufacturer: Laser Technology