Double Braid Rope

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Double Braid Rope

Rope is one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. It can be used for a whole slew of things and often times is literally your lifeline when working at height. When sourcing your rope the first step is to determine what type of rope that you need

Double braided rope has a braided core surrounded by a braided sheath. The inner braids are most commonly designed to share the load equally with low elongation. Double braid rope remains round under tension, imparts no rotational force when loaded, and has a soft hand. All of these characteristics make it ideal for use as a load rope.

When sourcing rope, once you have determined what rope you will use, the next thing to determine is what diameter you need. Diameter is typically based on rope strength and compatibility with rope accessories. For more information about the different types of ropes used in at-height, details about diameter, and information about proper rope care click here to check out our rope buying guide.

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