Rope Protection

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Rope Protectors

Like we’ve mentioned many times - rope is an important part of safety in any kind of at-height work. If your rope is in poor condition it is essentially useless and you will have to buy a new rope. Not to mention that rope isn’t exactly cheap. That’s where rope protection comes into play. Rope protection is pretty self-explanatory in that it is equipment that helps you protect your rope. The type of protection you can use varies by the job at hand. Our selection includes rope rollers, material rope covers (protectors), end dips, and heat shrink.

While rope protectors are beneficial and can help lengthen the lifespan of your rope, we’d like to remind you that rope inspections should still be done regularly even if you are using some form of rope protection. For more information on rope inspection, click here to check out our blog post about what to look for and how to properly inspect a rope. You can also download a free rope inspection form from our Knowledge Base.

Need a specific type of rope protection or have questions about what you should use? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.