Anchor Plates

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Rope Anchor Plates

An anchor plate also referred to as a termination plate or rigging plate is a piece of hardware, typically made from milled aluminum, which creates a tie-off point on ropes which do not have a factory created eye. The anchor plate creates a way to attach a rope to a structure or load without relying on a knot.

Anchor plates are beneficial because they prevent the need for tying a knot in a rope. Knots, while they may seem strong, severely weaken a rope and can cause other issues like shortened life span. If you do find yourself having to tie a knot in a rope, please refer to manufacturer specifications on how much the knot will affect the strength of the rope.

Our selection of anchor plates come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Our anchor plates are sourced from a variety of manufacturers like Petzl, DBI Sala, Sterling, WestFall Pro, and more. Need anchor plates for different size ropes? Don’t worry, our anchor plates can cover common rope sizes to fit your application.

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