Dutton-Lainson 1200 Lb. Capacity StrongArm 120V AC Electric Winch with Remote

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Dutton-Lainson StrongArm 120V AC Electric Winch with Remote

SA5015AC StrongArm Electric Winch with Factory-Installed Remote Control Specifications:

Volts / Amps 120 Volt AC / 6 Amps
Load Capacity
1200 lbs.
Gear Ratio 189:1
Clutch Power in, power out, and freespoling
Braking Automatic
Switching Method 3-position rocker switch
Rope Type Galvanized aircraft cable
Rope Size 20' x 3/16"
Power Cord 10 feet

  • 120 Volt Electric Winch with factory-installed remote control (hand held switch pendant with 10 ft cord) has 10 foot, 3 wire grounded power cord.
  • Power in, power out, controlled freewheeling clutch, and automatic brake.
  • Comes loaded with 20 ft of 3/16 aircraft cable.
  • 1200 lb capacity.
  • Emergency crank handle also included in case of power loss.
  • For indoor or fixed applications, with access to AC power: Shop cranes; Boat lifts; Boat davits; Frame-straightening machines (to pull disabled vehicles up onto machine); Light towers; Marine railway systems; Greenhouse ventilation systems; Aircraft hangars (to pull small aircraft in and out); Opening/closing large horizontal sliding doors; Dumb waiters; General material handling applications.
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SKU C-DL-25538
Manufacturer Dutton-Lainson
Manufacturer Model SA5015AC
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