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Model#: EX59XL

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PPC RG59 PPC Connector (bag of 50)



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PPC RG59 PPC Connector (bag of 50)

Bag of 50 PPC 59 Series Universal Compression
PPC® EX59XL EX® Universal Extended Body Compression RG-59 Connector, DTV® & Dish® Approved (Bag of 50)
Installers are faced with the problem of identifying old unmarked 60% through Quad Shield 6 cable, and having to guess which connector is the best match. This results in unnecessary service calls due to the use of the wrong connector/cable match. The unique patented design of the EX® connector body achieves true universality on the 60% through Quad Shield for PE, and PVC jackets.

Redundant Sealing
The EX59XL has an O-ring that is a redundant seal and is always compression sealing, regardless of torque. A large tapered compression area creates a redundant moisture-tight interface. Also, there is a gas-tight seal connection between the nut and the post. Finally, three circumferential gaskets seal the body to the post.

Easy to Use
After stripping your cable, simply insert the coaxial cable into the connector. Once in place, crimp the connector with the appropriate compression tool for a tight, reliable termination! EX® RG-59 Connectors provide a superb cable retention factor or 45 lbs. (20.41 kg) minimum.

Additional Options
EX® Universal Extended Body Compression RG-59 Connectors used in combination with port seals ensure proper port sealing every time. Additionally, they are both DirecTV® and Dish® approved!


Manufacturer: PPC
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