Petzl Duo Z2 Multi-Beam Headlamp

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Petzl Duo Z2 Multi-Beam Headlamp

Petzl DUO Z2 Multi-Beam Headlamp

The Petzl Duo Z2 Multi-Beam Headlamp runs off 4 AA/LR06 batteries to provide 430 lumens and 4 lighting modes. The DUO features Petzl's FACE2FACE anti-glare function to reduce the blinding effect headlamps tend to have when you are facing a coworker. The four lighting modes are the low-intensity flood close-range, the mixed-beam proximity, the focused-component mixed-beam for movement,  and a highly-focused beam for distance vision. The BOOST mode provides temporary access to a maximum power of 430 lumens. The DUO Z2 is balanced with the battery pack positioned at the back of your head.

The Petzl DUO features CONSTANT LIGHTING technology to provide a stable energy output over time with electronic locking to help avoid accidentally turning the lamp on in transit or storage. The DUO meets IP 67 for waterproofing up to 1 meter for 30 minutes in fresh water.


  • Four Modes:
    • Close-range lighting: low-intensity flood beam maximizes burn time 
    • Proximity lighting: a mixed beam with brightness suited for comfortable proximity vision 
    • Lighting for movement: mixed beam offers a focused component for easily moving around
    • Distance vision: a highly-focused beam for seeing at a distance 
    • *Additional BOOST mode provides temporary access to the maximum power of 430 lumens
  • CONSTANT LIGHTING technology for stabling lighting output over time, ideal for long work periods
  • Balanced by positioning the remote battery pack worn on the back of the head
  • An automatic switch to reserve mode when batteries are nearly spent
  • Waterproofing to -1 meter for 30 minutes in fresh water (IP 67)
  • Excellent resistance to falls, impacts, and crushing
  • Two plates for mounting on your VERTEX and ALVEO helmets 


  • Maximum Light Output: 430 g
  • Weight (with batteries): 360 g
  • Beam Patterns: Flood, Mixed, or Focused
  • Batteries: 4 AA/LR06 (batteries included)
    • Other types of alkaline, rechargeable, Ni-MH, and lithium batteries may not comply with ATEX use
  • Certified: ATEX zone 2/22 (II 3 GD Ex ic IIB T4 Gc IIIB T135° C Dc) for use in explosive environments
  • Watertightness: IP 67

Lighting Performance:

Lighting Modes Beam Pattern Brightness  Distance Burn Time Reserve Mode
Close-Range Flood 50 lm 17 m 15h 30 10 lm for 1 h
Proximity Mixed 120 lm 30 m 6h 45 10 lm for 1 h
Movement Mixed 220 lm 80 m 2h 10 lm for 1 h
Distance Vision Focused 180 lm 120 m 2h 45m 10 lm for 1 h
BOOST Mixed 430 lm 115 m - -
More Information
Manufacturer Petzl
Country of Manufacture France
Manufacturer Model E80AHB
Model None
Color Black, Yellow
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