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ODM Automated Fiber Test Platform



ODM Automated Fiber Test Platform

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ODM's VIS 300C offers handheld, all in one fiber testing for field and lab applications. This platform allows you to streamline fiber testing processes through a reporting system that also saves the results. Test results are compiled in project folders which can be immediately turned into closeout reports at the touch of a button. The 5" touch screen on the user interface lets you switch between inspecting fiber end faces, testing with an optical power meter, and troubleshooting. The VIS 300C comes with a high-definition microscope with 4 standard inspection tips, a portable carry-bag, and a protective travel case.



  • Perform essential tests quickly. A combination of inspection, testing, and troubleshooting hardware promotes efficiency.
  • Obtain PASS/FAIL results at the touch of a button. Easily configure IEC analysis profiles for inspection and test parameters for OPM testing and see results in easy-to-understand green and red.
  • Create closeout reports and share via Wi-Fi. All reports clearly display whether fibers PASS or FAIL according to specific criteria.
  • Supremely portable. All necessary hardware is safely attached to the VIS 300C and protected via a durable carry case. A neck strap on the carry case ensures the VIS 300C will stay where it is needed.



Manufacturer ODM