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Miller EPIC Cast-In Sleeve Base

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Miller EPIC Cast-In Sleeve Base - M100359

Miller EPIC Post-N-Barrier System comes complete with a guardrail, toeboard, and steel mesh in one barrier design. This barrier system is engineered so that setup is quick and easy to install. This innovative design is for those working along a horizontal or sloping edge. Because of the steel mesh grid, this allows the workers to reach through without removing the barrier while also maintaining the required level of containment. Utilizing an overlap installation design, the Post-N-Barrier System eliminates "spacing" concerns and permits for a wide range of applications, including curves and corners. Barrier overlap is conveniently secured using a CombiStrap Connector. With precast socket, clamps, and anchored components for base attachment options, once installed, you can connect the barrier units without having to acess the edge for great safety. Individual barriers can be opened like gates by simply removing the CombiStrap Connector providing edge access or a loading entry. The barriers can then be closed and secured safely inside the protection of the barrier system. You can choose your choice of bases which are sold separately. 

  • Cast-In Sleeve (M100359) $11.99/eaFor use in newly cast concrete. Insert sleeve and allow concrete to cure. Remove the cap and a barrier system can now be installed. Weight 0.09 lbs. (0.04 kg) 
SKU ML-M100359
Manufacturer Miller