Capstan Hoists

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AB Chance Capstan Hoists and My-Te Capstan Hoists

The job site tests people every day with new challenges. One challenge that occurs frequently, especially in lifting and rigging is lifting heavy equipment and gear up to where the work is being done. That’s where capstan hoists come in. Capstan hoists have revolutionized the art of lifting and rigging. What used to have to be done by hand, or by using complicated rigs that utilized truck power, can now be done with a lightweight single unit piece.

Our lines of AB Chance and My-Te capstan hoists are portable and easily fit into hard to access job sites. They are built to deliver high torque rope pulling muscle with constant control. In addition to capstan hoists, we also offer a variety of accessories including mounts, rope locks, stickers, brackets, and foot controls.

Looking for a complete kit? We’ve got those, too. Our capstan kits include everything you need to be lifting and rigging with your capstan like a pro. 

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