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Laser Technology TruPulse 360 Laser Rangefinder

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The Laser Technology TruPulse 360 Laser Rangefinder

The TruPulse 360 measures distance, angels, and azimuth with increased accuracy and target acquisition. The TruPulse 360 distinguishes your desired target from surrounding obstructions with its Closest, Farthest, Continuous, and Filter modes. The TruPulse 360 can mount to a tripod and features quality optics with that enhance your field of view, an LCD display, and 7X scope magnification. The TruPulse 360 integrates with GPS for efficient GIS data capture. This device includes Bluetooth communication capability. The TruPulse has a max range to reflective targets of 6,560 ft and 3,280 ft to non-reflective targets.


  • Target acquisition in Closest, Farthest, Continuous, or Filter mode
  • Mountable on tripods and has quality optics to enhance your field of view
  • Integration with GPS for efficient GIS capture
  • Bluetooth capability

*Measures in Feet & Yards only. Please contact a Gear Expert for a device with metric capability.



TruPulse 360

Measures Azimuth with TruVector 360° Compass Technology


Calculates SD, HD, VD and INC between two remote points

Yes, plus AZ

Distance Accuracy to Typical Targets*

±8 in (0.2 m) 

Distance Accuracy to Very Distant & Weak Targets

± 3 ft (1 m)

Inclination Accuracy

+/- 0.25° Typical

Azimuth Accuracy

+/- <0.5° RMS; typical

Max Range to Reflective Targets

6,560 ft 

Max Range to Non-Reflective Targets

3,280 ft 

RS232 Serial Com Port


Bluetooth® Wireless Communication

Windows and Android

Scope Magnification / In-Scope Display Type

7X / LCD

In-Scope Field of View

33 ft @ 300 ft away

Battery Type (8 hrs. of continuous use)

(2) AA or (1) CRV3

Environmental Rating

Water-resistant / IP54


 -4° to 140° F 


5 x 2 x 3.5 in 


285 g (10 ounces)


Battery Life: 8 Hours
Battery Type: AA (2)
CRV3 (1)
Color: Black
Configurable Model: None
Width: 2"
Country of Manufacture: United States
Height (Generic): 3.5"
Industry: Construction
Wind Energy
Oil & Gas
General Industry
Tower Climbing
Tree Care
Environmental (IP) Rating: IP54 (Water Resistant)
Length: 5"
Manufacturer: Laser Technology