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Model#: FS-FS60

Stock#: FS-FS60

UPC/GTIN/EIN: 6009900162164

FieldSENSE FS60 5G Personal RF Monitor



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FieldSENSE FS60 5G Personal RF Monitor

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  • 5G ready
  • Frequency range 50MHz – 60 GHz
    • H Field | 50 MHz – 1 GHz
    • E Field | 50 MHz – 60 GHz
  • Assesses multi-frequency and multi-source conditions
    • Shaped
    • Isotropic
  • Improved fall detection alarm
  • LEDs visible in direct sunlight
  • Data Logging and voice recorder
  • Redesigned one-handed operation harness strap
  • Long-lasting battery life (AAA Batteries)
  • Frequency response to ICNIRP (1998), FCC (NCRP), OET65 (1997), Canada Safety Code 6 (2015)

The fieldSENSE60 is the personal RF monitor with a proven track record of ensuring on-site employee safety. The fieldSENSE60 is specifically designed with the climber in mind – whether working in the near-field of a broadcast system, in the far-field of a 5G system, from towers to rooftops and bucket trucks. Exposure is accurately and correctly assessed, and a warning is sounded, should the levels approach and exceed the occupational limits. The device can be attached to a harness-attachment mechanism to ensure it cannot be dropped, yet still within hearing range of the buzzer in the event of a warning.

Frequency range

  • The frequency range has been expanded to 50 MHz – 60 GHz which means the user is covered whether working in the near-field of a broadcast system or in the far-field of a 5G system. This means this is the only RF monitor a worker will need. 

E & H fields measured

  • RF Safety guidelines use the radiated power density, S in milliWatt/cm2 or Watt/m2 to assess exposure to electromagnetic fields in a given situation. This is derived from the measured E (electric) and H (magnetic) fields. To accurately assess a given exposure situation, both of these should be measured, especially when working very low in frequency around FM transmitters for instance. Only measuring E field in these instances can lead to inadvertent RF overexposure. The extended frequency range correctly measures the H field as it is required when measuring lower in frequency.

Shaped response

  • The exposure limits, such as the FCC (NCRP), SC6 or ICNIRP limits are all shaped over frequency and as such PPE must also have a shaped probe response to accurately measure in accordance with it. RF monitors not having a shaped response are inaccurate and can result in an individual being overexposed.


  • The fieldSENSE60 has a total of six orthogonal E and H field probes to ensure that the combination of all sources of radiation from all angles are correctly measured and assessed in accordance with the safety limits. 

Data logging

  • The fieldSENSE60 has an advanced E and H field data logger which records all user measurements so that they can be easily accessed over a USB connection to a PC in the office. Additionally, the data can be viewed in real-time over the USB connection with the PC application. 

Voice notes

  • The inbuilt logging feature allows for quick voice note-taking, which can be accessed later in the office, the data is paired with the logged E and H fields so specific exposure conditions can easily be tagged.

Fall-detect & alarm

  • The device has an inbuilt fall detection system that sounds an alarm should the user accidentally fall. The alarm is easily silenced should the climber still be conscious but, should they have been knocked unconscious the sounding alarm will attract the attention of colleagues to immediately initiate rescue actions thus reducing the potential effects of suspension trauma.

User interface

  • High brightness amber LED indicators for direct sunlight visibility and a loud buzzer ensure the user won’t miss a thing. It is specifically designed to be operated whilst wearing gloves to help prevent losing a glove down a tower.

Harness fastening 

  • The fieldSENSE60 harness attachment mechanism has been completely redesigned to include a coiled lanyard system. This facilitates the smooth handling of the device during operations while still remaining visible and audible. Should the device be dropped there is no risk of it falling off the site.

Wrist strap

  • The easily adjustable wrist strap ensures no accidental dropping of the device when working at heights.  

Rugged IP64 enclosure

  • The fieldSENSE60 has a co-molded enclosure with a base layer of polycarbonate which is typically used in riot shields and an outer elastomer layer made of TPU which is designed for hard-wearing environments. The design provides for IP64 dust & moisture ingress rating. 

AAA batteries

  • The device uses readily available AAA (LR03) batteries.

“Grippy” design

  • The device has a custom beveled design that fits tightly into the user’s hand with a textured soft elastomer surface and grip ridges ensuring no fumble moments up in the air.

Zipper case with molded foam insert

  • Shipped in a heavy-duty zipper case with a custom-molded insert makes for even further protection of the device. 

Tripod attachment point

  • A tripod attachment point on the base of the device allows for setting up remote monitoring of a site, or for attaching an extension pole in given instances. 



Battery Type: AAA (3)
Country of Manufacture: South Africa
Frequency Range: 50MHZ - 60GHZ
Industry: Tower Climbing
Manufacturer: fieldSENSE USA
Weight: 1.05
WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -