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Model#: 728997134002

Stock#: OVP-728997134002

UPC/GTIN/EIN: 044600322636

Bleach (64 Oz Bottle)



Discontinued Typically ships in 2-5 business days.


 Bleach (64 Oz Bottle)


  • Removes stains and deodorizes
  • No added fragrance, dyes, or chlorine
  • Biodegradable for cleaner waterways

The Bleach comes in a 64-ounce container. For household use, add a 1/2 cup to a gallon of water to clean surfaces. It is recommended to use gloves when cleaning. While it is color-safe it is best to test this product on an easy to hide spot before using it on a larger area. Designed to remove stains and deodorize with no added fragrance, dyes, or chlorine while still providing the same sanitation as regular bleach. The product is biodegradable for environmentally conscious sanitization. 

Weight: 4.50