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GME Supply By the Numbers - 2021 Edition

GME Supply's Annual By the Numbers - 2021

As we come to the end of 2021 and set our sights on the year ahead, our Gear Experts® want to take a few moments to reflect on the past year. 2021 was a year where predicting was hard. Knowing what was coming, what to do, and how to do it was a challenge for everyone.. But our team never lost sight of our mission - to keep workers safe and productive on the job through timely service and expertise. Our Gear Experts consistently focused on getting each and every one of our customers the gear they needed, when and where they needed it and we will continue that promise through 2022 and beyond.

Every year we have a little fun recapping some of our milestones, goofy things around the offices/warehouses, and a range of other statistics in our annual By the Numbers tally and we're continuing that tradition for 2021!

While some things were different this year - trade shows and in person trainings were cancelled for the first half of the year, travel was reduced, and challenges were faced with shortages across the globe - we still managed to keep people safe, expand our footprint, and have a little fun, too.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

2 - Number of companies that joined the GME Family

Our family grew this year. With the merger of Safety LMS, GME Supply can continue our promise of providing expertise for not only the gear you need, but how to safely use that gear. With the addition of Gearcor, we’ve expanded our footprint in North America. We now have a 6th warehouse located in New York - as well as a new store-front. We’re extremely excited to have Safety LMS and Gearcor join us as we continue to focus on being North America’s premier outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, industry, and construction.

5 - Average number of left turns employees make on their commute to work

Titled “Another Left Turn” we surveyed our employees across the nation to see how many left turns they took during their morning commute to work. Why did we ask? Well, because we were planning our annual By the Numbers report and it seemed like a good idea. And, it was such a good idea that it made it on the official list!

40 - Holiday wishes granted for children in need

Each year, our Gear Experts work with a local charitable organization to provide gifts to children that would otherwise have nothing under the tree for the holidays. This year, our team came together to grant 40 of these wishes. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING!

50% - Newsletter subscription growth

From sales and special events, to tradeshow news, giveaways, and sometimes an email talking about our annual publication of our By the Numbers post, you enjoyed our newsletters more than ever this year. If you aren’t already subscribed, head on over to to get signed up. We’ve got big things planned for 2022 and we want you to be one of the first to know.

100% - Number of additional employees added

2021 was a busy year for our Gear Experts®. We brought on Gear Experts every week - all year long. We couldn’t be happier that our team is growing and we’re ready to get you the gear, expertise, and resources that each of you need to be safe and productive on the job.

122 - Countries shipped to

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our Gear Experts were ready to help keep people safe and productive across the globe. Some of the places we shipped to include: Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hong Kong, Zambia, and Oman.

151 - Number of participants in costume related competitions

When our Gear Experts aren’t hard at work, we like to have friendly competitions around the office. Sometimes those competitions involve… costumes. From Halloween and “Spirit Fridays” to ugly sweaters, we had 151 people compete against their coworkers to see who would be crowned the champ and obtain bragging rights for an entire year.

1,021 - Social posts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube were abuzz by GME Supply this year. With over 1,000 posts on the various social media platforms, we made announcements, shared pictures of tradeshows, jobsites, friends, families, charitable events, and costumes. Be sure to follow us to keep up with us as we gear up for an amazing 2022.

2,393 - Clients added to our PRO platform

This year, we launched our GME PRO platform. Through world-class technology our Gear Experts® have created a system that empowers you to seamlessly integrate your management, accounting, and procurement needs into a single easy-to-use system. We’ve onboarded 2,393 clients this year and they are taking control of their time, energy, and resources to make better business, safety, and financial decisions - all at a time that is most convenient for them. Learn more about GME PRO and schedule a 1-on-1 demo with your Gear Expert at

2,496 and 1/4 - Slices of pizza consumed

While we don’t actually know how many slices of pizza were consumed (sorry we got distracted by eating pizza and forgot to count). We do know that it was around 2,496 and 1/4.

8,893 - Number of Quick Ship items in-stock and ready to ship

The equipment you use on the job site is extremely important and our Gear Experts® know that oftentimes when ordering gear, you needed it yesterday. That's why we created our Quick Ship program. Items available for Quick Ship are guaranteed in stock and will ship same day if ordered by 4pm CST. When you combine that with our ability to offer 2-day ground shipping to nearly 90% of the US population, you can rest assured that your gear will be where you need it when you need it.

13748 & 13790 - Zip codes of our New York warehouse and store

Conklin, NY & Johnson City, NY here we come! With the merger of Gearcor, not only did our team grow, but we added a few new locations to help ensure that we have the best shipping coverage possible and enough warehouse space to stock the gear and equipment we need.

55,436 - SqFt of custom banners printed

Keeping people safe doesn’t just include equipment and gear when working at height - it also involves notifying those on the site and surrounding areas of hazards that may be present. Our Job Site Banners {Link} help inform people coming on to the job site as well as those nearby of potential hazards. Plus, with a custom banner you can promote your businesses at the same time. We had the printers running on overdrive this year with 55,436 SqFt of custom banners printed. BONUS: 55,436 SqFt is 1.27 acres - you would need over 1,500 potatoes to make a line that long!

105,537 - Packages shipped from our warehouses

Our warehouses were busier than ever this year. Picking, packing, taping, labeling, and shipping gear across the globe. We made a promise to get you the gear you need when and where you need it and our warehouses delivered that promise at lighting speed.

129,929 - New SKUs added

From new manufacturers and product lines, to completely new industries and categories, our Gear Experts® brought in hundreds of thousands of pounds of new gear. All in the interest of getting you what you need to get the job done.

349,648 - Lines of code written

Our top notch IT team wrote some code, wrote some more code, and then kept writing code. From our website, to our PRO platform, to internal tools that help our Gear Experts be the best they can be, our IT team spent the year typing at (almost) the speed of sound to make sure we had the tools and platforms we needed to continue keeping people safe and productive on the job.

1,101,540 - Minutes of YouTube videos watched

2021 was a whirlwind year, but we still managed to produce educational videos, how-tos, and even a few live streams on our YouTube channel. With over 1.1 million minutes watched - it looks like people enjoyed them!

6,342,593 - Website visitors

We welcomed nearly 6.5 million visitors to this year. From shopping and educational content to free downloadable posters from our knowledge base, and learning more about our PRO platform - we greeted guests, answered questions, and continued to refine our site to make it not only a place to shop, but a place for resources and true Gear Expertise. And, we’re not done yet - we’ve got some more website improvements queued up and ready to launch in 2022 and beyond.