1. Winter Blowout Sale

    Except for the Northeastern US and their insane blizzards, much of the country had fairly mild winters. Since Jack Frost was relatively tame, we’re left looking at some remaining stock on many of our hugely popular winter gear. Luckily for you… that means we’ve slashed prices. Check out all the deals here!


    Ergodyne’s waterproof gloves are part of the featured sale. Check out the video below to see them put to the test.



    Also discounted are then entire lineup of balaclavas. Keep your dome warm next winter with balaclavas ranging from basic to their top-of-the-line N-Ferno Extreme Balaclava with Hot Rox. See them all below.



    So you’ve got gloves and head gear. Next, be sure you’re layered up. Start with a base, finish with an outer layer, sandwich in a mid-layer and you’re set.



    Finally, work can come skidding to a halt if you take a fall. Grab some ice traction. YakTrax, Ice Trekkers, and Ergodyne styles are all on discount.



    Get over to the Winter Blowout SALE to get all your deals.

  2. Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne

    Ergodyne Gear - GME Supply

    As the temperature creeps towards single digits, gloves become an important part of your daily work wear. Thermal ProFlex Gloves from Ergodyne offer maximum protection from wind and water, without decreasing dexterity or becoming uncomfortable. One of the things that set Ergodyne’s hand protection apart from others is their waterproofing systems.

     Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    Their traditional waterproof insert uses a waterproof membrane between the outer glove shell and the inner insulation. While it does keep your hands dry, and warmer than a non-waterproof glove would, it still lets the glove absorb some water in the shell. This can make your glove feel colder than it actually is, and can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Not ideal. At all. Plus, the insert also holds in moisture, so sweat can collect and leave you with a sticky hand.

     Waterproof Gloves with OutDry from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    This is where OutDry comes to party. The OutDry membrane is bonded directly to the glove’s shell inner side. That means rain, snow, and wind is blocked on the gloves outer surface, for ultimate comfort. Since the elements are stopped at the surface, the glove uses its full thermal potential, providing a constant, stable temperature inside the glove. And because the membrane is breathable, sweat is able to escape, keeping you comfortable. Also, they pair OutDry with a heavy dose of 3M Thinsulate, so your hands stay toasty, no matter what.

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