1. No More Drops with Klein's At-Height Solutions

    Klein At-Height Gear - GME SupplyKlein’s new Work At-Height gear is now available. Their tried and true steel erection tools, bags, and buckets have upgraded functionality. Pair them with the new tool lanyard and you’ve got yourself a great drop-proof setup.


    Falling objects accounted for 10% of worker fatalities in 2013, and is the third leading cause of disabling injuries. Luckily, manufacturers are taking steps to make sure dropped objects are no more.


    We’ll start with the tether. It has a maximum load capacity of 10 lbs and stretches from 32 inches to 60 inches. Check out the video below to see how to install, and secure it onto tools.



    Next, we’ll look at the new 5416OCTO Canvas Pouch with Connection Points. It’s got the standard bull pin loops to store your tethered tool, plus two d-rings on the front, and four on the inside for plenty of space to connect tethers.



    Finally, the bull pins and wrenches with tether holes. You know these… the bull pins are machined from high quality alloy steel for extra durability and are available with either a black rust resistant finish or in stainless steel. Now, they feature a tether hole for anchoring to your harness or bag.



    Head over to our tools section to see all tools from Klein, or the bags and buckets page to see even more pouches with anchorage.

  2. Summer 2014 Catalog

    Summer is finally here… and that means our new catalog is ready!

     Summer 2014 Catalog - GME Supply


    Our 2014 Summer catalog will be hot off the presses in a couple weeks. It’s larger than ever, with 170+ pages of the latest and greatest safety equipment, tower climbing gear, tools, and much more to keep you safe and productive.


    So, what’s new in the 2014 Summer edition?


    • New Products – PMI Extreme Pro rope has a sheath that won’t bunch if it’s cut. It’s pretty much magic. We’ve added upgraded jobsite banners that are now stronger than before, but at a lower cost. There are entirely new pages full of anchorage, safety wear, tools, rigging equipment… this list goes on!
    • New Shirts – Choose from three different designs to show your tower climber pride. Our shirts are custom designed and are generally awesome. Choose from the standard “Climb Higher” design, or perhaps the premium designs, which are printed on a high-end material. See a sneak peek over on our Facebook page!
    • Even more new photos – We put our photographer to work to get the best photos of our products out there. Flipping through the pages will be the best part of your day. The extra-large, full-color photos show every detail you could need.  Also, look for the special “Video” icon, which tells you the products that have videos on our YouTube channel.


    Like we said… the newest batch of catalogs will be shipping soon, so head over and request a catalog now so you're at the top of our mailing list!

  3. The Go-To Vessel

    Stanley Thermos - GME Supply


    Stanley has always been a company that has cared about quality. Dating back to their first mass-produced Stanley bottles in 1915, they’ve never cut corners on their products.


    And their thermoses should look familiar. Your dad or grandpa probably carried one to work or on fishing trips. And he did it for good reason. Not only did it stack the man cards in his favor, but it kept his coffee piping hot for 24 hours.


    The latest generation of thermoses are no different. They’re still dressed in the iconic brushed green finish that you’ll recognize (although they have a variety of colors, too). And they’re certainly no slouch when it comes to heat retention. It doesn’t matter if you choose the 16 oz. mug or the ultra-jumbo 2 quart version; Stanley will bring the heat all day.


    Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Stanley believes in their products and backs it up with a lifetime warrantee.


    If you need to transport more than liquids, take a look at their Heritage Cooler and Vacuum Bottle Combo. It pairs their classic vacuum bottle with a solid cooler to pack your lunch for the day or your beer for the weekend. Plus your thermos locks into place on the top of the cooler for easy transportation.


    Stanley Thermos and Cooloer - GME Supply


    Head over to our Stanley Thermos page to find the perfect thermos for you. But be aware, as soon as you unpack your new Stanley Thermos, your beard will grow two inches and you will instantly be wearing an animal pelt and work jeans. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


    Stanley Thermos Warm - GME Supply

  4. New Year, New Products

    Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger

    Milwaukee is bringing the jams in 2014 with their new Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger. This isn’t your normal radio. It’s an industry first with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can keep your phone in your pocket while streaming music to the radio. Also, it doubles as a charger for M18 batteries for all your tools, and USB for all your devices. Combine that with durability and dependability that Milwaukee is known for, and you’ve got a must-have item for every job site.

    Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio - GME Supply

    Ergodyne New Retractable Tool Lanyards

    Ergodyne announced an expansion of their Squids Tool Lanyard Line to include a new set of retractable tool lanyards. They combine the safety and security of a tool lanyard with the convenience of self-setting length options. There are a few different options in the new line of retractable tool lanyards… choose from carabiner or loop ends, or add on other accessory packs.

    Ergodyne Retractable Tool Lanyards - GME Supply

    Kenwood ProTalk LT PKT-23

    New from Kenwood in 2014, the ProTalk LT PKT-23 is a powerful business radio in a compact form. This tiny radio only weighs 3.9 oz but still cranks 1.5 watts of power to communicate over a very large area. Radios are a great way to increase productivity, and Kenwood has made it even easier to keep your whole crew connected over an entire job site with this versatile, strong and small radio. (You already know how two-way radios can save you time and money, right?)

    Kenwood ProTalk LT PKT-23 Business Radio - GME Supply

    Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell

    The Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. It’s compact and portable so it can be used “in-line” in rigging systems to measure the load force. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor wirelessly on your iPhone. It features a “slow” mode for monitoring or “fast” for break-testing. The swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces, and reviewing tests is simple with downloadable graphs on your computer.

    Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell - GME Supply

    Klein Glow in the Dark Tools

    Never lose your tools again with new Glow in the Dark grips from Klein. Specially coated grips on select tools will glow for up to 30 minutes in the dark. They charge in natural or artificial lighting and offer the same durability and dexterity that is expected from Klein. Glow in the dark grips are available in Side-Cutting Pliers, Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, and Wire Stripper/Cutters.

    Klein Glow in the Dark Tools - GME Supply

    DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge

    You live on the Edge and the Nano-Lok Edge will keep you safe. Designed for foot-level tie-off, and built to the strict ANSI specification for sharp edge application, the Nano-Lok Edge from DBI Sala will allow you to work on the edge without fear. They’re available as a single, or twin-leg model, and with a variety of different hook options.

    DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge - GME Supply

    Petzl ASAP

    Petzl has a few different products set to roll out in 2014. GME Supply actually got a sneak peek of some of it a few weeks ago, you can see a quick video of us using a lot of it here. Among our favorites was the new ASAP. The ASAP is a mobile fall arrest device that looks just as great as it works. It can also be paired with the new ASAP’Sorber or Absorbica energy absorbing lanyard. They’ve got a lot more than just that coming out in 2014, so keep an ear to the ground for those.

    Petzl ASAP - GME Supply

    P.S. We also heard from Miller that there will be a fresh AirCore harness coming out. Also, PMI has some awesome Unicore Rope for 2014 which can be found on their website. We don’t have all the details on those yet but watch for more info about them right here.

  5. Fill up your tool chest

    Klein_1Humans may be considered the most advanced machine on the planet. We can complete tasks that nothing else can, alive or otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit from a bit of assistance here and there.


    The oldest tools ever recovered date back thousands of years. They’re old… 8000 BC old.  Granted… those were nothing more than sharpened antlers or broken flint that were used to cut things. Later larger axes were created and eventually, those items began to become specialized for individual tasks.


    As technology advanced, and craftsmen started to make more and more intricate things, like ornamental chests or entire architectural structures, the tools advanced as well. We got chisels, planes, vices, pliers, and saws.


    Today, there are too many different tools to even try and cover in a short blog post. But you probably know the general functions of most of what we sell at GME Supply.


    To break things up a little, we’ll put them in two categories, hand tools, and power tools.

    In hand tools, we like our sets from Klein Tools. They have anything from a simple set of screwdrivers, to sets that would fill an entire tool chest, for your tool fanatic. If you need more specialized items, we have some awesome sets for folks like electricians.


    Milwaukee Kit

    If you like your tools to put in some elbow grease for you, the Milwaukee Tool gear is where it’s at. We recommend either their 12-volt or 18-volt lines. You can buy their tools individually, or as kits to save some dough. If you need it all, check out their 9-tool combo kit. You may have seen us brag about their heated jackets, also.


    And don’t forget all the accessories. Pick up a few blades for that Sawzall. Or maybe a set of Shockwave Bits for your 18-volt FUEL Impact Driver, which are specially designed with a shock zone to increase durability.

  6. Top Holiday Gift Ideas for 2013

    Top Holiday Gift Ideas


    Gift Pile


    ‘Tis the season around the GME Supply office… That means that we’ll put off our gift buying until the last possible moment. Then we’ll have to scramble through our warehouse to find something suitable for everyone… even the in-laws.


    Luckily for you, we’ve put together an entire section right here that has some killer holiday gift ideas. Now let’s look at a few of our favorites:


    Klein Tools 5104 Mini Leather Bottom Bucket

    Imagine the 5104 Leather Bottom Bucket. Now imagine yourself as a giant holding it. That’s what it’s like to hold the Mini Leather Bottom Bucket. It’s constructed just like the full-sized version. If you’ve got any construction workers, tower climbers or contractors that need gifts, this is a great option.


    Mini Bucket


    Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket

    We’ve covered this jacket before… but that’s because it really is that great. The M12 REDLITHIUM battery in this jacket keeps the heat cranked for hours. You can go out in any temperature and stay comfortable. It’s also available in Realtree Xtra Camo for the hunters in your life.


    Milwaukee Jacket


    Milwaukee FASTBACK Flip Utility Knife

    This tough little dude gets used constantly in our own warehouse. Its Press and Flip feature makes opening all our shipments fast and easy since it can be operated with one hand. Plus it’s from the fine people at Milwaukee, so it’s obviously a quality knife.


    Milwaukee Fastback


    Klein Tools BBQ Tool Set

    We really don’t know how we ever flipped burgers before we got our set. They have 17” handles so you don’t singe your knuckles when you’re reaching those brats on the back row of the grill and the Cushion-Grip handle is comfortable and resists slippage for your marathon BBQ sessions. If you get a little thirsty, also check out the Klein Tools Beverage Tool. Perfect for cracking open a cold one.


    Klein BBQ


    Petzl Pixa 2 Headlamp with Mixed Beam

    If your hands are full, try out this hands-free alternative. The Pixa 2 is very tough, and would be a great gift for your favorite camper, climber or spelunker. It’s got two lighting modes and can be adjusted very easily, even with gloves.


    Pixa 2


    Ergodyne 6823 N-Ferno Wind-Proof Hinged Balaclava

    Balaclavas are a great way to protect your face, neck and ears. While you may wear these on the jobsite, you could also toss it on to go to the tree farm to cut down a Christmas tree or maybe when you’re on the slopes skiing or sledding. Whatever frigid environment you face, check this comfortable, wind-proof option from Ergodyne, along with our entire selection of warming gear.


    Ergodyne Balaclava


    Maximum Safety Journeyman Work Glove

    These are one of our favorite pairs of gloves. Made of trusty goatskin leather, they’re soft and comfortable plus reinforced fingertips add extra protection. They also have reinforced knuckles and reflective tape. The following sentence was typed wearing them. (We do not recommend using them as typing gloves.)


    Journeyman Glove


    Well… hope that was a quick rundown of a few of our Holiday Gift Ideas gives you some inspiration and helps you wrap up your shopping so you can get back to more important things like watching football and eating pie and things.

  7. Powerfully Warm

    Milwaukee Jacket

    Guys, winter is coming. And frigid wind gusts mixed with bone-chilling sleet and snow are not ideal conditions to be working in. If you have to be out in the elements during the winter, we have products that will make it more bearable.




    M12 Batteries

    Milwaukee Tools makes these killer heated hoodies and jackets that will keep you toasty no matter how brutal the weather gets. They’re powered by Milwaukee’s M12 REDLITHIUM system. These batteries are the same ones that you may already have in your toolbox.

    They’ll keep the heat pumping through the jackets’ state-of-the-art carbon fiber heating elements for 6 hours straight. The jackets have two heating zones so you can control the front pockets independently of the core. The hoodies are available in grey, red and khaki or ANSI compliant high-vis lime. You can get the jackets in Red, Black, or RealTree Camo and ANSI high-vis.



    If you need an ANSI 107 Class 3 High-Vis jacket that’ll protect you from the weather, take a look at what PIP has to offer. The Premium Class 3 Bomber Jacket has a zip-out fleece liner so you can wear it as a lighter jacket, or keep it bundled for extra warmth. The high-vis yellow shell is waterproof and has a two-inch silver reflective tape.


    The folks at PIP also have a ripstop version that features a black bottom to help keep the jacket looking clean, even if your work takes you to some filthy places. Have a job that requires fall protection? Not a problem. It has an opening to allow a rear D ring to pop through the back of the jacket.

    Jacket Combo

    No matter how cold or wet it is, GME Supply has gear that’ll keep you comfortable and safe. See all of our warming section online for even more great products to keep you warm and toasty this winter. While you’re there, leave a quick review of a product and you’ll be entered to win over $200 worth of free gear. Climb higher and stay warmer with GME Supply!

  8. AB Chance Capstan Supplies

    AB Chance Capstan Supplies

    As an employer, you are tasked with the highly important task of trying to keep your employees safe. Workplace injuries can occur in any line of work, but when your employees regularly perform dangerous tasks, extra measures must be taken to keep them safe. If your employees often must climb to great heights during their workday, you may already be using various harnesses, tower climbing gear, and other devices to help them stay safe, and you may have relied on GME Supply for all of your high-quality yet affordable tower climbing equipment. However, you must also provide them with the equipment that they need to perform their tasks at an elevated height. GME Supply carries a great selection of AB Chance Capstan products to suit your needs.

    AB Chance Capstan products are winches and hoists that can be used to provide your workers with access to the tools and equipment they need. Some tasks may easily be performed with the workers’ bare hands, but other tasks may require highly specialized tools and supplies. It is not safe for workers to climb ladders or hold on to all of the tools they need while at the top of a platform, but hoists can be used to provide them with safe access to the gear that they need.

    GME Supply is your complete resource for all of the hoists and winches that you need. There are various AB Chance Capstan models that you can put to use immediately. You can take time today to browse through the selection of items available. Take note that they may vary based on their price, features, and capabilities. When you compare the options, you may notice that one model is better suited for the tasks at hand than others. If your workers typically perform multiple tasks or have varying needs at elevated heights, you may find that there is a need for multiple models of hoists and winches. Take a few minutes today to review the models available, and place your order for the Capstan models that will most closely meet the needs of your workers. This effort today can promote safety in your workplace.

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