1. Are You Wearing the Right Shades?

    Let’s talk tints...



    The safety glasses on your face could be a number of different colors. Every lens design is made for a specific environment or situation. While there are some which are general and can be used in a variety of settings, there are others which should be used for distinct circumstances.

    Clear Safety Glasses

    For general indoor applications which require impact protection. These don’t have any tint or color shade, and are pretty simple, standard safety glasses.

    Gray Safety Glasses

    These lenses are made to be worn indoors or outdoors, but they have a slight gray tint which helps reduce glare from the sun or overhead lights. Sometimes these are also called “smoke” lenses. Fork lift drivers going in an out of warehouses or plants would wear these.

    Amber Safety Glasses

    These are normally worn indoors, in potentially low-light applications. The Amber color helps enhance contrast.

    3.0 and 5.0 IR Filter Safety Glasses

    These lenses are designed to block mid-infrared wavelengths and heat, while still allowing visible light to pass through. IR Filter safety glasses are commonly used around welding and cutting. They don’t replace a welding mask, but offer more protection for those in the general vicinity. 5.0 IR Filter shades are more heavily tinted than 3.0 IR Filter lenses.

    Blue Mirror Safety Glasses

    Blue Mirror lenses are gray lenses with a blue mirror coating which reflects light. This cuts back the amount of light that actually passes through the lens and helps reduce glare and eye strain. Use these for outdoor work.

    Silver Mirror Safety Glasses

    Much like the blue mirror, these are grey lenses with a silver mirror coating. They’re also to be used outdoors to help cut back light and reduce glare. Color preference between blue and silver is mostly a aesthetics preference.

    Infinity Blue Safety Glasses

    These are solid blue glasses, without a reflective coating. Use these for indoor applications where there are yellow, or sodium vapor lights. The blue tint offers high contrast and helps cut out yellow light.

    Red or Orange Safety Glasses

    Red or Orange safety glasses use a gray lens with a reflective layer of silver and either red or orange coating. This helps reflect some light back, and also increases contrast and helps with color recognition. Use these outdoors where color recognition is important.

  2. Elk River Peregrine Platinum Tower Harnesses

    Elk River’s Peregrine Tower Harness Series has all of the bells and whistles you could need in a tower harness. A few different harnesses make up the Peregrine line.



    The Peregrine Platinum is one of the lightest harnesses on the market. This six D-Ring harness has a standup aluminum D-ring on the back, plus two aluminum D-rings on the hips and seat. The smaller chest attachment point is steel. Breathable padding on back, shoulders and waist keep you cool and comfortable. The Peregrine Platinum has a quick-connect chest and tongue buckle waist. Choose between quick connect or tongue buckle leg straps.


    The Elk River 67630 Peregrine Platinum RAS has all of the great features of the Peregrine Platinum, but with an adjustable, removable seat. This popular harness has exceptional fit, and is ideal for all day comfort. See the Peregine Platinum RAS here.

  3. Rescue Situations

    Ideally, falls don’t happen. But in the event that one does, let’s hope the worker was wearing and using proper fall protection. And let’s also hope that the crew they were working with has been trained to properly rescue a suspended worker.

     Rescue Kits - GME Supply


    If you’re using fall protection, but aren’t properly trained for rescue, and don’t have a rescue plan, you’re only doing half of the job. They’re equally important! And a rescue plan can’t just be call 9-1-1. Often times Fire and EMS workers are not trained for situations that a suspended worker can be in. Or, the station may not even be close enough to safely get the worker down in time. In a rescue, seconds can make a difference.



    Yeah, yeah… we’ve touched on suspension trauma in the past, but it’s a big deal, so we’re doing it again. Suspension trauma can cause potentially serious health issues in as little as 12 to 15 minutes. Blood pools in the legs when hanging in a harness. This can deprive the brain, kidneys, and other organs of oxygen. It’s important to monitor a suspended worker for faintness, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, unusually low heart rate or blood pressure, paleness, or greying or loss of vision. These are all symptoms that they may be in serious danger. Trauma straps are simple, lightweight, and can prevent a lot of the problems from hanging in suspension.



    Cell Tower Climbers - GME SupplyAs for the rescue itself… no two rescues are alike. Take a moment and assess the situation. Can the worker be reached by a bucket, or ladder truck? Is the person conscious or unconscious? How’s the worker suspended? Is there something below the person to lower them to or do they have to come all the way to the ground? Once it’s all decided, the rescue should be performed in the fastest possible way, that doesn’t put the rescue crew in more danger.


    Once the worker is safely on the ground, some authorities actually advise against moving the rescued worker to a horizontal position too quickly. There is a potentially large amount of oxygenated blood in the workers legs, and if that rushes back to the heart too quickly, it could cause cardiac arrest.


    Most importantly… practice saves lives. Every crew should review and go through the physical motions of a rescue frequently. This can help identify what does and doesn’t work, and how it feels to do the actual maneuvers required. Be sure you’re familiar with all of your rescue gear, and how to operate it. If you have any questions, or need to fill out your rescue kit, give us a call and we can make sure you have what you need.

  4. Sterling Rope - Safety Rope, Sewn Cord, and Climbing Hardware

    Sterling Rope is the leading manufacturer of life safety rope, sewn cord, and climbing hardware. Plus, it’s all made in the US. Their climbing, rope rescue, arborist, and safety gear is some of the most innovative around. And they guarantee its quality. Sterling Rope hand checks every product before it leaves their facilities.

     Sterling Rope HTP Safety Climbing Rope - GME Supply

    Sterling’s HTP Static Rope is a one of the most popular, durable, and best performing safety ropes available. This kernmantle rope has overall better durability higher strength and lower stretch than other static ropes, which makes the HTP a great choice for mainline, haul systems, and highline use. With a safe working load of 908 lbs, this strong rope is often used in specialized rescues, rope access, and safety applications, as well. Since it’s made with polyester, which is inherently resistant to moisture, the HTP doesn’t lose strength or experience increased elongation in wet conditions.  It comes in a number of diameters and lengths. Choose from 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” or 5/8” in any lengths of 300’, 600’, 1200’, or really, any specific length you require to get the job done.   

    Sterling 12mm Dyneema Sewn Slings - GME Supply

    Sterling’s 12mm Dyneema Sewn Slings are lightweight, crazy strong, extremely cut resistant, and aren’t affected by moisture. There are a few different lengths to choose from… 10”, 24”, 30”, or 48”. Although these climbing slings have a MBS of 5,170 lbs or 23 kN, they have very little elongation and they shouldn’t be used for dynamic falls.


    The Pocket Hauler is the perfect mini mechanical advantage system. It can provide either a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage, making lifting heavy weight simple. It’s ideal for rope rescue, adjustable directional, piggy-backed haul systems, tensioning lines, or a number of other rigging needs. The haul kit comes with two SR mini-double pulleys, 50 feet of 8mm rope with a sewn eye to attach the screwlink, 2 Hawk Autolock carabiners, and a 6mm sewn prusik cord. It doesn’t come pre-rigged, so check out our video to see a proper setup.



    This is just a small sampling of the great products from Sterling. See them all here. If you have any specific questions, give us a call or chat us online!

  5. Know the Force!

    Many dynamometers are bulky, heavy, complicated, expensive, and well... ugly. The LC1 Enforcer from Rock Exotica makes things easy and looks good doing it.

    Rock Exotica LC1 Enforcer - GME Supply


    It’s light. It weighs just 14 ounces, made of durable aluminum alloy and steel. Pair it with the optional waterproof case and it’s easy to transport and store. The LCD screen and simple interface make the Enforcer easy to read and operate.


    It’s strong. The device is rated to 36 kN, but will only measure up to 20 kN. If forces exceed 20 kN, the device will permanently ready “overloaded” on the display. At this point, the device is still good for testing, but shouldn’t be used in life safety events. It’s also recommended to back up the device to reduce the risk of any accidents.

    LC1 Enforcer with Case - GME Supply


    It’s versatile. Forces can be measured in kN, kg, and lbf, in both slow and fast monitoring modes. The slow mode samples twice a second, where the fast mode measures 500 times per second. You can also turn on the “Max” mode to display the max value measured. This is great for measuring dynamic events.


    It’s techy. To make reporting easy, the Enforcer also has integrated Bluetooth to pair with your iPhone. The Enforcer app is available in the Apple App Store. Use it to instantly monitor static forces, record dynamic events and graph and log all of the tests. The graph can be viewed on the iPhone, emailed as an attachment, or saved to the cloud using DropBox or Google Drive.



    Check out our videos to see the Enforcer in action. More testing videos will be coming soon!

  6. Inspecting and Retiring Rope

    Sterling Rope - GME SupplySafety rope is one of the most integral parts of a fall protection system. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to test the break strength of a rope without… well… breaking it. So knowing how to inspect your ropes for damage, as well as knowing when to retire a rope, is a vital skill. This is a task that should be done every time before a rope is used. Yes, it will take a few extra minutes before work can start, but the alternative can keep you off the job for a lot longer.


    **DISCLAIMER! Obviously it’s impossible to write exactly when to retire a rope since every situation is different. This is just a basic outline of the process to help determine the safety of a rope!**


    First, determine the age of the rope. The best way is to keep the label that has the sales date, and manufacture date printed. If for some reason the rope didn’t include a tag, or you somehow lost it­-which doesn’t sound like a thing you’d do-you can cut a small section from the end of the rope to reveal the core yarns. Between those there is a control thread or tape which will reveal the date the rope was made. This can either be printed clearly, or there may be a color coded thread. Check with the particular manufacturer to decipher the code. You can still use the rope, just remelt the end to fuse the fibers.


    As a general rule, if the rope is over 5 years old, it’s time to retire the line. Synthetic fibers start to break down because of UV rays, heat, chemicals, etc., so 5 years is generally the lifespan of a climbing rope. That number might be lower if the rope is used daily.


    Some manufacturers recommend keeping a rope diary. A simple log that shows how, when, where, and for how long each rope was used. You should note if the rope was taken over any hard edges, or if it was involved in a fall of any kind. This can help to make a good judgment call on when to replace the rope.


    Next, look over the sheath. If there are any cuts in the sheath at all, it’s that rope’s time. Another, more subtle sign is if any of the strands are broken. A little fraying or fuzziness is usually ok, but if there’s a single piece of string sticking out by itself, that’s a warning that the sheath is beginning to wear down. These things seem little, but it’s better to stop is while the problem is small!

    Tower Climbers with Rope - GME Supply


    Discolorations or stains in the rope can mean that it was exposed to chemicals, paint, or left too long in the sun. All of which can weaken the rope. Also, feel to make sure there’s not a stiff or hardened spot along the length of the rope.


    Finally, feel along with the core of the rope for any lumps, knot-like bulges or for any foreign objects that might have made their way through the sheath.


    Again… you should always read the manufacturer instructions regarding inspection, use, and care of your rope. They know their product best!

  7. Summer 2014 Catalog

    Summer is finally here… and that means our new catalog is ready!

     Summer 2014 Catalog - GME Supply


    Our 2014 Summer catalog will be hot off the presses in a couple weeks. It’s larger than ever, with 170+ pages of the latest and greatest safety equipment, tower climbing gear, tools, and much more to keep you safe and productive.


    So, what’s new in the 2014 Summer edition?


    • New Products – PMI Extreme Pro rope has a sheath that won’t bunch if it’s cut. It’s pretty much magic. We’ve added upgraded jobsite banners that are now stronger than before, but at a lower cost. There are entirely new pages full of anchorage, safety wear, tools, rigging equipment… this list goes on!
    • New Shirts – Choose from three different designs to show your tower climber pride. Our shirts are custom designed and are generally awesome. Choose from the standard “Climb Higher” design, or perhaps the premium designs, which are printed on a high-end material. See a sneak peek over on our Facebook page!
    • Even more new photos – We put our photographer to work to get the best photos of our products out there. Flipping through the pages will be the best part of your day. The extra-large, full-color photos show every detail you could need.  Also, look for the special “Video” icon, which tells you the products that have videos on our YouTube channel.


    Like we said… the newest batch of catalogs will be shipping soon, so head over and request a catalog now so you're at the top of our mailing list!

  8. Petzl Avao Harness

    Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness - GME SupplyThe Petzl Avao harness is one of the most comfortable and lightweight harnesses around. The x-shaped dorsal construction is designed to wrap around your shoulders and back to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension. And the waistbelt and leg loops are semi-rigid which makes the harness easy to put on and take off.


    The Avao is also loaded with features to make your job easier as well. It makes carrying tools up the tower easy with multiple tool loops and special retainers for attaching bags and tool pouches. The side attachment points fold away when not in use so there’s no snagging while you’re working. It’s also designed to keep you cool with the breathable, perforated foam shoulder and waistbelt.


    Petzl took the time and did the research to find the best way to reduce the trauma associated with hanging in suspension. The Avao is designed to distribute the load over the leg loops, which makes the wait for rescue much more bearable. This also reduces the chances of orthostatic shock, the worst-case scenario if you have to be hanging after a fall for a long amount of time.


    The harness can be outfitted with quick-connect leg straps. These allow you to get the straps to the right fit and never fiddle with them again. The Avao Bod Croll Fast model comes with an integrated Petzl Croll vertical rope clamp which makes ascending ropes simple for you rope access guys. And for the tower hands, add on the podium seat and you have a lightweight, versatile tower climbing harness.


    This week only, all Petzl products are 10% off. Use "PETZL10" at checkout to receive the discount! The deal is only good through 5/19... so act fast!

  9. Kenwood Pocket-Sized Two-Way Radio

    Kenwood Pocket-Sized Portable UHF Radio - GME Supply


    The Kenwood PKT-23K radio may be pocket-sized, but it definitely punches above its weight. After you use it, you’ll wonder how they were able to pack in as much power as they did. Barely tipping the scales at 3.9 ounces and right at 3.3 inches tall, the radio will fit into a pocket or pouch and not weigh you down. Plus, now is the perfect time to buy with a fresh rebate to save you some dough. More on that later…


    The PKT-23K two-way radio is loaded with features. It transmits in the UHF range and cranks out 1.5 watts of transmission power. In open areas without obstructions, say between towers, radios can be up to 5 miles apart and still come in crystal clear. Or, if you’re working in a steel or concrete building, the radio can blanket 225,000 sq. ft. with communication. Plus, to make sure you have options, choose between 4 channels to assign for specific staff or operations.


    This military spec radio meets or exceeds 11 different standards and is IP54 dust and water-resistant. Don’t have a place for a charging dock in your truck? No worries. The radio uses a standard micro USB port to get its juice. If you prefer a dock, try the 6 radio multi-charger. It’ll let you drop the radios at the end of a shift and have them ready the next morning. For hands-free operation, try out a variety of push-to-talk headsets or use the built-in VOX for automatic transmission when you begin speaking.


    And as for that rebate – save $20 per radio when you buy 6. This is almost a free radio, people! Head over to the product page for more info on the radio and the rebate, or give us a call to get the order going!

  10. Job Site Banners Version 2.0

    Job Site Safety Banner - GME Supply


    Our job site safety banners are already very popular. They quickly get your job site into OSHA compliance by displaying all of the most commonly required caution, warning, and danger signs on an easy to hang, durable banner. But now, they’re even more heavy-duty. And they’re cheaper. You’re welcome.


    Our banners are now a rugged 15 oz material, so they’ll last even longer than before. The UltraFlex material is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments… they’re even stable down to -20°F. Plus they’re fade and tear-resistant and treated for fungus resistance. Don’t worry about any funk growing on your sign. Every banner has durable grommets so you can hang it quickly with some rope or zip ties.


    And in case you hadn’t heard… you can get your company logo right on the banner. Just attach the logo when you add the banner to your cart and we’ll get it custom printed for you.

    Think Safety Motivational Banner - GME Supply


    We’re also launching a new line of motivational workplace banners. These are great for any job site. Manufacturing, loading docks, shipping yards, even office spaces! And if you need a banner that’s not in our lineup, we now have an option for a complete custom banner. Just submit the design that you’d like on your banner, and we’ll make it happen. And if you don’t have the software, time, or creativity required, there’s an option to have our marketing folks get it done for you.

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