1. The All New P55 Omni-Block

    It’s finally here. The Rock Exotica P55 Omni-Block. This thing is a beast.

    P55 Rock Exotica Omni-Block

    With a monstrous 80 kN MBS, this thing is a must for lifting and rigging. It combines all the things that people love about the Omni-Block family – machined aluminum construction, efficient ball-bearing sheave, and super-smooth swivel – with enough strength to handle what a capstan can throw at it. Learn more about it in our latest video:

    Get it into your lifting and rigging arsenal, and make work easier. Consider swapping it out for your standard hand line block in capstan kits. Put it in your rescue kits for a versatile, super-efficient solution.

    There are of course an entire line of Omni-Blocks. We’ve covered them before in other blog posts. They range in size from 1.1” all the way up to the 2.6” sheave of the P55. They can also be had in single or double sheave designs. Some even have a becket at the bottom to be incorporated into haul systems. Others come in a blackout design, which is useful for stage rigging or tv and movie production.

    They all have super-efficient ball-bearing designs, and look as great as they function. See all the other Omni-Blocks, as well as everything else from Rock Exotica here.

  2. The NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica

    Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block - GME SupplyIntroducing the NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica. This is a very strong, ultra-efficient double sheave pulley. And it’s the only double pulley in Rock Exotica’s Omni-Block lineup with a prusik minding feature.


    All Omni-Blocks have an integrated swivel, which reduces the overall height of your rigging system, and allows the pulley to automatically align itself. Plus, you can install and remove the rope without detaching the pulley from the anchor.


    The P53D has a Minimum Breaking Strength of 40 kN. This is much stronger than all other Omni-Blocks. It also has a Working Load Limit of 10 kN, making it the overall strongest offering from Rock Exotica.



    Rock Exotica CNC machines their Omni-Blocks from a single block of aluminum. This makes them lighter and stronger than the competition. Everything they do with their designs is done to make your work easier, and safer.


    Check out the video below to see the Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block in action.

     Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block Video - GME Supply


    Click here to see Rock Exotica’s full lineup of great gear.

  3. Rock Exotica Omni Blocks

    There’s a long list of things that set the Omni Blocks apart from other pulleys. The swivel that Rock Exotica has incorporated into the design makes for an overall smaller rig. Since you won’t have to use a carabiner to connect the pulley to the anchor, you save valuable space in your kit. Plus, you’ll reduce your overall weight for every Omni Block you use.


    Rock Exotica Omni Blocks - GME Supply


    Rock Exotica Open Omni Block - GME Supply




    Omni Blocks also open using a side gate. Unlike traditional blocks that you have to remove from the anchor, you can load the line without removing the hardware. Plus, the double latch, and skull and crossbones logo help ensure you’ve completely closed your Omni Block after loading. This allows you to focus on your work, and staying safe.


    These Omni Blocks use high efficiency ball bearings. Brush off your physics notes… You won’t have to worry about doing tons of extra work to run rope through your rigging system with these pulleys. Since Rock Exotica has made them so efficient, you’ll hardly lose any energy going through the pulleys.


    Rock Exotica also machines their pulleys from solid blocks of aluminum. This makes them very strong, and lightweight. As soon as you hold an Omni Block pulley in your hand, you’ll be able to tell how well they’re made. Think of the most well-constructed, best designed, most good-looking product you can think of. Omni Blocks are even better than that.




    Omni Blocks come in a few different sizes and designs. Check out the videos below to learn more about each design.



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