1. Winter is Near - Warm Gear for Working in the Cold

    The effects of cold stress can be just as damaging to your body as heat stress. Cold stress occurs when your body can no longer maintain its normal temperature.

    To maintain your vital organs, the body reroutes blood away from your extremities in an effort to keep your core temperature up. This blood flow change can cause serious complications or even death.

    Be sure to keep watch for early symptoms of hypothermia, such as shivering, fatigue, lack of coordination, and confusion.

    Do your best to combat these complications by wearing the proper attire. We have a number of solutions for thermal layers, heated gear, proper boots, and traction devices.

    Layers and Warming Apparel

    Wearing the proper types of layers is an important step for maintaining your body temperature in the cold. The right gear can block those frigid wind gusts while keeping you dry in sleet and snow.

    Start with a base layer that can pull moisture away from your body. We have options like long and short sleeves, all-climate materials, and thermals to cover your legs and torso.

    Next, a good mid-layer selection will hang comfortably and should be easy to clean. It’s preferable that this layer isn’t bulky. You have work to do and your clothes shouldn’t get in the way.

    Now we’re on to the outer layer. As your first line of defense against the cold, you should look for tough and water-resistant materials that offer reinforcement in areas like the knee that are prone to tears.

    For your outer layer, we offer thermal bibs, jackets, balaclavas, gloves, and more. You lose heat from any exposed part of your skin. So, if you’re working in cold, freezing, or below freezing temperatures, be sure to cover it all up.

    If you want to turn it up a notch, we also have heated gear.


    Heated Gear

    If you are looking for more heat or trying to stay warm with a little less bulk, our heated gear options are your next step.

    Battery-operated heated gear has been around for some time. If you tried heated apparel in the past, you may have been less than impressed by the early generations. The battery power was limited, the technology was somewhat expensive, and the durability was often lacking.

    Despite those early setbacks, a few companies have pushed on and advanced the technology.

    Every winter, we offer a selection of heated gear from trusted companies like Milwaukee. We offer a number of Milwaukee heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, and heated hand warmers. These are all battery-operated and developed for outdoor work.

    Milwaukee designs their heated gear to use the same type of rechargeable battery that powers an entire line of their battery-operated tools. That way you can charge and swap batteries without hassle. 

    The max operating times vary between devices and settings but most of these items can run continuously for 6-8 hours before you need to recharge the battery.

    Boots and Traction Devices

    If you’ve read this far, you’re probably working in some pretty extreme weather conditions. We salute you. When you’re exposed to freezing conditions, chances are you’re dealing with slippery surfaces, falling objects, climbing hazards, and a whole bunch of other awfulness. 

    Hopefully, you realize how important proper footwear can be under these conditions. If your feet aren’t properly covered, no amount of thermals or heated gear will keep you comfortable. So, let’s talk about boots.

    When choosing a winter workboot, the important things to look for are water-resistance, traction, insulation, and durability. We have work boots from Carolina, Oliver, and more.

    If you like the coverage your work boots offer but could use a little extra traction, you might want to look through our traction devices to help keep you on your feet. We offer models from Ergodyne, YakTrax, ICEtrekkers, Tingley and more.

    Stay covered, stay dry, stay warm, and Climb Higher!

    Workwear Playlist

    Warming Gear Podcast Episode


    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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  2. Powerfully Warm

    Milwaukee Jacket

    Guys, winter is coming. And frigid wind gusts mixed with bone-chilling sleet and snow are not ideal conditions to be working in. If you have to be out in the elements during the winter, we have products that will make it more bearable.




    M12 Batteries

    Milwaukee Tools makes these killer heated hoodies and jackets that will keep you toasty no matter how brutal the weather gets. They’re powered by Milwaukee’s M12 REDLITHIUM system. These batteries are the same ones that you may already have in your tool box.

    They’ll keep the heat pumping through the jackets’ state-of-the-art carbon fiber heating elements for 6 hours straight. The jackets have two heating zones so you can control the front pockets independently of the core. The hoodies are available in grey, red and khaki or ANSI compliant high-vis lime. You can get the jackets in Red, Black, or RealTree Camo and ANSI high-vis.



    If you need an ANSI 107 Class 3 High-Vis jacket that’ll protect you from the weather, take a look at what PIP has to offer. The Premium Class 3 Bomber Jacket has a zip out fleece liner so you can wear it as a lighter jacket, or keep it bundled for extra warmth. The high-vis yellow shell is waterproof and has two-inch silver reflective tape.


    The folks at PIP also have a rip stop version that features a black bottom to help keep the jacket looking clean, even if your work takes you to some filthy places. Have a job that requires fall protection? Not a problem. It has an opening to allow a rear D ring to pop through the back of the jacket.

    Jacket Combo

    No matter how cold or wet it is, GME Supply has gear that’ll keep you comfortable and safe. See all of our warming section online for even more great products to keep you warm and toasty this winter. While you’re there, leave a quick review of a product and you’ll be entered to win over $200 worth of free gear. Climb higher and stay warmer with GME Supply!

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