1. Yaktrax Walk+

    Now on sale from Yaktrax… The Walk+, the best of both worlds in ice traction. The Yaktrax Walk model is a popular option for those looking to step up their traction game without going all out. Now, the Walk+ version introduces removable carbide steel spikes into the design.


    The carbide steel spikes are located directly under the ball of your foot. It’s the spot that does the most pushing off while you’re walking and where you gain most of your balance. This lets you dig in and really grab onto ice while you’re walking.


    Check out the video below which covers the Walk+ in more detail. After that, head here to see our entire ice traction video playlist on YouTube.



    See all ice traction, including the Walk+ here. Have a question about application or sizing? Give us a call, or chat us online and we’ll help you out!

  2. Choosing Traction Devices

    Winter weather brings a lot of new challenges to the table. Falls due to snow and ice cut into productivity. One slip can cause injuries, damaged equipment, and lost work time. Enter: Traction Devices.

     Boots and Traction Devices - GME Supply

    Not all traction devices are equal. There are many different designs out there. From basic version like the Yaktrax Walk to the heavy-duty traction hogs like the IceTrekkers Diamond, there are positives and negatives to each. It all depends on application. Check out the video below for more information on picking the right traction device for your work.



    Need more info? Give us a call, or chat us online and we’d be glad to help you decide.  

  3. Boots and Traction

    Oliver Boots - GME Supply

    On the list of things that need to be protected while you’re working, the foot might be pretty low. Cause really, how often do you think about your feet? Probably only when there’s a problem.

    Workers can be exposed to a lot of different hazards while on the job. Slippery surfaces, falling objects, climbing hazards or even fire and electricity could all be present. And that’s just a few potentials. All of these risks can be reduced if you use the right stuff. That’s where we come in.


    Oliver Boots - GME Supply

    Oliver Safety Footwear makes some beastly boots. They have a selection anywhere from general-purpose leather boots to chemical-resistant boots to metal fabrication and smelter boots. They’ve been in the boot business since the mid-1800’s so they’ve had a lot of time to work out all the kinks.

    Plus, they’ve incorporated a bunch of new technology into their footwear. Poron® XRD™ is a material that’s flexible and comfortable until that sledgehammer you were holding hits it. This stuff actually stiffens during impact to protect your foot. Besides that, they have a natural shaped toe cap so your tootsies don’t get crowded and they’re also known to have some of the most comfortable soles in the game.


    If a wintery, slippery surface is a threat, we have a few options to up your traction factor.


    Ergodyne’s Trex line turns your run-of-the-mill work boots into friction hogs. They come in a variety of styles and if you wear down their heat-treated carbon steel studs, those can be swapped out with new in no time.

    Ergodyne Traction Devices - GME Supply


    Next, YakTrax has a nice collection of different products to keep you safe on snow and ice. Their “Walk” version is an everyday option for walking to and from work or out with the dog. The Pro style will get the job done in more intense situations, like if you have to run or carry heavyweights.


     YakTrax Traction Devices - GME Supply


    Finally, ICEtrekkers. The folks that make them started out making chains for vehicles, but got in the human traction arena a bit later. Their Chain and Diamond products are good enough for a semi-tires, but small enough for your foot-shaped tires (boots).

    IceTrekkers Traction Devices - GME Supply

    Obviously, there may be specific regulations for footwear and what-not that you need to follow for your job. Check with your employer and see, then give us a call or chat us online and we can get you set up.

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