1. Custom Kitting with Gear Experts®

    GME Supply Custom Kits

    Having to flip through a handful of catalogs or thousands of web pages to find the gear you and your crew need can be time-consuming. That’s why our Gear Experts® have created tower climbing kits and can help you create custom kits that will save you time and make your job of buying a range of equipment easier and more cost-effective. These kits have a lot to offer.


    Custom Kits Save

    The custom kitting process is easy and typically takes only a few minutes to get a quote. First, you’ll start off by answering a few questions from one of our Gear Experts®. They have years of experience helping a variety of crews and they truly care about your business. They’re going to put in the effort to learn and understand your specific needs. 

    Attention to detail ensures your crew will be safe and fully compliant.


    Increased Safety

    Kitting allows you to train your crew on the same equipment. Training your crew on the same gear adds a higher level of safety for many reasons.

    Working with unfamiliar devices can add time to any task and can sometimes lead to accidents. It’s especially important for your whole team to understand how to handle another crew member’s gear in a rescue situation.

    If everyone is using the same gear there will be much less room for confusion. When your crew is properly trained and comfortable working with their equipment they’ll handle these difficult situations quickly and safely.


    Saving Time and Lowering Costs

    The benefits we’ve already mentioned are designed to lower the overhead cost of managing your crew. Buying components in a kit will also save you time when placing an order and when receiving a shipment.

    You don't have to wait on different shipping schedules for every single item when you buy a kit. Buying gear separately might not be a big issue on one or two items, but when you buy several things for multiple crew members those wait times can be a headache.


    Invoicing and Inventory Control

    If you plan on reordering your custom kit we can set up your kit with a custom part number. The part number can be invoiced as one line item to simplify the reordering process. This will save time during order review and payment. Your accounts payable team will thank you!

    We also forecast our stock around your ordering schedule to make sure you’re always covered when you need it.



    On top of all that, we can also brand the items in your kit. We can help place your company logo on helmets, vests, harnesses, signs, and a lot more.


    Limitless Kitting Video

    Partnership and Kitting Podcast

    What kind of kits are already assembled?

    We have a wide range of tower climbing kits that are already assembled to include everything needed for a climber to work safely. The actual components of the kits vary depending on each kit and your preferences.

    We also have a range of other kits available. We offer rescue kits, wind energy kits, solar industry kits, PPE kits, tool kits, and even lifting & rigging kits.


    What do pre-assembled tower climbing kits come with?

    What the kits include depends on the kit you choose and if you want add-on or upgrade items. However, the tower climbing kits all come with the standard equipment needed for a climber to work safely. Pre-assembled tower climbing kits all include a harness, a lanyard, and carabiners. Many of our kits also come with bolt bags, gloves, spreader bars, safety glasses, helmets, and cable safety sleeves.

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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  2. Sterling Rope and Accessories

    Regardless of your profession, if you work with rope, Sterling provides the best hardware and safety rope for your needs. We’ve posted about the fine products made by Sterling Rope in the past. They’re the leading manufacturer of rope, sewn cord, and climbing hardware. They do it all right here in the USA. Their HTP Static is the most durable and best performing static rope available. The 12mm Dyneema slings are super lightweight, and unbelievably light. And the pocket hauler is a complete mechanical advantage system that you can literally put in your pocket. Be sure to check out our video playlist with all our Sterling Rope videos.

     Sterling Rope HTP - GME Supply


    GME Climb Higher Rope Bag - GME SupplyNow, you have all that rope, what are you carrying it in? Lucky you, our new Rescue Rope Bag just came out. It’s very durable, and can haul around a ton. It has a gusseted bottom for moisture resistance, and a protective flap on the top to keep weather out. A document pocket in the front lets you show what’s in it, or what crew it belongs to. Carry it using the comfortable backpack straps or the side carry handle. And you know it’s a GME Authentic with its sharp Climb Higher graphics.


    Also popular is our Premium Equipment Backpack. There’s literally nothing else like it. It has a padded back area, a durable, double stitched plastic bottom with drain holes, and accessory loops on the front to hold your extra gear. It’s also stamped with the exclusive Climb Higher logo.  

     WestFall Pro 60601 Rope Grab Assembly - GME Supply

    New from WestFall Pro is the 60601 Rope Grab Assembly. It pairs their best-selling 5/8” rope grab with a 3 foot lanyard. Unlike other rope grab/lanyard combos, this uses a lanyard with snap hooks on each end. If your lanyard is permanently attached to the rope grab, to move the grab post a tangled line or guy wire, you have to completely remove the rope grab from the lifeline or reach back to your back D-ring to remove the lanyard. This way you can maneuver without the hassle.

  3. Harness Accessories

    On a daily basis, you use quite a few different pieces of safety gear. We’ve talked harnesses, lanyards, bags, and SRLs before… but there are quite a few accessories, some that aren’t necessarily safety gear, which can make your work easier. These are some popular items that you can add on to your climbing kit.


    The T-Reign is an open-top protective case with a retractable tether. It’s perfect for keeping two-way radios, RF monitors like the fieldSENSE, cell phones or small cameras within hands reach. Check out the video above to see it in action.


    Next up are Ergodyne’s Squids Grabbers. These versatile little devices are commonly used to hang on to gloves when you’re not using them, but they can hold pretty much anything. Chill-Its towels, hats, rags, and more. They come in two different designs, so check out the video to decide which is best for you.


    Finally, the DBI Sala Suspension Trauma Safety Straps. Suspension trauma is a serious risk if a worker falls and is hanging in the harness. The pressure of the harnesses leg straps can cause blood to pool in the veins in the legs, which can result in unconsciousness. It’s a condition that can occur quickly, so prompt rescue is required. Luckily, the Suspension Trauma Straps allow a worker to stand up in the harness to relieve pressure from their legs. Watch Jim demonstrate them in our video.


    Go check out all our harness accessories to fill out your climbing kit, and make your work easier.

  4. Gear Bag Grab Bag

    On the job you’ve got a lot of gear to haul around. Having the perfect bag to protect your gear keeps you organized, makes your gear last longer, and most importantly, helps you work faster, easier, and safer. From climbing kits, to rope, to all of your hand and power tools, we have bags to carry it all. We did a test with a few of the popular gear bags to see how many standard sized hard hats would fit in each. The video at the bottom of this post shows the test.

    GME Supply Large Deluxe Gear Bag

    Our favorite, and most popular is the GME Supply Large Deluxe Gear and Equipment Bag. It’s available in red or black with reflective yellow accents for visibility. To make sure it stands up to anything you put it through, it’s made of heavy duty, PU coated polyester fabric. It has 4 outside pockets for organization and to combat stink, it has a vented mesh window that opens up on the back. In total, this bag held 23 hard hats.

    GME Supply Premium Equipment Backpack

    The GME Supply Premium Equipment Backpack is waterproof and has a tough-as-nails plastic bottom. Keep all your tools and carabiners accessible on the gear loops on the front, and carry it anywhere via the padded shoulder straps. Use it to haul your rescue kit, climbing gear, or all your rope. The wide opening made it easy to fit 8 hard hats.

    Ergodyne Arsenal Duffel Bag

    Ergodyne’s Arsenal Water Resistant Duffel Bag comes in three different sizes. The top of the bag has ID and document pockets, and under the lid is an interior mesh pocket. This duffel can be put in backpack mode with the modular straps. There are gear loops on the front and compression straps to make it compact. The small fits 11 hats, the medium fits 14 and the large packs in 18.

    Klein Tools 5180 Extra-Large Nylon Bag

    Last is the 5180 Extra-Large Nylon Equipment Bag from Klein Tools. It’s made of orange, vinyl coated nylon and has a wide-opening, steel frame top. The bottom of the bag has a plastic bottom with drain holes, and there’s even a storm flap to keep out any rain. We filled it with 13 hard hats.


    Check out the video below to see the hard hat tests live, then head over to the bags section and pick one out for yourself!


  5. Upgrade Your Truck with the Wilton ATV

    Wilton All-Terrain Vise - GME Supply

    The places you work usually don’t include an entire stocked workshop. You’re working out of a truck. But luckily, the Wilton ATV is made for a truck.


     Wilton ATV - GME Supply


    The All-Terrain Vise mounts to a standard 2” hitch mount so you can take it where your job takes you. The vise also includes a mounting bracket, so just in case you are in the home shop, you can use the ATV there, too.


     Wilton All-Terrain Vise with mount - GME Supply


    Built for the road, the ATV has a locking handle to secure the device while you’re driving. All you have to do is pull the handle out to position, and slap it in to lock it down. No need to worry about it coming loose. The vise is designed for all road and driving conditions.

    Wilton Vise - GME Supply


    The vise is also ergonomic. The device is designed to be balanced while being carried. Just grab it by the integrated carrying handle and you can lug the ATV wherever you need it.


    The kit includes the All-Terrain Vise, mounting bracket and a custom carrying case. It doesn’t matter whether you’re welding, cutting rebar, or hacking conduit… the ATV will grip it tight, regardless of where your job takes you. See it in action here!

  6. Milwaukee Tools and Brushed vs. Brushless Motors

    Click here to view all Milwaukee products and current offers!


    Milwaukee makes some of the best tools out there. They have been doing their thing for over 85 years, improving and innovating on tools that you need to stay productive and efficient. Right now, if you trade in your old tools to GME Supply, we’re offering $100 off any new Milwaukee M18™ product. Go here for more info on the trade-in program.


    Milwaukee Rebate Banner


    M18™ is the fastest-growing 18V system around. These things do what you used to need an extension cord and a corded tool to do. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the short version. They’re professional-grade, lightweight, ergonomic tools with 18V lithium batteries that keep going long after others have died. You don’t make money while you’re waiting for your batteries to charge!


    Milwaukee Fuel Drills


    The M18 Fuel™ System has killer brushless motors and REDLINK PLUS™ that makes sure your tool is working as hard as it can and as efficiently as possible. While we’re on the subject, let’s look at the differences between brushed and brushless motors.

    Now, motors are all about magnets. As we all know, opposites attract and likes repel. When put together and correctly controlled, magnets inside a motor create rotational motion and spin the axle. Motors are everywhere, including power tools like drills.

    There are two basic types of motors that are used in drills: brushed and brushless. Both do essentially the same thing. They pump electricity through an electromagnet which is positioned near permanent magnets. This creates spin. The polarity of the magnet has to be flipped every 180 degrees, though. If the polarity weren’t changed, the motor would turn 180 degrees and stop. The way this polarity flip is created is the difference between brushed and brushless motors.

    In a brushed motor, the electromagnet passes through a pair of brushes that flip the polarity and makes the motor spin. While this is a very simple and cost-efficient way to make a motor, it does have drawbacks. The brushes can spark and create electrical noise, and they also limit the maximum speed of the motor. The motor also runs hotter due to the friction from the brushes. The biggest drawback, though, is the fact that the brushes wear out. If the motor isn’t serviced, eventually it will start losing power and then fail. That's an expensive repair.

    A brushless motor basically turns a traditional motor inside out, eliminating the need for brushes. It puts the electromagnets on the outside and the permanent magnet as the rotating piece on the inside. The polarity swap is handled by a small computer that rapidly turns the electromagnets on and off to spin the rotor. While this motor is more expensive to manufacture, it is more efficient and has a longer life. These very precise motors have virtually no wear parts and operate much cooler.

    Each motor has it's place, but the latest and greatest is definitely the brushless motors that are featured in the M18 Fuel™ system.

    Remember to check out our trade-in program to get $100 off your Milwaukee purchase and to learn more about what tools are right for you to get the job done safely and efficiently, contact our customer service department  at (800) 940-6762 or email

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