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AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Kit

We’ve written about Chance Capstan Hoists in the past. We’ve gone over some key safety tips, and how to rig the cathead from start to finish. And now we have a special kit that puts everything you need to get your work done in one package.


Introducing the AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Truck Kit.



The kit includes the AB Chance 1,000 lb capstan with foot control, the AB Chance Capstan Hitch Assembly with Swivel, 2 Hubbell 3” top-opening hand-line aluminum blocks, 2 Liftex 4’ green round slings, and 600’ of double braid pulling rope.


The kit is comprised entirely from approved AB Chance parts which are all designed to work together. Hubbell has put its equipment through the paces, to ensure that everything will function without fail.


Hubbell recommends always sticking with the approved parts when using their AB Chance Capstan. There are some other hitch mounts out on the market, and some have been known to fail. Especially imitation swivel mounts. We’ve heard a few different reports about them breaking and dropping loads, which obviously puts everyone on the jobsite in danger and costs you money in downtime and damaged equipment.


One other piece of equipment that doesn’t come standard in the kit, is the ropelock device. Feed the pulling rope through the ropelock as you’re lifting the load, and the device will automatically grab the rope and prevent it from slipping back on the capstan. Not only does it prevent you from having to stand there and hold the rope the entire time when the capstan isn’t turning, but in the event you accidentally lose handle on the rope, it will keep the load from falling. We definitely recommend it!


If you have any questions about lifting and rigging, or need to add some additional parts to your truck kit, give us a call or chat us online!

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