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Product Spotlight: PPG Keeler & Long Anodic Self-Priming Cold Galv

PPG is a household name. Primarily known for their paint and coatings, PPG isn’t a name that comes to mind for most people when they are thinking about cold galv. But, through their Keeler and Long brand, PPG offers a full line of Self-Priming Cold Galvanizing Compound. This week, our Gear Experts® are going to break down Keeler & Long Anodic Self-Priming Cold Galvanizing Compound.

Cold Galv 101

  Cold galvanizing compound (cold galv for short) is a single component zinc coating that is used to protect bare steel from rust and corrosion. It is applied like paint, but it’s not paint. It actually gives the same protection as hot dipped galvanizing and it also makes painting a tower easier. Cold galvanizing compound acts as an active coupling to the bare steel parent metal to form an electrolytic bond. In the presence of an electrolyte (aka moisture) the zinc dust in the cold galv will sacrifice itself to protect the steel. For a more complete breakdown on cold galv, surface prep, application methods, and more click here to check out our full Cold Galv 101 blog post.

Keeler & Long Anodic Self-Priming Cold Galvanizing Compound

  The Keeler & Long Anodic Self-Priming Cold Galvanizing Compound is a rust inhibitive coating designed for corrosion protection in a single coat. Keeler & Long Cold Galv is self-priming in many applications and will dry when applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit as long as the temperatures are expected to rise over the following months. The Keeler & Long Cold Galv Compound is usable for coating weathered galvanized or previously painted surfaces of transmission or communication towers, poles, substation structures, chain link fencing, buildings, and bridges.


  • Basic Data for Mixed Product at 77-degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees C)
  • Volume solids: 92% +/- 2%
  • VOC (Supplied): EPA Method 24: 0.5 lb/US gallon
  • Dry to touch: 24 hours*
  • Dry to topcoat: 2 months*
  • Dry to handle: 3 days*
  • Shelf life: At least 24 months when stored cool and dry
  • Not recommended for shop application
*Drying times may vary depending on temperature, humidity, and air movement. Mix thoroughly before application. You can access the full datasheet on Keeler & Long Cold Galv by clicking here. For more information about cold galvanizing compound, or if you have any other questions, click here to contact our Gear Experts®. → Click here to view the Keeler & Long Anodic Self-Priming Cold Galvanizing Compound → Click here to see our full selection of cold galv → Click here to see our Cold Galv 101 blog post

Cold Galvanizing 101: The Video


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