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Petzl ASAP vs. ASAP Lock

The Petzl ASAP Mobile Rope Grab and the Petzl ASAP Lock Mobile Rope Grab are some of the best devices available for working in a one or two rope system. This week our Gear Experts® have put together a comparison of the two rope grabs so that you can choose the right one to use on the job.

What are they?

  Before we talk about the differences between the devices we should start by outlining what the devices are and their purpose in your gear setup. Both of these devices are mobile fall arresters that are designed to accompany you on a one or two rope system. They have been specifically designed to trail you up and down the rope to provide mobile fall arrest.

What’s the difference?

  Both the ASAP and the ASAP Lock work similarly, however, they have been designed for two different purposes. Let’s take a moment to outline those differences. The ASAP Lock is ideal for any situation where wind may affect the rope. Mobile fall arresters are intended to follow you up and down the rope, but sometimes the wind can cause the device to slide down the rope while you are working. This can add unnecessary danger while on a job. To prevent this from happening the ASAP Lock has the ability to ‘lock’ in place and prevent the device from moving down the rope. When the ASAP Lock is ‘locked’ it will still move up the rope so you can ascend without having to unlock the device. To descend the rope, simply unlock the device and it will trail you down the rope. When putting the rope into the device the ASAP requires a carabiner to hold the rope in place – this is to ensure that the rope does not slip out of the device. To put the rope in the ASAP Lock simply pull the lever and slide the rope in.

How do they work?

  Both devices work very similarly – with the exception of the locking feature. You place the rope in each device and they follow you up and down the rope. In the event of a fall each device locks onto the rope to stop your descent. To release the device from the rope after the fall arrest mechanism has been activated you push up and in on the device and move it up the rope a bit. Both devices also have a centrifugal force clutch. What this means is that if you are on an angled surface and start sliding these devices will catch you. The way this works is that as you speed up (from sliding down the angled surface) the device senses the amount of force being placed on the device and it locks in place which prevents you from falling.


  Both the ASAP and the ASAP Lock are designed to be used with absorbers. The purpose of the absorber is to reduce the amount of force put on a rope in the event of a fall. The ASAP’Sorber is available in two lengths – 20 cm (7.87 inches) and 40 cm (15.74 inches). All absorbers come with a tech notice that discuss how much the absorber will lengthen during a fall. This is important because you need to make sure that if you fall, the absorber will catch you before you hit the ground. Each device is different and the manufacturer’s specifications should be checked prior to using the device. Still not sure which device is right for you, or have more questions? Click here to speak with one of our Gear Experts®. → Click here to view our full selection of Petzl Gear. → Click here to view our full selection of Rope Grabs.

Petzl ASAP vs. ASAP Lock Video


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