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New Year, New Gear

PMI Climbing Helmet

In just a few short weeks it will be a new year and a new decade. We're always looking ahead to see how we can help continue keeping at-height workers safe and productive on the job. So, we're constantly bringing in new gear. Start 2020 out right with all new equipment like the Impact Helmet from PMI or the AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch 60Hz/120v from Portable Winch.  

PMI Impact and Air-Go Climbing Helmets

And, in the video below we take a look at the new PMI Impact and Air-Go climbing helmets. Both the Impact and Air-Go were built to comply with ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C. These helmets provide a great level of protection and comfort in a modern climbing style.   

Portable Winch AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch

The Portable Winch AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch 60Hz/120v was designed for lifting applications where a traditional gas-powered motor cannot be used. It can lift a load of 550 pounds with an integrated rope grabbing system. It is capable of pulling up to 1805 pounds at 29-feet per minute with its standard 85-millimeter drum. This winch was designed for use with any length of double-braid polyester rope with a 12 - 13 mm diameter.  

Gear Expert Giveaway - Bose Prize Pack!

Our next Gear Expert Giveaway is live! Prizes include a Bose Solo 5 TV sound bar, Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, and more! Check out the full list of prizes and enter to win at Enter daily to increase your chances of winning!  

Video: PMI Impact and Air-Go Climbing Helmets


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