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Kenwood Two-Way Radios

Have you considered your communication methods lately? A lot of tower climbers just yell up and down the cell tower, but that’s really not a great way to do it. Or, if you’re on a large site, you may be wasting a lot of time walking back and forth trying to find people. Plus, we’ve got some deals on them right now, too.   Kenwood ProTalk Two-Way Radio Rebate Two-way radios solve both of those problems, plus many more. Obviously they’re not the newest or fanciest technology. But there have been many improvements that make them more functional and more reliable. Not to mention easier to use.   The latest two-way radios from Kenwood are our favorites. The TK-3400U16P is a fantastic professional-grade radio. It’s one of their ProTalk radios, which means it’s packed with features and durability. Also, it’s weather-sealed so you won’t have to worry about shielding it so it doesn’t bust in a little bit of rain.   The newest radio coming from Kenwood is the PKT-23. It might be a little smaller than others around it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. It meets 11 military specs, while only weighing 3.9 oz. That’s how much a deck of cards weighs! It’s versatile, strong, and small.   Now… outfitting an entire crew can be a pretty hefty up-front expense. But trust us, the return on investment is huge. Consider how being able to instantly communicate with your workers, hassle-free, could increase productivity. You won’t have to yell up and down the tower, search for people on a job site, or hope people hear a page in a loud facility. All these problems can be eliminated with a quick chirp on your radio.   Head over to our radio section to see our selection of two-way radios from Kenwood and Motorola. Also, take a look at our radio overview videos. If you need some more info, give us a call or chat us online and we can help you out!