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Kenwood Pocket-Sized Two-Way Radio

Kenwood Pocket-Sized Portable UHF Radio - GME Supply

  The Kenwood PKT-23K radio may be pocket-sized, but it definitely punches above its weight. After you use it, you’ll wonder how they were able to pack in as much power as they did. Barely tipping the scales at 3.9 ounces and right at 3.3 inches tall, the radio will fit into a pocket or pouch and not weigh you down. Plus, now is the perfect time to buy with a fresh rebate to save you some dough. More on that later…   The PKT-23K two-way radio is loaded with features. It transmits in the UHF range and cranks out 1.5 watts of transmission power. In open areas without obstructions, say between towers, radios can be up to 5 miles apart and still come in crystal clear. Or, if you’re working in a steel or concrete building, the radio can blanket 225,000 sq. ft. with communication. Plus, to make sure you have options, choose between 4 channels to assign for specific staff or operations.   This military spec radio meets or exceeds 11 different standards and is IP54 dust and water-resistant. Don’t have a place for a charging dock in your truck? No worries. The radio uses a standard micro USB port to get its juice. If you prefer a dock, try the 6 radio multi-charger. It’ll let you drop the radios at the end of a shift and have them ready the next morning. For hands-free operation, try out a variety of push-to-talk headsets or use the built-in VOX for automatic transmission when you begin speaking.   And as for that rebate – save $20 per radio when you buy 6. This is almost a free radio, people! Head over to the product page for more info on the radio and the rebate, or give us a call to get the order going!