Creating quality and reliable cable ground is an important part of the construction process. Using welding kits, like the Cadweld Plus Electronic Exothermic Welding Deluxe Kit can help ensure a proper, high-quality weld and keep you and your crew safe and productive on the job. This week our Gear Experts®  are going to break down how to use the Parallel Splice Mold and K-Cups from the Cadweld Plus Electronic Exothermic Welding Deluxe Kit to ground cable. For more information on the regular & plus kits, click here to check out a previous blog post.

Cadweld Connections


A Cadweld connection has a carrying capacity equal to or greater than that of the conductor and will withstand repeated fault currents without failing during operation. Cadweld connections also consistently exceeded IEEE® 837 2014 EMF test requirements and have been certified by an independent lab.



Prep is equally as important because it can prevent accidents from happening. To prep for the weld, be sure to thoroughly clean the mold and copper wires using an approved Cadweld Mold Cleaning BrushAdditional cleaning of the copper wire with a wire brush may be required to remove any grit or corrosion. Next, preheat the wire and the mold using a heat torch. This will get rid of any excess moisture that could negatively affect the weld quality. 



Once you have completed the preparation steps, it’s time to put everything in place to activate the weld. 

Step 1: Start by placing both wires parallel in the mold and use the mold handle to clamp it shut. You should feel a click when the clamp is completely closed. 

Step 2: Next, take some Cadwld Mold Sealer and fill the bottom opening of the mold so the weld material doesn’t escape when the chemical reaction starts. 

Step 3: It’s important to remember that you want to make sure your mold is level so the welding material flows into the correct channels once it has been ignited. 

Step 4: Then, place the K cup of welding material in the top of the mold with the ignition tab exposed. 

Step 5: Attach the electronic igniter to that tab and close the top of the mold.

Step 6: Step away from the mold and hold the operator button on the ignitor control unit until the ready light turns off. At this point, the reaction will occur.

Step 7: After the reaction, allow 30 seconds for the mold to cool before removing it from the wires. 

Now you have a permanent splice between the two copper wires. Below is a demonstration video where we go through these exact steps to create a weld. You can also check out that video by clicking here or going to our YouTube channel.

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**The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

Cadweld Demonstration: The Video

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