1. The NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica

    Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block - GME SupplyIntroducing the NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica. This is a very strong, ultra-efficient double sheave pulley. And it’s the only double pulley in Rock Exotica’s Omni-Block lineup with a prusik minding feature.


    All Omni-Blocks have an integrated swivel, which reduces the overall height of your rigging system, and allows the pulley to automatically align itself. Plus, you can install and remove the rope without detaching the pulley from the anchor.


    The P53D has a Minimum Breaking Strength of 40 kN. This is much stronger than all other Omni-Blocks. It also has a Working Load Limit of 10 kN, making it the overall strongest offering from Rock Exotica.



    Rock Exotica CNC machines their Omni-Blocks from a single block of aluminum. This makes them lighter and stronger than the competition. Everything they do with their designs is done to make your work easier, and safer.


    Check out the video below to see the Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block in action.

     Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block Video - GME Supply


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  2. Introducing the Tikka Pro

    Introducing the Tikka Pro headlamp from Petzl. We know that sometimes, the work can’t wait for the sun to come up. Or perhaps you’re working inside a water tower. Or working in a utility tunnel. Or maybe you’ve taken up spelunking. Regardless, the Tikka Pro is ultra-compact and perfect for a wide variety of low-light environments.

     Petzl Tikka Pro - GME Supply

    This may not be a headlamp that you’ll want to use if you’re occupation is purely nocturnal, but if you occasionally find yourself working in the dark. This 100 lumen lamp is for you.


    It has two modes, one for proximity lighting like wiring in an attic, and another for wider coverage. The single button on the top cycles through the modes and off, the headband is simple to adjust to the proper size, and can be fitted onto nearly all safety helmets.

     Tikka Pro on Vertex Vent - GME Supply

    The lamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries, and battery life depends on usage. You can consider this lamp the big brother of the original Tikka.


    To see the Tikka Pro, and all headlamps from Petzl, click here.

  3. GPS Antenna Alignment Tools

    We know proper antenna alignment is crucial. Luckily, GPS antenna aligners are getting better and better. From the GPS boost available in the 3Z RF Aligner, to the super versatile universal mounting bracket on the Multiwave Smart Aligner, and the rugged aluminum construction of the Sunsight AntennAlign, there are more options than ever to get things straightened up.


    We recently pulled a few of the antenna alignment tools into the studio for a quick unboxing session. Check out the playlist below to see what comes in both the 3Z RF Aligner and the Multiwave Smart Aligner.



    Also, see the playlist of all of the Multiwave Videos below. They’re incredibly informative, and will walk you through every step in using the Multiwave device.



    See all tower tools here, including antenna aligners, compasses, reel stands and more.

  4. Yaktrax Walk+

    Now on sale from Yaktrax… The Walk+, the best of both worlds in ice traction. The Yaktrax Walk model is a popular option for those looking to step up their traction game without going all out. Now, the Walk+ version introduces removable carbide steel spikes into the design.


    The carbide steel spikes are located directly under the ball of your foot. It’s the spot that does the most pushing off while you’re walking and where you gain most of your balance. This lets you dig in and really grab onto ice while you’re walking.


    Check out the video below which covers the Walk+ in more detail. After that, head here to see our entire ice traction video playlist on YouTube.



    See all ice traction, including the Walk+ here. Have a question about application or sizing? Give us a call, or chat us online and we’ll help you out!

  5. Choosing Traction Devices

    Winter weather brings a lot of new challenges to the table. Falls due to snow and ice cut into productivity. One slip can cause injuries, damaged equipment, and lost work time. Enter: Traction Devices.

     Boots and Traction Devices - GME Supply

    Not all traction devices are equal. There are many different designs out there. From basic version like the Yaktrax Walk to the heavy-duty traction hogs like the IceTrekkers Diamond, there are positives and negatives to each. It all depends on application. Check out the video below for more information on picking the right traction device for your work.



    Need more info? Give us a call, or chat us online and we’d be glad to help you decide.  

  6. Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne

    Ergodyne Gear - GME Supply

    As the temperature creeps towards single digits, gloves become an important part of your daily work wear. Thermal ProFlex Gloves from Ergodyne offer maximum protection from wind and water, without decreasing dexterity or becoming uncomfortable. One of the things that set Ergodyne’s hand protection apart from others is their waterproofing systems.

     Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    Their traditional waterproof insert uses a waterproof membrane between the outer glove shell and the inner insulation. While it does keep your hands dry, and warmer than a non-waterproof glove would, it still lets the glove absorb some water in the shell. This can make your glove feel colder than it actually is, and can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Not ideal. At all. Plus, the insert also holds in moisture, so sweat can collect and leave you with a sticky hand.

     Waterproof Gloves with OutDry from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    This is where OutDry comes to party. The OutDry membrane is bonded directly to the glove’s shell inner side. That means rain, snow, and wind is blocked on the gloves outer surface, for ultimate comfort. Since the elements are stopped at the surface, the glove uses its full thermal potential, providing a constant, stable temperature inside the glove. And because the membrane is breathable, sweat is able to escape, keeping you comfortable. Also, they pair OutDry with a heavy dose of 3M Thinsulate, so your hands stay toasty, no matter what.

  7. Sterling Rope and Accessories

    Regardless of your profession, if you work with rope, Sterling provides the best hardware and safety rope for your needs. We’ve posted about the fine products made by Sterling Rope in the past. They’re the leading manufacturer of rope, sewn cord, and climbing hardware. They do it all right here in the USA. Their HTP Static is the most durable and best performing static rope available. The 12mm Dyneema slings are super lightweight, and unbelievably light. And the pocket hauler is a complete mechanical advantage system that you can literally put in your pocket. Be sure to check out our video playlist with all our Sterling Rope videos.

     Sterling Rope HTP - GME Supply


    GME Climb Higher Rope Bag - GME SupplyNow, you have all that rope, what are you carrying it in? Lucky you, our new Rescue Rope Bag just came out. It’s very durable, and can haul around a ton. It has a gusseted bottom for moisture resistance, and a protective flap on the top to keep weather out. A document pocket in the front lets you show what’s in it, or what crew it belongs to. Carry it using the comfortable backpack straps or the side carry handle. And you know it’s a GME Authentic with its sharp Climb Higher graphics.


    Also popular is our Premium Equipment Backpack. There’s literally nothing else like it. It has a padded back area, a durable, double stitched plastic bottom with drain holes, and accessory loops on the front to hold your extra gear. It’s also stamped with the exclusive Climb Higher logo.  

     WestFall Pro 60601 Rope Grab Assembly - GME Supply

    New from WestFall Pro is the 60601 Rope Grab Assembly. It pairs their best-selling 5/8” rope grab with a 3 foot lanyard. Unlike other rope grab/lanyard combos, this uses a lanyard with snap hooks on each end. If your lanyard is permanently attached to the rope grab, to move the grab post a tangled line or guy wire, you have to completely remove the rope grab from the lifeline or reach back to your back D-ring to remove the lanyard. This way you can maneuver without the hassle.

  8. Go Go Gadget Blog Post!

    The best ones are shiny, futuristic, and especially functional. They make every job easier and often more enjoyable to do. Pulling out a cool tech piece can make your work more fun, and potentially safer, too. Have a look at a few of our favorite gadgets.

     Gadgets - GME Supply


    fieldSENSE FS8500

    This compact, durable device doesn’t necessarily make your job easier, but it definitely keeps you safe. RF monitors are becoming required equipment by more and more carriers. The FS8500 has two modes, measure, and monitor. In measure mode, the field strength is continuously measured. This is used to make sure that a site is safe to be in before work begins. Then once you’re working, switch the unit over to monitor mode, where the fieldSENSE will alert you if any sudden changes in exposure occur.


    A key feature in the fieldSENSE unit that sets it apart from others is that it shows the percentage of exposure level above 100 percent. Other units top out at 100 percent, but the amount of time you can safely work in 100 percent exposure is very different than the amount of time you can work in 250%. The fieldSENSE makes it clear what exposure level you’re in, to keep you safe.



    Leica Disto E7500i

    Here’s a gadget that’s packed full of features to help you work faster and smarter. This laser measurement tool can measure distance, area, volume, slope, height tracking, and more.


    Pair it with the powerful iOS app and you can make detailed sketches and instantly mark measurements onto a photo of the jobsite. It connects via Bluetooth to your device and sends the information immediately. The full color screen is bright enough to see outside, and the camera feature can be used to zoom in on a point to measure. Check out the video overview to see it in action.




    Johnson Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level

    This is an economically priced self-leveling laser level kit that makes getting straight and square lines simple. All you have to do is place the device on the included tripod and flip the knob. The internal pendulum is released and will steady itself into a perfect horizontal and vertical line.


    It’s great for hanging shelves, cabinets, photos or tile. Plus it’s made by Johnson, a long-trusted name in levels, so you know it’s good. See the video to learn more.


  9. Unbreakable B.A.S.H.

    Wilton Unbreakable Hammer - GME Supply


    What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object? That depends on if you brought the Wilton B.A.S.H.


    The B.A.S.H. might be the last sledge you’ll ever need. They come in a variety of weights and sizes so there’s one available for your needs. And they’re all ridiculously tough. Wilton might have heard the phrase, “No need to reinvent the wheel” but they scoffed at it, then went and made a better wheel. A wheel shaped like a hammer that will crush basically anything.


    Their hammer has a steel core for durability. It is essentially unbreakable. They put 6 steel rods from the top of the head all the way through the handle. At the top, they’ve attached to a safety plate, so you don’t have to worry about the head coming off and flying through a windshield. It’s locked firmly to the handle.


    So you can smash away all day, the handle is made of molded, vulcanized plastic. Its textured design makes sure that you have a secure grip when striking. No need to look like a scrub with athletic tape wrapped around your sledge. Plus the anti-vibe neck reduces any type of vibration fatigue. And at the end, there’s a lanyard hole so you can secure it on your wrist, or to your harness while climbing.


    Wilton Overstrike Rating - GME Supply


    Generally, handles on sledges break on mishits. Trying to hit a cinderblock and missing entirely so the strike is just below the head, on the handle. Not a problem when the B.A.S.H... Wilton tested their hammer vs wood and fiberglass and the results were impressive. Wilton’s are rated to 25,000 overstrikes. You can miss 25,000 times before it is even close to breaking. Pretty remarkable.


    Try breaking the hammer. We dare you. And Wilton does too. If you break their hammer within two years of purchase, they’ll send you a check for $1,000. Go ahead. Give it a shot.


    Wilton Unbreakable Guarantee - GME Supply

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