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Capital Safety/DBI Sala Lad-Saf Recall

Capital Safety/3M, makers of the DBI Sala line of fall protection, has announced a mandatory safety recall for all Lad-Saf Cable Grabs which predate the X2 model. Additional details, along with alternative products and recall instructions are below. Click here for the PDF. DBI Sala Lad-Saf Recall
PRODUCT STOP USE AND RECALL / REPLACEMENT NOTICE IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED DBI-SALA Lad-Safâ„¢ Sleeve Dear 3M Customer: After more than 30 years of use in the fall protection industry, the original Lad-Safâ„¢ sleeve has been replaced by a completely redesigned next generation Lad-Saf sleeve. Capital Safety/3M recently reviewed the performance of the original Lad-Saf sleeve in the field, including a limited number of incidents involving a serious injury or death in the United States while using the sleeve. Although our review did not reveal product hazard or risk scenarios that would arise in the ordinary and proper use of the product, it did reveal potential misuse scenarios that could result in serious injury or death. The potential misuse scenarios include interference with the braking mechanism (such as entanglement with cords, lanyards, clothing or other materials, or grasping the sleeve prior to or during a fall), or result from the user attaching the sleeve upside down (user inversion). No safety regulator has made a finding that the design of the original Lad-Saf sleeve is defective. At 3M, customer safety and confidence are high priorities. In light of the reported incidents and potential misuse scenarios, we have discontinued sale of the original Lad-Saf sleeve, and are voluntarily initiating a full recall of all original Lad-Saf sleeves. Owners / Users of original Lad-Saf sleeves must: 1. Immediately stop using and quarantine all original Lad-Saf sleeves. Affected part numbers are: 6100016, 6116500, 6116501, 6116502, 6116503, 6116504, 6116505, 6116506, 6116507, 6116509, 6116512, 6116535, 6116540, 6116541, 6116542, 6116500C, 6116500SM, 6116507/A, 6116540b 2. Contact 3M Customer Services at 1-800-328-6146 (ext. 2012), or email us at to discuss the replacement of your returned units with an X2 or X3 sleeve, depending on your needs, at no cost to you. 3M remains committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause you, but we are confident that you will be very pleased with the latest generation X2 and X3 Lad-Saf sleeves to keep your workers safe at height. We appreciate your continued support of 3M Fall Protection products and services. 3M Fall Protection - August 30, 2016
Potential Alternative Cable Grab Devices: GME Supply RG-5000 Wire Rope Grab with Carabiner IN STOCK DBI Sala Lad-Saf X3 Detachable Cable Sleeve DBI Sala Lad-Saf X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve Miller VGCS Vi-Go Automatic Pass-Through Cable Guide FallTech 7609 Hinged Self-Tracking Cable Grab Additional alternatives are as follows: 1. The use of a double/twin leg lanyard 2. The use of a Vertical Lifeline Rope and Rope Grab 3. Step Peg Anchor Brackets