1. Industrial Coatings 101


    Cold galvanizing compound is a single-component zinc coating used to protect bare steel from rust and corrosion. Although it is applied like paint, it is not. It gives the same protection as hot dip galvanizing. The higher the zinc content, the higher protection against the elements from rust and corrosion. The zinc bonds to the steel to form the protective layer, and the higher the zinc content, the better the coverage and protection.


    The surface must be clean, dry steel. Use a steel brush to remove any existing rust on the surface for the entire area that will be covered in cold galvanizing compound. Also, remove any chemicals, dirt, grease, oil, silicon, etc. from the surface before applying cold galv.


    Cold galv can be painted on using traditional brushes, rolled, and even sprayed using a thinner. Aerosol coatings are also available. We recommend a disposable brush like the 3” chip brush. Be sure to review the conditions for your particular brand of cold galv, but most of the compounds can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions. Humidity can even intensify the athodic action and acceleration of the protective formation.


    Cold galvanizing compound can only be sent via ground or LTL. It is not allowed in the air system due to its category 3 classification for flammable liquids.


    TowerPlex coatings are designed and formulated to be durable, long-lasting protection for galvanized towers and other metal surfaces. They’re 100% acrylic and meet all federal standards for aviation safe colors. The alkalinity of the paint etches into the zinc in galvanized surfaces unlike other ordinary enamel paints, so it actually forms a chemical bond to the tower.


    The paint works best with its matching primer. You’ll want to prime any rusted areas. If you plan to spray on the paint, a full coat of primer is recommended.


    Before applying prep the surface in a similar fashion to cold galv. The paint can be applied between 50° and 110° Fahrenheit. Coverage is different for every situation, but theoretical coverage is 588 sq/feet per gallon at 1 mil dry. It can be applied using a brush, mitt, or spray. Ideally, a full wet coat is applied overlapping 50% each pass to avoid dusting. The paint should dry overnight, and avoid painting if a freeze or rain is possible in the next 24 hours.


    Use a color chart to test whether your tower needs to be painted. They are specially designed charts calibrated with color swatches which meet the FAA guidelines for aviation safe colors.


    This information and other educational material can be found in our Knowledge Base.

  2. Statement from Guardian Fall Protection

    The following is a statement from Guardian Fall Protection regarding an incident involving a Guardian Velocity Self-Retracting Lifeline. While there is no recall on this product, Guardian urges proper training and adherence to requirements, instructions, and inspection protocol when using fall protection equipment.


    A Statement From Guardian Fall Protection:

    On May 22nd, 2017, a worker tragically lost his life. Guardian Fall Protection is actively investigating this incident; the worker was using a Guardian Fall Protection Velocity Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL).  It is Guardian’s policy to not discuss the details of any ongoing investigation. Guardian is deeply saddened to learn of this accident and extends our heartfelt condolences to the worker’s family and friends.

    Guardian would like to provide an update to our customers, employees, and partners on all Guardian Velocity SRLs. There is no recall or any other safety warning that is being issued at this time.

    All fall protection must be used in adherence with the requirements set forth by the equipment manufacturer, including inspecting product prior to each use, and all workers should be trained in the safe use of the proper fall protection equipment for their specific application.  Please click the image below for additional product inspection requirements.

    See the full release here:


    And download an inspection form below.


  3. Important SRL Inspection Notice - Guardian Cable SRLs

    Guardian has released an important stop use and inspect notice for a small number of cable Self-Retracting Lifelines, which were manufactured between January 1st, 2015 and March, 2017. See the notice below, or click here to read the PDF.


  4. 3M Fall Protection Product Stop Use Notice



    3M Fall Protection (formerly Capital Safety) has received field reports of broken end-posts (also known as Lead Energy Absorbing Posts, or “LEAP posts”) used in roof-mounted EvolutionTM Horizontal Lifeline Systems. 3M has launched a global Stop Use - Field Service Action to address this situation. The same Evolution end-posts are also used in Free Standing Counterweight Anchor systems. There have been no reports of fall-related injuries associated with this condition.
    Read the entire release here: (English) (Spanish)

  5. Why Do You #ClimbHigher?

    What does it mean to be a Tower Climber?

    It means knowing everyday will be a challenge. Knowing your work is cut out for you. Tower climbing is not a normal job. It’s an extraordinary job.

    You push yourself. Higher. Farther. You push yourself for the same reason your brothers before you pushed themselves. You Climb Higher. 200 feet. 400 feet. 800 feet. Beyond. The next ladder rung, the next step bolt forces you to be greater than you were the one before.

    This is why you climb. Breaking barriers where others broke. Thousands of miles on the road, weeks away from home. This is no job for the timid. It’s a thankless job. Nobody can appreciate how hard you work. But you see sights only a handful of other people will ever see.

    Your profession is an exclusive brotherhood. You have the back of your fellow climbers. And they have yours. The climb is exhausting, but it must be done.Each day makes you stronger. Physically, mentally. More powerful.

    You will not quit. There is no going back. You might be on this tower until the sun goes down. And you’ll be back on it before it comes up tomorrow. But the tower is the best office in the world. At GME Supply, we know you don’t just climb. You Climb Higher.

    And we know the exact tower gear you need to work safely and efficiently. Our Tower Climbing Kits have options for all of the top tower climbing gear brands. You can save cash by kitting your tower climbing harness, twin leg lanyard, cable climb safety sleeve, carabiners and tool pouches.

    And for any rigging needs, our Lifting and Rigging section has you covered. Again, Kits. Save. Cash. Our Capstan Truck Kit bundles your cat head, rope, shackles, and blocks into a single item.

    Give our gear experts a call or chat us and we’ll get your gear out the door, to your shop fast.

  6. GME Supply 2016 - By the Numbers

    1 - Ranking as an Affiliated Distributor in 2016 - Our great manufacturer partners help us give the absolute best service possible to our customers.

    12 Lunch and learns taught - We open our doors every month and host monthly trainings to make sure all our customers are staying safe and productive while working. Oh and the free lunch is also great too… We gave away over 1000 meals!

    15 Employees added - We’ve brought on even more #GearExperts to join our team. And next year won’t be any different. Want to get in on the action? Visit our Careers Page.


    51 Countries Shipped To - A new record. Our gear finds its way all over the globe, helping to prevent injuries and death wherever it goes.


    1,174.5 GBs transferred in Hangouts room - Our state of the arts conference system makes doing business around the globe easy. Just a few clicks, and you're face to face, getting it done.

    $2,400 Donations raised by Pink Climb Higher Shirts $35,000 Donated to charity - We love giving back to the community that helps support us. 99% of our employees voluntarily donate a portion of every paycheck to local charities!


    4,050 Miles driven back and forth moving offices - We moved two new people to our ATL facility this year, plus a couple new vehicles for local deliveries.

    10,146 Customers opted for sales protection via Google Trusted Store - The Google Trusted Store badge means when you shop with us you can shop with confidence. Only the best online stores are selected to be a Trusted Store, and we’re one of them.

    $25,000 dollars worth of gear given away at NATE Unite - As the Premier Infinity Sponsor for the 4th year in a row, we have something extra special up our sleeve for next year. We’ll see you in Ft. Worth!


    58,234 social media followers - Are you one of them? Like, follow, and subscribe to hang out with us online. Use #ClimbHigher and we might even share your posts.


    68,372 Pushups In April and October - What started out as a simple group motivated fitness initiative turned into one of the most heated competitions of the year.


    97,135 Unique Search Terms Used on Site - We monitor these to make sure our search delivers the best results so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Also, which one of you searched for “Which harness is total fire 2016?”

    100,000 Sq foot building purchased for new headquarters - We’re filled to the brim in our current building. We have no more empty desks for more #GearExperts and no more warehouse room for gear. We’ll be moving to the new World Headquarters in 2017,

    125,000 catalogs distributed - Our catalogs contain everything any tower climber could ever want. Over 200 full color pages of gear, educational and informative editorial content, even posters and wall calendars!


    233,544 minutes spent on phone in 2016 - For those playing along at home, that is equivalent to 162 days of outbound and inbound calls.

    310,483 items shipped - Spread across 8000+ SKU’s, our warehouses across the country were busy getting gear to you where and when you needed it.


    401,266 minutes watched - You watched our videos more than ever this year. Check out our channel here to learn about products, watch tutorial videos, and see demos of gear in action.


    2,113,022 pages viewed - We crushed our goal of 2 mill this year. No plans to change that in 2017.


    4,986,417 Step data from fitness trackers - Fitbits, Garmin, Apple Watches… we pulled the data from them all. Many of these thanks to our Customer Service manager who took a million steps in June.

  7. Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell Recall

    Enforcer Recall

    Click here for full release from Rock Exotica

    Safety Recall for the Enforcer

    The swivel eye on some Enforcers may not be secure and in certain conditions might unscrew. This was discovered due to an incident that occurred. This recall is to improve the security of the swivel eye and to issue new user instructions specifying that the Enforcer swiveling action is for orientation, not high speed or multiple rotations.

    Rock Exotica will do everything they can to ensure that this recall causes the least amount of inconvenience to our customers. In addition to the safety modification, Rock Exotica will calibrate your Enforcer for free (normal cost is $100) and send it back with a free carabiner.

    Customers in North America should visit to being the return process. Please be ready to provide the following information:

    • Serial Number
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Place Unit was Purchased

    Rock Exotica will send you a self-addressed UPS label to return the device.

    What happened:

    A user had an Enforcer connected to a steel cable. As the cable was loaded it unwound, twisting the Enforcer’s swivel eye and the friction generated unscrewed the bolt holding the swivel and it came apart.

    Why it happened:

    The Enforcer is assembled in a special room on its own assembly line, due to the electronics. The bolt is secured with epoxy and a setscrew, but our examination showed that there should have been more epoxy on the bolt threads. Under normal conditions of orienting the Enforcer, the bolt would not come out. But subject to the steel cable twisting as it was being loaded it was not secure enough and the bolt unscrewed.

    What Rock Exotica will do:

    Rock Exotica will replace the setscrew with a pin that goes through the aluminum part and into a hole in the steel bolt. This is strong enough that even if used with highly-loaded multiple rotations, it cannot unscrew. However, please don’t use it that way (see next section).

    Which Enforcers are affected?

    Enforcer units subject to recall used the epoxy/setscrew combination, which includes all units manufactured prior to August 2nd, 2016.

    Identify serial number & manufacturing date on your Enforcer

    Inspect the 10 digit serial number on your device to determine whether your Enforcer is subject to recall. As shown below, the first two digits of the number refer to the year of manufacture. The three digits following the year of manufacture refer to the day of manufacture during the year. All units indicating a manufacture date prior to 16214XXXXX (manufactured in 2016 on the 214th day of the year) are subject to recall. All units produced ON or AFTER this date are NOT subject to recall. The serial number is laser engraved on the side or back of the device.

    Serial Number

    Why the Enforcer should not be used for high-speed or multiple rotations:

    The swivel action of the Enforcer was designed to orient it so you can see the display. It rotates on plain washers and is a poor choice for multiple rotations under load. The washers are not efficient and will wear quickly and may potentially affect the accuracy of the force readout. Ball bearing swivels are the only choice for multiple rotations.

    Be careful using steel cable with any kind of swiveling device:

    Steel cable (wire rope) is twisted in manufacture and can unwind vigorously when loaded with a swivel in the system. This can create several issues, including significant loss of strength. There are special cables made that do not try to unwind when loaded. Only these should be used and only by experienced people.



  8. Sterling Rope Arbor Ropes

    When you’re removing large trucks sections, your rigging system needs to be able to absorb large dynamic forces. The Atlas Rigging Line was designed for just that. Sterling has been engineering ropes to handle these types of kinetic forces for over two decades.



    The Atlas Rig Line is a 9/16” rope with a polyester sheath and a nylon core. This offers a soft hand and easy knotability. It’s designed to work with a rope friction device, capstan winch, or rigging blocks. This rope is not spliceable, but can be ordered with a sewn eye termination for knotless rigging.


    Next up, the Scion Climbing line. This rope has durable construction and a great ability to absorb dynamic forces. It’s ideal for both Double Rope Technique and Single Rope Technique. This 11.5 mm rope has a polyester 24-strand cover and double-braided construction. This gives is decreased elongation, soft handling, and easy knotability. The tight, durable sheath handles mechanical devices and hardware well. It can be spliced and is also available with sewn terminations.


    To see all Sterling Rope gear, Click the sterling logo or head over to You can click that playlist to see all our other Sterling videos. And be sure to hit subscribe to get these videos as soon as we post them.

  9. DBI Sala Lad-Saf X2 and X3 Sleeve Inspection Notice

    3M Fall Protection (formerly Capital Safety) has identified a limited number of Lad-Saf X2/X3 sleeves with the locking lever not working properly. This condition can allow the sleeve to disengage from the cable during use. The assembly error is believed to affect only a limited number of units and has been corrected. There have been no accidents or injuries related to this issue.

    End-users: Immediately conduct an inspection (see below). This inspection is part of the pre-use inspection recommended for all X2 (#6160030) and X3 (#6160054) sleeves as described below. If you find an affected sleeve, remove the sleeve from service and contact our Customer Service department at 800-328-6146 (prompt #2012) or email to obtain a return authorization. Upon receipt of the affected sleeve, we will ship you a replacement sleeve within 24 hours at no charge.

    For further information on the operation and use of the Lad-Saf X2 & X3 sleeves, see video at or scan this QR code to view the video on a mobile device.

    Please direct any additional questions you may have to 800-328-6146 (ext. 2012) or email

  10. Choosing the Right Rescue Bag

    Using a three bag system for your gear organization provides an easy way to quickly identify a bag’s contents. This can be especially useful in a stressful emergency situation like a fallen worker. Being able to find your rescue kit in moments is critical.

    We recommend using our GME Supply Rescue Rope Bags as part of your color-coded bag solution.

    Your black bag can be your backup lifeline kit. This holds your backup lifeline which is generally a 3-Strand or kernmantle. Along with your rope grab like the ASAP from Petzl, and some anchorage. You may even need a termination plate depending on whether your rope has a factory eye.

    The Yellow bag can hold your controlled descent kit. This kit is made up of a kernmantle rope, generally a 7/16th inch diameter, and a descent device. We recommend the WestFall Pro D4 or the Petzl I’D. Again, you’ll probably need some anchorage straps, hardware, and other rope accessories.

    Finally, your rescue kit in the orange bag. This should come out of the truck first when you arrive on a job site. It lives at the base of the tower while you’re working. While you can piece together your rescue kit, we have premade kits built with everything you need to successfully perform a rescue.

    Speaking of rescue, competent rescuer certification must be renewed every year. Click here to make sure you’re taking the best courses available.

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