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New Shipping Options for Gloves

Announcing USPS shipping on all gloves! We’re working hard to find new ways to make things easier, more convenient, and CHEAPER for you. So, we’ve expanded more shipping options!   New Shipping Options for Gloves - GME Supply   Now, you can ship between 1-12 pairs of gloves for just $5.75. They’ll come straight to your regular mailbox so you don’t have to worry about catching the UPS guy during the day. And, they’ll even be delivered on Saturday for no extra charge.   Also, we’ve been rolling out quantity discounts for many of our gloves. Look for a chart like the one below and save even more dough.
Bulk Discounts Each
12-143 $3.33
144 or more $3.10
  So what else is new? Check out the TuffMax3 gloves. Huge abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance. These gloves do it all. Learn more below: