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Sterling Rope Aztek Kit + 15% off Sale

Sterling Rope is known for their wide variety of climbing and life safety ropes. Their HTP Static is one of our most popular ropes. Their rope bags help protect your gear and their pulleys will fill out your lifting and rigging kits. Plus, their haul systems make pick-off and rescue much easier. We’ll go over their Aztek Elite Kit a bit later.   Right now, through June 5th, all Sterling Rope gear is 15% off! Just use code Sterling15 at checkout to receive the discount! The deal won’t last long, so get in on it while you can.   Back to the Aztek Elite Kit… This kit features a four-to-one mechanical advantage system, plus a travel restraint system on the other end. And, it’s all self-contained in a carrying pouch, making it ready at a moment’s notice. Can’t beat that. One catch that sometimes hangs people up is the fact that it does not come pre-assembled. But fear not… we did you a solid and put together an easy to follow how-to rig video.     There are two version of this video. Above is the detailed version which goes over every single step in close-up detail. It’s pretty long, but if you’ve never rigged one of these kits before, you’ll appreciate the deliberate attention we gave to every step. Below, is a much more broad overview of how to put the kit together. Think of it as a refresher which just goes over each step from above so make sure you’re doing everything in the proper order. It’s shorter, but if you’re experienced rigging the Sterling Rope Aztek Elite Kit, you can use this to jog your memory.     Now that you’re learned up on rigging the Aztek, head over to the Sterling Rope page and see what else you can get at a steal of a price, this week only!