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3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool Buying Guide

Proper antenna alignment is vitally important when performing antenna maintenance. For years the only way to perform antenna alignment was to use a compass, GPS, and a range finder. This method was time consuming and, most of the time, not as accurate as it needed to be. The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool changes that. In this weeks blog post our Gear Experts® break down the aligner in a complete buying guide.

The Antenna Aligner

  The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool is an effective and reliable aligner that helps installers ensure that they are meeting the RF design specifications on each job site. This tool helps prevent coverage gaps, network performance gradation, and loss of revenue. This tool can not only align an antenna, but it can also show you where it is pointing with the built in HD Camera.  

Jam Packed with Features

  The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool is packed with a range of features. This device offers guaranteed field installation and RF design match and it is mechanically aligned with the HD camera. The weather resistant and rugged design ensures that the device can handle the josite and the display is impact resistant for added durability. It also features a 5 inch touchscreen display, embedded augmented reality, and multiple frequency technology. The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Aligner has features that extend beyond the device itself. Because of the accuracy, using the device to align antennas reduces churn and operating expenses. It also improves data user throughput & KPIs and maximizes voice quality & data traffic.

What’s Included?

  This tool comes with a range of accessories. It comes in a durable case for protection and easy transportation from job site to job site. The case has two latches and padding both on the top and bottom of the case to keep the RF aligner protected. The foam in the bottom is custom molded to fit everything in the kit. The kit includes a charging cord. This charges the lithium-ion battery that powers the device. The power charger also comes with worldwide adapters so no matter where in the world the job takes you, you’re covered. There is also a monopod included which is used for ground measurements. This monopod expands with quick release levers and has a standard ¼ inch, 20 thread mount. The kit also includes a universal clamp. The universal clamp uses an adjustment pin to slide the clamp arms into position, then a threaded tightening knob to secure the compression pad to the antenna. This clamp is extremely versatile and allows you to attach the tool to nearly every antenna. Lastly, is the aligner. It comes in a tough carrying case that features a strap for easy transport up and down the tower or around the job site. For a full unboxing of the aligner check out this video from our YouTube channel

Can I Get Additional Accessories?

  Yes. 3Z has a range of additional accessories you can get to use in conjunction with the 3Z Antenna Alignment Tool. These accessories include a strap clamp, torque wrench, data collector, antenna WASP sensor, and AIR32 mount bracket. Not sure what accessories you need? Don’t worry our Gear Experts® are here to help.

Camera License, Protection Plan, and Financing

  The camera is an awesome feature of this alignment tool, but to use the embedded augmented reality feature (which allows you to see all of the data provided on the screen laid over the real world) you have to purchase the camera license. The camera license is cheaper if purchased at the same time as the device itself. You also have the option to do a 30 day trial of the camera license. However, if you do the 30 day trial you do not get the discounted license rate. The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool comes with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects, but doesn’t include anything else. The damage protection plan, on the other hand, covers everything the standard warranty does not. For more information on the Damage Protection Plan click here. GME Supply offers financing options for this aligner. For more information on our financing process please click here or contact one of our Gear Experts®.

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