December 2019

  1. By the Numbers - 2019 Edition

    GME Supply's 2019 By the Numbers Blog Bost


    1 – Banks Demolished to expand parking at our Atlanta facility.


    The bank adjacent to our location in Atlanta had sat vacant for long enough. So, we tore it down to make more room for customers coming to visit our Gear Experts or attend training using our indoor training towers.


    6% - Of companies recognized by Inc. Magazine as Best Places to Work in America.


    Thousands of companies were in the running and we were just one of about 300 recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in America in 2019. To congratulate our team we kicked off a month of employee appreciation with a breakfast cookout where we served up 16 pounds of bacon, sausage, eggs, and more!


    8 – Months operating in Dallas before an expansion was required.


    We officially opened our 3rd location in Coppell, TX early in 2019 but it didn’t take long before we needed more room to guarantee timely service and quick shipments. We acquired the space next to ours, knocked down a few walls, and doubled our warehouse space so we can hold more inventory, prepare more kits, and better serve you!


    13 - Hours played in a charity softball tournament.


    Our Gear Experts donned our trusty orange and black and threw out the first pitch around 7 pm on a Friday. Then they played through the night, finishing their bracket at 9 am on Saturday morning. This included a 2-hour rain delay which brought the home runs to a halt from 1 to 3 am.


    21 – Trade shows attended.


    NATE Unite, STAC, Wireless West and more. We attended more trade shows and conferences than ever. We even hopped the pond to be at A+A, the world's largest safety conference!


    23 - Number of open positions


    We’re growing faster than ever. Bringing on more support just means we’re even more able to find solutions to keep workers safe and productive. This number continues to go up, as well! If you’re looking to join America’s Best Workplace, visit and get the ball rolling!


    46 – Number of states standard shipping can reach within 2 business days.


    Blanketing the US with logistical expertise, we’re able to get you the gear you need faster than ever. Our standard ground shipping can reach 46 states, meaning we can also save you money without requiring expedited shipping!


    48 - % of staff growth.


    While we have 23 positions currently open, we also nearly doubled our workforce in 2019. Opening new locations, bringing on additional support in every department, and recognizing opportunities to better our service to our customers was the name of the game this year, and we don’t anticipate a slow down next year, either.


    78 – The number of countries shipped to.


    While we are North America’s Premier Outfitter, that doesn’t mean our expertise stops on a single continent. Safety doesn’t know geography so we have to make sure we can get gear around the world and we did that at a record clip this year.


    99.8 - Inventory in-stock service level percentage.


    This is a fancy term for… “Do you have this in stock?” Luckily for our customers, the answer to that question was, “of course” nearly every time (99.8% to be exact) they asked.


    118 – The numbers of pizzas eaten by the World Pizza Project.


    The World Pizza Project is comprised of the majority of our marketing department with the mission to try and rate every pizza on planet Earth. With metrics like PPI (Price Per Inch), Pizza Pleazer, and Volatility Ranking, we’re bringing the science to creating a pie pecking order.


    744 - Students sent through training in our facilities.


    Between Competent Climber and Rescuer trainings from Safety LMS, Arborist Courses, OSHA 10 and 30, First Aid, CPR, and more, our classrooms and training facilities saw 3+ classes a month in each location!


    869 - Glossary terms defined.


    Our Gear Experts dropped some defined knowledge bombs in our Glossary of Terms. Located in our Knowledge Base, it has an alphabetical list of nearly every term imaginable related to the gear we sell and the industries we serve. Peruse through the 25,717 words at your leisure!


    1,071 - Tower Family Foundation “Climb Higher” Shirts sold.


    This year we partnered with the Tower Family Foundation with a custom Climb Higher T-Shirt, with all proceeds going to the organization which helps support family members affected by an injury or death related to tower work. In all, over $22,800 was donated.


    1,524 – Units of equipment repaired, recalibrated, re-certified, and inspected.


    From our repair center for SRLs, Recalibration of electronic equipment, and inspection of PPE by our Competent People, we brought additional service beyond selling gear to keep workers safe.


    4,000 - Boxes of Crayola Crayons donated during our school supplies drive.


    We partnered with a local charity during their annual school drive and our team stepped up in a big way. The funds raised were able to supply enough colorful wax to get through countless coloring books.


    5,316 – Hours of internal staff training.


    Continued training has always been a focus for our team, which is why we dedicate substantial time to make sure everyone is on top of their game. New products, categories, and techniques continue to grow and so does our specialty knowledge.


    92879 – The zip code of our new Corona, CA location.


    Califoorrrniaaaaaa, here we come! Our latest location on the left coast is dead smack in the middle of Corona, just a few miles from Los Angeles. All you Pacific Time Zoners now can have your gear faster, or even pick it up if you’re in the area!


    25,828 - Bottles of water saved by reusable water bottle filling stations.


    Our filling stations not only put out some high-quality H20, but they help conserve the use of plastic water bottles. So far, they’ve pumped out 3228.5 gallons to keep our team happily hydrated.


    95,243 - Social media following.


    If you’re not witnessing our A+ Content on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn, Snapchat, and beyond, you’re missing out. Smash that like button!



    110,617 - Total dollars donated to local charities.


    Beyond the funds raised from the school drive, we worked hard to make 2019 our most charitable year ever. Giving back to others is critical to our mission.


    656,700 - Minutes watched on YouTube.


    Our production studio cranks out a constant series of videos ranging from product overviews, how-to videos, comparisons, and more. And be sure to tune in to our live streams when we have trainings going on. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you know exactly when the “On Air” light gets switched on.



    1,504,470 - Items picked in our warehouses.


    From individual orders, kits, production orders, and more, our fulfillment centers were running wide open to get gear where you need it, when you need it.


    1,999,828 - Gear Expert Giveaway contest entries.


    We gave away some great prizes during 2019! If your name wasn’t picked this year, keep an eye out for more chances to win in 2020!


    3,262,275 - Feet of rope shipped.


    That’s enough rope to stretch from the doorstep of our headquarters in Columbia, MO all the way to our Atlanta, GA location with a few miles of rope to spare!


    4,840,964 - Website page views.


    Another record year for our home on the web. Our product offering is always expanding and the number of visitors that stop by to check it all out is, as well. Thanks for seeing what we have going on, let’s do it again in 2020!


    1,300,000,000+ - Assets under management by our investment partner, Platte River Equity.


    Platte River Equity chose to invest in what we’re doing, meaning in the near future, we get to do even more - More locations, more equipment, more innovation, and more Gear Experts here to partner with and help grow your business!


    Gear Up with Gear Experts: The Podcast


    We're also proud to announce Gear Up with Gear Experts® - A podcast dedicated to at-height, industry, and construction. Gear Up with Gear Experts® is available via your podcast listening platform of choice and in each episode, the hosts (Alex Giddings & John Medina) bring in a gear expert or industry leader to talk about gear, gear safety, tips, tricks and more. To find out more about the show and sign up for alerts, head on over to or click one of the links below to subscribe.

    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play

  2. Milwaukee Tools One-Key

    Milwaukee Tools Battery Deal

    Keeping track of your tools can feel like a full time job. Milwaukee Tools One-Key allows you to stay on top of it all with features like community Bluetooth tracking, barcode scanning, and geofencing.


    Effortless Inventory Management

    ONE-KEY will shave hours off of your work week so you can focus on your job. ONE-KEY keeps a digital catalog that your team can access virtually anywhere, anytime. This online catalog will help you gain insights on how, when, and where your equipment is being used.

    Milwaukee Tools has a complete lineup of One-Key compatible tools that can be added to your tool inventory through the One-Key app and website.

    From your Inventory Dashboard, you can create smart filters to display important information for every tool and every job. You will be able to see if an tool is available and/or where it's assigned along with a tool history to see how the tool has been used and create alerts for any necessary repairs and maintenance.


    Optimize Performance

    One-Key connected tools feature dynamic performance functioning that allow you to set parameters on performance. After you've added and paired your tool through the One-Key app, you will see a dashboard where you can customize tool performance:


    Milwaukee One-Key


    Different tools will have their own unique performance selections. By selecting presets like speed and torque for each job, you'll be able to extend usage between battery charging and extend the life of your tool.


    ONE-KEY Support

    ONE-KEY was designed to be easy. That said, Milwaukee Tools releases about 13 updates to the One-Key app every year, so they provide ongoing support to help you get the most out of the platform.

    There's a growing list of support videos on the Milwaukee Tools YouTube channel, a One-Key Facebook group, and a support site to find articles on common topics and chat with support staff.


    Milwaukee Tools Video Playlist

     Podcast Episode - Gift Ideas


    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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  3. Line of Sight Reporting - 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

    3Z Telecom Easy Bullseye Alignment

    As 5G rolls out, accurate antenna alignment is increasingly important. Our Gear Experts® have previously covered accurately aligning 5G small cell antennas to maximize antenna performance. This week our Gear Experts explain Line of Sight Reporting with the RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool from 3Z.


    Line of Sight


    Carriers are using 5G New Radio modeling software to develop their network and rollout plans. But, this software isn’t perfect when it comes to identifying nearfield RF obstacles that could render the antenna useless. That’s where the RF Vision Antenna Aligner from 3Z comes into play. It features a built-in, line-of-sight target HD camera that can help installers both identify and record potential antenna obstructions when performing on-site surveys. Once you’ve achieved a comprehensive antenna alignment with a line-of-sight survey a report is automatically generated of the site for sharing with the carrier.


    Automated Report Generator


    The automated report generator embeds line-of-sight images with other alignment data such as site ID, azimuth, tilt, roll, height, etc., to create quick, concise, and reliable reports.

    Technicians save valuable time performing an alignment and creating a report and can download and share reports from a mobile device in real-time. The RF Vision will create a single comprehensive PDF or CSV report for each site being aligned.


    Alignment and Report Generation Steps


    First, make sure you have the RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool charged and the appropriate mounting bracket for the type of antenna you’re aligning. The RF Vision works with Panel, Microwave, Cylindrical Sheath, and Small Cell 5G antennas.

    Follow the mounting instructions outlined in the quick start guide that comes with the device. Turn the device on and select what kind of antenna you’ll be aligning. From there you will be taken into the viewfinder.

    Now touch the box in the lower-left corner next to the camera icon. Here you’ll enter site information such as your Site ID, Sector Number, and Antenna information. Then you’ll enter your target azimuth and click accept.

    This should take you back to the viewfinder where it shows your current azimuth, tilt, roll, as well as your target numbers. Once you have located the target on the screen you’ll adjust the position of the antenna until the bullseye lines up with that target. The target will turn green when it’s correctly aligned.

    Then simply click the disk icon on the device and it will save it as a PDF report. With those line-of-sight reports, engineers are able to identify near-field obstructions and optimize antenna orientations, all while the technicians are still on-site, saving them the hassle of revisiting a site to adjust the alignment.

    If you’ve got more questions about the 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool or small cell antenna alignment, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.

    We’ve covered many of the features, accessories, and financing programs offered by 3Z in past blog posts which you can find by clicking here.

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.


    3Z RF Vision Antenna Aligner:  The Video

    Gear Up with Gear Experts: The Podcast


    If you haven’t already checked out Gear Up with Gear Experts, our podcast dedicated to at-height, industry, and construction, it is available for download! You can find it on all major podcast listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, + your favorite podcatcher of choice. And, you can head on over to to follow us on social media, check out our detailed show notes, and sign up for updates.


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  4. 3M - Stop Use Advisory To The Wind Energy Industry


    3M Stop Use Advisory to the Wind Energy Industry PDF


    In the interests of worker safety, 3M Fall Protection (“3M”) hereby notifies the industry that 3M does not permit powered climb assist systems (PCAs) to be used in conjunction with 3M’s Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS)*, unless such PCAs are verified by 3M as being compatible with 3M’s CLFAS. Absent such verification, 3M urges you to discontinue use of PCAs in conjunction with 3M’s CLFAS systems. PCAs are accessory systems and are not fall arrest systems.

    3M previously alerted the industry in April 2019 to its concerns about compatibility based upon reports of incidents in the field and the concern identified in the ANSI/ASSE Z359.16-2016 standard for Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS):

    A2.1 Climb Assist Systems. Because of possible compatibility concerns, the competent person should consult the manufacturer of both the climb assist system and the CLFAS to determine if the systems are compatible. Considerations include connections to the user’s harness, spacing between systems on the climbing ladder, assist level settings, number of users and test records.

    In order to protect workers from the risk of serious injury or death due to incompatible systems, 3M has attempted to work with manufacturers and customers in the wind energy industry to reach agreement over compatibility testing. To date, the development of an appropriate testing protocol and the subsequent testing have not been completed. 3M will continue working with manufacturers and customers willing to participate in efforts to establish a protocol for compatibility testing and will cooperate and assist with such testing in an ISO certified laboratory (which includes ANSI Z359.16 in its scope of certification) covering all foreseeable use scenarios of PCAs when used in conjunction with CLFAS systems.

    In the interests of worker safety, unless a PCA system has been verified by 3M as being compatible with 3M’s CLFAS systems, 3M directs you to immediately discontinue use of such PCA system with 3M’s CLFAS. Note that manufacturers and owners of wind towers are responsible to verify compatibility between their PCA and CLFAS systems.

    User inquiries about equipment compatibility should be directed to 3M Technical Service at

    *Specifically, this Stop Use Advisory applies to 3M’s DBI-SALA® Lad-SafTM and CablocTM vertical lifeline fall arrest systems (including Lad-Saf, Lad-Saf X2, Lad-Saf X3, Lad-Saf X3+ and Cabloc/Cabloc Pro sleeves, as well any DBI-SALA, Protecta or Uniline branded climbing fall arrest system).  - 3M Fall Protection 6 December, 2019

  5. GME Supply Co Receives Significant Investment from Platte River Equity

    GME Supply Receives Significant Investment from Platte River Equity



    GME Supply Co Receives Significant Investment from Platte River Equity

    Columbia, Missouri, December 4, 2019 – GME Supply Co (“GME” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has recently received a significant investment from Platte River Equity (“Platte River”), a private equity firm based in Denver, Colorado. GME, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, is a market-leading distributor of fall protection, safety equipment and related gear for at-height workers in the telecommunications, wind, solar, industrial and construction markets.

    “We are excited about our new partnership with Platte River,” said Beau Aero, Founder & CEO of GME. “We have grown significantly over the last 10 years and believe Platte River’s experience in our markets will help us further achieve our goals.”

    Peter W. Calamari, Managing Director of Platte River said, “Beau and his management team have built an impressive organization with great customer service and consultative support for clients rooted in knowledge of products and best practices. Their unique position in a core group of niche industries and aggressive diversification strategy was a key factor in our decision to partner with their team. We hope to help GME continue to build upon this impressive track record.”

    “Our company has always been focused on doing what is best for the industries we serve, and the customers within those markets,” Aero said. “In discussions with Platte River, it was clear that they understood our vision for the future. We’re looking forward to accelerating our growth and improving our
    existing strengths to even higher levels.”

    Matt D. Newill, Vice President of Platte River, stated, “We have made several investments in companies serving at-height workers and believe GME is well-positioned to take advantage of strong growth in its core end markets.”

    With the additional support provided by Platte River, GME intends to increase their national footprint further with additional locations, staff, and logistical systems to continue their mission to keep workers safe and productive on the job, by offering customers world-class service and expertise.

    About GME Supply Co

    Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Columbia, Missouri with storefronts and primary distribution centers in Atlanta, Dallas and recently Los Angeles, GME is a North America’s Premier Outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment and other gear for at-height workers in the telecommunications, wind, solar, industrial and construction markets.

    About Platte River Equity

    Based in Denver, Colorado, Platte River Equity is a private equity firm focused on equity investments in lower middle market operating companies with enterprise values generally between $40 million and $250 million. The firm invests in sectors where it has deep operating and investing experience, including aerospace & transportation; industrial products & services; energy products & services; and agriculture & chemicals. Platte River has raised funds with committed capital in excess of $1.3 billion.

    *The information in this article has been published on PE Hub, Inside Towers, and Industrial Distribution.

  6. New Year, New Gear

    PMI Climbing Helmet

    In just a few short weeks it will be a new year and a new decade. We're always looking ahead to see how we can help continue keeping at-height workers safe and productive on the job. So, we're constantly bringing in new gear. Start 2020 out right with all new equipment like the Impact Helmet from PMI or the AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch 60Hz/120v from Portable Winch.


    PMI Impact and Air-Go Climbing Helmets

    And, in the video below we take a look at the new PMI Impact and Air-Go climbing helmets. Both the Impact and Air-Go were built to comply with ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C. These helmets provide a great level of protection and comfort in a modern climbing style. 


    Portable Winch AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch

    The Portable Winch AC Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch 60Hz/120v was designed for lifting applications where a traditional gas-powered motor cannot be used. It can lift a load of 550 pounds with an integrated rope grabbing system. It is capable of pulling up to 1805 pounds at 29-feet per minute with its standard 85-millimeter drum. This winch was designed for use with any length of double-braid polyester rope with a 12 - 13 mm diameter.


    Gear Expert Giveaway - Bose Prize Pack!

    Our next Gear Expert Giveaway is live! Prizes include a Bose Solo 5 TV sound bar, Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, and more! Check out the full list of prizes and enter to win at

    Enter daily to increase your chances of winning!


    Video: PMI Impact and Air-Go Climbing Helmets


    Gear Up with Gear Experts: The Podcast

    If you haven’t already checked out Gear Up with Gear Experts, our podcast dedicated to at-height, industry, and construction, it is available for download! You can find it on all major podcast listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, + your favorite podcatcher of choice. And, you can head on over to to follow us on social media, check out our detailed show notes, and sign up for updates.


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