September 2019

  1. Kask Helmets: Zenith vs. Super Plasma HD

    Kask Plasma and Zenith Helmets

    Hazards are everywhere on the job site and protecting your noggin from falling objects, or from getting bumped and bruised while walking and climbing is an intricate part of job site safety. This week our Gear Experts® are going to compare two premium helmets from our friends over at Kask.


    The two helmets we are going to compare are the Kask Zenith Helmet and the Kask Super Plasma HD. Both of these helmets are extremely popular and for good reason. They both set the bar in comfort and protection for at-height workers. We are going to start this comparison with some things the helmets have in common.



    The outer shells are constructed of a high strength ABS plastic that provides excellent protection from falls or impacts. Underneath the outer shell is an HD polystyrene internal shell that increases impact protection. Both of these helmets feature universal adjustable suspension systems that utilize a simple adjustment wheel to attain a precise fit. The comfort doesn’t stop there, though. They also feature a soft eco-leather chin strap that is machine washable and prevents uncomfortable irritation of the skin. Last, but not least, both helmets can be purchased in 6 different color options – allowing you to express yourself while still maintaining excellent protection. Those colors are black, blue, red, white, yellow, and orange.



    Now it’s time to discuss the differences. Both helmets have a range of features that promote comfortability while maintaining a secure fit. But, depending on the requirements of your job site, and compatibility with accessories, you may find yourself choosing one helmet over the other.


    Kask Super Plasma HD

    This helmet is perfect for tower climbers and rope access professionals because of its 10-vent air intake system. This system provides enhanced breathability and each intake features anti-intrusion grills to prevent dust and debris from entering the helmet. The headband is made of a fast-drying fabric that pulls moisture away from your skin and disperses it to the outside of the band for quicker evaporation. In fact, the super plasma HD is so comfortable, that the general construction industry is adopting it as a more comfortable and safer alternative to traditional hard hats – this is in large part to the chin strap that prevents the helmet from falling off.

    This helmet is compatible with all of Kask’s visors, earmuffs, and accessories. Keep in mind that some visors and other accessories may require an adapter to properly and safely attach the equipment to the helmet. The Kask Super Plasma HD is a Type 1 Class C helmet which means it meets all of the necessary ANSI and CSA standards for head protection. We covered ANSI helmet classes in more detail in our Safety Helmets 101 blog post. You can also find a free downloadable Safety Helmets 101 poster by visiting our Knowledge Base.

    Kask Zenith Helmet

    If you compare the Kask Zenith side by side to the Kask Super Plasma HD, you’ll immediately notice one big difference – the Zenith is lacking any vents. That helps this helmet achieve it’s Type 1 Class E rating meaning that it is electric shock protected. This helmet is also compatible with Kask Ear Muffs but, it is only compatible with Kask’s Zen line of accessories. Kask does have a wide variety of Zen accessories, though, so you finding the accessories you need shouldn’t be a problem.

    The biggest difference between these two helmets is the type and class rating. Not only is that the biggest difference, but it is also the most important difference.

    Click here to see the Kask Zenith Helmet

    Click here to see the Kask Super Plasma HD Helmet

    Click here to see the Zen line of visors and accessories

    Click here to see our full lineup of Kask accessories

    Click here to check out our Safety 101 blog post

    Click here to download your free copy of our Safety 101 poster

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

    Zenith vs. Super Plasma HD: The Video



    Gear Up with Gear Experts: The Podcast

    If you haven’t already checked out Gear Up with Gear Experts, our podcast dedicated to at-height, industry, and construction, it is available for download! You can find it on all major podcast listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, + your favorite podcatcher of choice. And, you can head on over to to follow us on social media, check out our detailed show notes, and sign up for updates.


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  2. Custom Kitting with Gear Experts®

    GME Supply Custom Kits

    Having to flip through a handful of catalogs or thousands of web pages to find the gear you and your crew need can be time-consuming. That’s why our Gear Experts® have created tower climbing kits and can help you create custom kits that will save you time and make your job of buying a range of equipment easier and more cost-effective. These kits have a lot to offer.


    Custom Kits Save

    The custom kitting process is easy and typically takes only a few minutes to get a quote. First, you’ll start off by answering a few questions from one of our Gear Experts®. They have years of experience helping a variety of crews and they truly care about your business. They’re going to put in the effort to learn and understand your specific needs. 

    Attention to detail ensures your crew will be safe and fully compliant.


    Increased Safety

    Kitting allows you to train your crew on the same equipment. Training your crew on the same gear adds a higher level of safety for many reasons.

    Working with unfamiliar devices can add time to any task and can sometimes lead to accidents. It’s especially important for your whole team to understand how to handle another crew member’s gear in a rescue situation.

    If everyone is using the same gear there will be much less room for confusion. When your crew is properly trained and comfortable working with their equipment they’ll handle these difficult situations quickly and safely.


    Saving Time and Lowering Costs

    The benefits we’ve already mentioned are designed to lower the overhead cost of managing your crew. Buying components in a kit will also save you time when placing an order and when receiving a shipment.

    You don't have to wait on different shipping schedules for every single item when you buy a kit. Buying gear separately might not be a big issue on one or two items, but when you buy several things for multiple crew members those wait times can be a headache.


    Invoicing and Inventory Control

    If you plan on reordering your custom kit we can set up your kit with a custom part number. The part number can be invoiced as one line item to simplify the reordering process. This will save time during order review and payment. Your accounts payable team will thank you!

    We also forecast our stock around your ordering schedule to make sure you’re always covered when you need it.



    On top of all that, we can also brand the items in your kit. We can help place your company logo on helmets, vests, harnesses, signs, and a lot more.


    Limitless Kitting Video

    Partnership and Kitting Podcast

    What kind of kits are already assembled?

    We have a wide range of tower climbing kits that are already assembled to include everything needed for a climber to work safely. The actual components of the kits vary depending on each kit and your preferences.

    We also have a range of other kits available. We offer rescue kits, wind energy kits, solar industry kits, PPE kits, tool kits, and even lifting & rigging kits.


    What do pre-assembled tower climbing kits come with?

    What the kits include depends on the kit you choose and if you want add-on or upgrade items. However, the tower climbing kits all come with the standard equipment needed for a climber to work safely. Pre-assembled tower climbing kits all include a harness, a lanyard, and carabiners. Many of our kits also come with bolt bags, gloves, spreader bars, safety glasses, helmets, and cable safety sleeves.

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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  3. Equipment Financing for Antenna Aligners Featuring 3Z Telecom

    Antenna aligners can get pricey but they’re becoming a required piece of equipment for most tower crews. Luckily, our financing options help to ease the pain of dropping thousands of dollars on a single piece of specialized equipment. And the process is simple.

    Equipment Financing in Easy Steps

    After an application fee of $75, you'll sign a contract for a 12-month financing term. A personal guarantee is required to ensure the payments will be made. 

    Then, there are three simple steps:

      1. 20% Down Payment
        • This down payment will be considered the first month's payment. Let's say you’d like to finance the 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool. It retails for around  $7,000. So, 20% of $7,000 would make your down payment $1,400. 
      2. 11 Monthly Payments 
        • For your monthly payments, we subtract the down payment ($1,400) from the total equipment costs ($7,000) and divide that number by 11.
        • So your monthly payment on the 3Z Alignment tool would equal $509.09. 
      3. $1 Buyout
        • At the end of your term, you'll buy out the equipment for one dollar.

    Estimate your monthly payments with this calculator*:

    *Actual payments may vary. Taxes not included in the estimate.

    There is a fee for late payments and equipment cannot be paid off before the twelve-month term. Click here to view the full application.

    If you’d rather set up a line of credit, we do have credit options that are tailored to the size and scope of your business. Click here to view credit options.

    Financing Video

    The Antenna Aligner

    Proper antenna alignment is vitally important when performing antenna maintenance. For years the only way to perform antenna alignment was to use a compass, GPS, and a range finder. This method was time-consuming and, most of the time, not as accurate as it needed to be. The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool changes that. In this week's blog post our Gear Experts® break down the aligner in a complete buying guide.

    The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool is an effective and reliable aligner that helps installers ensure that they are meeting the RF design specifications on each job site. This tool helps prevent coverage gaps, network performance gradation, and loss of revenue. This tool can not only align an antenna, but it can also show you where it is pointing with the built-in HD Camera.

    3Z also has a range of additional accessories you can get to use in conjunction with the 3Z Antenna Alignment Tool. These accessories include a strap clamp, torque wrench, data collector, antenna WASP sensor, and AIR32 mount bracket. Not sure what accessories you need? Don’t worry our Gear Experts® are here to help.

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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  4. Signs and Banners with Columbia Creative Services

    Keeping employees, team members, and other people on the job site safe is at the top of mind for many people. One integral part of keeping people safe on the job site is ensuring that they are aware of the hazards they may encounter. OSHA requires signs to be posted on job sites which is a great first step. In this week's blog post our Gear Experts® are going to talk about our job site safety banners and motivational workplace banners.

    Job Site Safety Banners

    Our job site safety banners make it easy to quickly get your job site OSHA compliant. All of our banners come with grommets on each corner and in the middle so that you can easily hang them. These banners are available in two sizes – 4 x 2 or 6 x 3 foot. These banners feature all of the common job site signs – dangers, warnings, cautions, and notices, that are all required by OSHA.


    We’ve got two main types of job site safety banners – Tower Climbing Job Sites and Construction Job Sites. But we don't stop at banners. Columbia Creative Services, our marketing partner, offers a wide range of custom branding solutions.

    Tower Climbing Job Sites:

    The tower climbing job site banners have notices that are directed towards… you guessed it, tower climbing job sites. The notices are for fall protection, RF monitors, and overhead work.

    Construction Job Sites:

    The construction job site banner is directed towards general construction. It features notices for electrical hazards, speed limits, and PPE.

    Custom Banners:

    We know that not all job sites are created equal. That’s why we can work with you to customize your job site banner. We've partnered with Columbia Creative Services to customize the signs that are on the banner, provide a banner with clear pockets so that you can switch out signs when needed, and even add your logo to the banner so that people know which company is on the job site. For more information about customization please contact one of our Gear Experts® or click here.

    Motivational Workplace Banners

    Our Gear Experts® have put together a selection of motivational workplace banners. These banners are 4 x 2 feet and come with a variety of messages. They are made of the exact same ultraflex 15 oz PVC material as the job site banners. These banners can also be completely customized. For more information on custom motivational workplace banners click here or contact one of our Gear Experts®.

    Columbia Creative Services

    Columbia Creative Services is a marketing agency based in Mid-Missouri that services safety and industrial companies. Our story is a big part of who we are. Because of that, their roots heavily influence our creativity and style. Unlike a traditional marketing agency, their story is a little different. In fact, they got their start by building the brands of two dominant companies in the industrial safety industry.

    Every business is different and that means their marketing strategy should also be different. Focusing on challenging the status quo allows us to use new approaches to help build your brand. This top-notch team is creative, determined, and has an uncanny knack for industrial safety. As Gear Experts, they have extensive knowledge of the safety industry and the gear used to make sure people go home safely to their families every night.

    All-Star Branding

    Columbia Creative Services recognizes the importance of branding. They know that how you present yourself to your customers is the biggest influencing factor in your business. As a result, they focus on breaking through the clutter with a clear and concise message that gets results with these services:

    • Publishing and Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Ad Management
    • Direct Mail
    • Copywriting
    • Web Design
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Photography
    • Videography

    Columbia Creative Services has a chest of tools ready to build your brand and share your voice with the world. Due to their history in the safety industry, they have consumer knowledge that gives you an advantage over the competition.


    Click here to see our full selection of job site safety signs and banners.
    Click here to see our full selection of motivational workplace banners.

    Learn More

    **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.

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