What does it mean to be a Tower Climber?

It means knowing everyday will be a challenge. Knowing your work is cut out for you. Tower climbing is not a normal job. It’s an extraordinary job.

You push yourself. Higher. Farther. You push yourself for the same reason your brothers before you pushed themselves. You Climb Higher. 200 feet. 400 feet. 800 feet. Beyond. The next ladder rung, the next step bolt forces you to be greater than you were the one before.

This is why you climb. Breaking barriers where others broke. Thousands of miles on the road, weeks away from home. This is no job for the timid. It’s a thankless job. Nobody can appreciate how hard you work. But you see sights only a handful of other people will ever see.

Your profession is an exclusive brotherhood. You have the back of your fellow climbers. And they have yours. The climb is exhausting, but it must be done.Each day makes you stronger. Physically, mentally. More powerful.

You will not quit. There is no going back. You might be on this tower until the sun goes down. And you’ll be back on it before it comes up tomorrow. But the tower is the best office in the world. At GME Supply, we know you don’t just climb. You Climb Higher.

And we know the exact tower gear you need to work safely and efficiently. Our Tower Climbing Kits have options for all of the top tower climbing gear brands. You can save cash by kitting your tower climbing harness, twin leg lanyard, cable climb safety sleeve, carabiners and tool pouches.

And for any rigging needs, our Lifting and Rigging section has you covered. Again, Kits. Save. Cash. Our Capstan Truck Kit bundles your cat head, rope, shackles, and blocks into a single item.

Give our gear experts a call or chat us and we’ll get your gear out the door, to your shop fast.