Using a three bag system for your gear organization provides an easy way to quickly identify a bag’s contents. This can be especially useful in a stressful emergency situation like a fallen worker. Being able to find your rescue kit in moments is critical.

We recommend using our GME Supply Rescue Rope Bags as part of your color-coded bag solution.

Your black bag can be your backup lifeline kit. This holds your backup lifeline which is generally a 3-Strand or kernmantle. Along with your rope grab like the ASAP from Petzl, and some anchorage. You may even need a termination plate depending on whether your rope has a factory eye.

The Yellow bag can hold your controlled descent kit. This kit is made up of a kernmantle rope, generally a 7/16th inch diameter, and a descent device. We recommend the WestFall Pro D4 or the Petzl I’D. Again, you’ll probably need some anchorage straps, hardware, and other rope accessories.

Finally, your rescue kit in the orange bag. This should come out of the truck first when you arrive on a job site. It lives at the base of the tower while you’re working. While you can piece together your rescue kit, we have premade kits built with everything you need to successfully perform a rescue.

Speaking of rescue, competent rescuer certification must be renewed every year. Click here to make sure you’re taking the best courses available.