0.2 – Miles to the new Vietnamese Take Out restaurant in Columbia.

Our staff may be single handedly keeping this place open.


1 – GME Supply Staff Soccer Team regular season championship

Let’s not talk about the playoffs, though…


2 - Number of Times Kevin has driven from Columbia to our new location in Atlanta

As the first transplant employee from our Headquarters in Columbia, he’s familiar with I-24 through Kentucky and Tennessee.

3 – Additional vehicles added to the company fleet

We’re still working on the plane.


4 – Personal Trainers on staff

Our team has gotten 33% more swole.


6 - GBs of data streamed during NATE on our ClimbHigher cam

You could watch our $20,000 giveaway in real time, straight from sunny Orlando, FL. See the timelapse of the entire show here.


7.5 - Hours it took Andrea to finally eat the peanut m&m’s that were replaced with peanut butter m&m’s without her knowledge

Dan swapped them out first thing in the morning, and then waited for her to take the first bite. She was quite confused.


14 - Consecutive Sun Glasses emojis sent to Josh, without reply 

The first new-hire at our Atlanta location. These were sent over multiple days.


15 - Minutes of drone flight before crashing it into a flagpole

They recommend you fly 10 hours in an open area before getting close to anything. We read the instructions after the crash. We’re better at it now. See some footage over on Instagram.


44 - number of cars worth of CO2 our Net Zero energy building saves every year. That’s 212 metric tons if you’re keeping track at home.

A roof of solar panels, sun tracking skylights, and an ultra-efficient structure. We actually produce more energy than we use. You’re welcome Earth.


49 - States that we are a 1,2,3 day standard ground shipping point to

No matter where you are in the US, our gear is literally a day or two away with shipping that won’t break the bank.


67% - Increase in sales staff

New locations require extra staff, but we also broke out our regional staff to better serve you!


87- Years of misery put to bed with the Royals World Series win (yes- one of the fans wasn’t alive in ‘85)

The majority of the baseball fans root for the Cardinals, so the small KC contingent was especially happy that Royals got it done. #1738 


125% - Increase in warehouse space

We have all our gear, ready to ship in our expansive Atlanta warehouse. More gear in more places means it’s even more convenient and cheaper for you!

500 - Free lunches provided during our “Lunch and Learn” trainings

We invite everyone in the area to stop by for a quick 1-hour training, and free lunch. We’ve covered traffic safety, confined space, hi-visibility, and more!


675 - Miles between our Columbia and Atlanta Locations

Thanks to our new high-tech Google Hangout enabled conference rooms, we’re able to work like the two buildings are next door to each other.


1532 - Number of live chats completed

Can’t chat on the phone? Do it with your fingers.


2500 - Energy Drinks stocked in the health fridge

If we’re talking faster on the phones, you know why. Caffeine's healthy... right?


9511 - Likes on instagram photos

From shots of towers, training, or random nonsense around our office. We’re posting it all. Use #ClimbHigher on your photos and we’ll share ‘em!


20,000 - Dollars of prizes given away at NATE in Orlando

And we’re going bigger in 2016! Swing by our booth in New Orleans to get in on the winning.


42,819 - Facebook Likes

Mash the like button with 42k of your closest #RealTowerClimbers to keep up with our updates, news, contests, and more!


120,000 – Catalogs Distributed

Every order gets one. We send them out for free to everybody that requests one. We pass ‘em out at tradeshows. Get yours here.


325,000 - Minutes watched on our YouTube channel

We haven’t quite caught up with PSY, but our educational, informative, and entertaining videos help you choose the right gear to work safely.
975,000 - Pounds Shipped

We sent it by land, air, and sea. Our gear arrives where you need it, when you need it.


2,250,000 - Page Views

We crushed our goal that we set in last year’s numerical review. You may notice us doing the same in 2016!