July 2015

  1. The All New P55 Omni-Block

    It’s finally here. The Rock Exotica P55 Omni-Block. This thing is a beast.

    P55 Rock Exotica Omni-Block

    With a monstrous 80 kN MBS, this thing is a must for lifting and rigging. It combines all the things that people love about the Omni-Block family – machined aluminum construction, efficient ball-bearing sheave, and super-smooth swivel – with enough strength to handle what a capstan can throw at it. Learn more about it in our latest video:

    Get it into your lifting and rigging arsenal, and make work easier. Consider swapping it out for your standard hand line block in capstan kits. Put it in your rescue kits for a versatile, super-efficient solution.

    There are of course an entire line of Omni-Blocks. We’ve covered them before in other blog posts. They range in size from 1.1” all the way up to the 2.6” sheave of the P55. They can also be had in single or double sheave designs. Some even have a becket at the bottom to be incorporated into haul systems. Others come in a blackout design, which is useful for stage rigging or tv and movie production.

    They all have super-efficient ball-bearing designs, and look as great as they function. See all the other Omni-Blocks, as well as everything else from Rock Exotica here.

  2. Petzl Traxion Progress Capture Pulleys

    We’ve covered a few different Petzl items before. Their Jag haul system, their helmets, the Avao harness… And now, a couple of their super-efficient, extra light progress capture pulleys.

    Petzl Traxion Pulleys - GME Supply

    The P51 Pro Traxion Progress Capture Pulley is 95% efficient. Thanks to the large 38mm sheave, and sealed ball bearings, this thing makes lifting and lower very easy. Add in the fact that it has an aggressive progress capture lever that even works in snow and ice. Learn more in the video below:

    Looking for something even lighter? The Petzl P53 Micro Traxion Progress Capture Pulley brings almost as much smooth efficiency to the party, but in a mini form factor. Weighing only 85 grams, this pulley is ideal for rescue kits, or compact systems. It has all the great features of its big brother, just more compact. We cover it in here:

    Head over to our Petzl category to see all their great gear. And this week only, save 15% on it all! Just use promo code PETZL15OFF at checkout!

  3. UV Protective Clothing

    We’ve all had a sun burn at one point or another. Everyone has read about the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. And hopefully you’re taking proper precautions wearing sunscreen on your exposed skin.

    Many people assume that only the skin that isn’t covered by their clothes needs to be protected. When in actuality, the sun’s radiation can penetrate clothing. And those UVA and UVB rays can do damage to skin. Luckily, there are many UV Protective clothing options to help prevent that damage.

    Now, all fabrics do disrupt UV radiation to some extent, but only clothing rated with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF rating does it best. Items are rated from UPF 15 to UPF 50 or higher.



    Clothing with UPF ratings use a couple different methods to reduce the amount of UVA and UVB rays that reach the skin:

    First, their construction. They use a dense, right weave or knit to minimize the gaps in the fabric. This can make the clothing warmer than others, which is why they’ll usually also include vents to help with circulation.

    Second, dies. Some types of dies absorb the UV, others disrupt and reflect the radiation so it cannot reach your skin.

    Third, treatments. Chemicals effective at absorbing UV light can be added to the fabric. These can be added during the construction of the garment, or post production with a laundry additive. This type of treatment can eventually deteriorate with enough washing.

    Fourth, fiber type. Different materials interact differently to UV exposure. Polyester is an excellent disruptor of UV light. Nylon also does a decent job at it. Surprisingly, cotton isn’t great without added treatment.

    Another great way to prevent the sun’s rays are to use shelters, like the SHAX line from Ergodyne. Or large brims or neck shades for your hardhat.

    Click here to see all of our UV protective options.

  4. Save Big on Capstan Truck Kit!

    It’s that time again… We’ve cut prices on the AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Kit. We haven’t run this type of deal since the end of last year, so jump on it while you can. The kit includes everything required to get to work with the AB Chance 1,000 lb Capstan Hoist. And it’s all certified to work together. No hodge podge of gear here.

     AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Truck Kit - GME Supply

    Get the Capstan, Swivel Hitch Mount, 2 Hubbell Aluminum Blocks, 2 Liftex Endless Round slings and either 600 or 1,200 feet of pulling rope for a fraction of the listed price!


    The AB Chance Capstan Hitch Assembly with Swivel is designed by the engineers at Hubbell, the same folks that designed the capstan. So you know it’ll work safely and seamlessly.


    Plus, since it swivels, you can get the capstan aligned perfectly with the tower. Everyone has been on the jobsite where there’s a tree, fence, ditch, shed, or building preventing you from lining your truck up to properly rig the capstan.


    A perfect example is the photo above. This crew had purchased a kit that only included a 90° mount. Unfortunately, they were on a guyed tower that had a lot of equipment they had to work around. To make matters worse, they were in a very wooded area, so there were only a few places they could get their truck. They ended up coming into our shop seeing what their options were. Once they saw the swivel mount, the regretted trying to save a buck buying a limited mount.


    No worries with this set up. Simply get your truck close to where you need it, then, spin the mount around to align your capstan. Then get to lifting.


    Click here to see the deal, and do it fast. You have until Monday, July 13th to save some dough. Then, check out our unboxing video to see how it’ll arrive at your doorstep.


  5. 4th of July Elk River Sale

    We’ve got an All-American Sale going, folks. Now through July 17th, get 15% off all Elk River gear! Just use promo code “ELKRIVER15OFF” at checkout.

    Elk River 4th of July Sale

    Elk River manufacturers all of their gear right here in the USA. So there’s no better time to start this sale than the week of the 4th of July! From their harnesses and lanyards to their anchors and tool pouches, everything they make is proudly produced in the land of Red, White and Blue.


    Their Peregrine RAS Platinum Tower Climbing Harness is super lightweight, and has an awesome blackout look.


    Also popular for its value, is the EagleTower LE Tower Climbing Harness. It has 6 steel D-Rings, plus a very comfortable seat and accessory loops for versatility.


    Be sure to check out our Elk River category to see all their great products, and don’t forget to enter ELKRIVER15OFF at checkout to get your savings… for America.

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