June 2015

  1. No More Drops with Klein's At-Height Solutions

    Klein At-Height Gear - GME SupplyKlein’s new Work At-Height gear is now available. Their tried and true steel erection tools, bags, and buckets have upgraded functionality. Pair them with the new tool lanyard and you’ve got yourself a great drop-proof setup.


    Falling objects accounted for 10% of worker fatalities in 2013, and is the third leading cause of disabling injuries. Luckily, manufacturers are taking steps to make sure dropped objects are no more.


    We’ll start with the tether. It has a maximum load capacity of 10 lbs and stretches from 32 inches to 60 inches. Check out the video below to see how to install, and secure it onto tools.



    Next, we’ll look at the new 5416OCTO Canvas Pouch with Connection Points. It’s got the standard bull pin loops to store your tethered tool, plus two d-rings on the front, and four on the inside for plenty of space to connect tethers.



    Finally, the bull pins and wrenches with tether holes. You know these… the bull pins are machined from high quality alloy steel for extra durability and are available with either a black rust resistant finish or in stainless steel. Now, they feature a tether hole for anchoring to your harness or bag.



    Head over to our tools section to see all tools from Klein, or the bags and buckets page to see even more pouches with anchorage.

  2. Keep Cool This Summer

    Summer months are here, and that means you’re working in the heat.


    Using the proper gear while working outside ensures that you won’t lose any productivity due to heat stress, or even greater injury. Obviously the basics are staying hydrated and taking proper breaks to let your body regulate itself. Having cool fluids like Sqwincher on the job site, along with some sort of shade shelter like ergodyne’s SHAX series make your breaks as productive as a “break” can be.

    Cooling Products from ergodyne - GME Supply 

    But what about while you’re working? Enter ergodyne’s Chill-Its cooling bandanas. They are activated in minutes, and keep you cool for hours. Just soak in water, wring, whip, and place on your skin near large arteries, like your forehead, armpits, elbows, or wrists. They use water’s natural evaporative properties to feel cooler than the ambient air you’re working in.


    Check out the video below to see the differences between Ergodyne’s line of cooling bandanas. It’ll help you choose which is best for you. Then, head over to our cooling section to pick up more gear to help you beat the heat!


  3. Destroying a Lanyard | Welding Safety

    Working around heat, sparks, and welding while at-height can be very dangerous. Not only are you potentially hundreds of feet in the air, you’re throwing around sparks, slag, or maybe even flames from a torch. While in this type of environment, you have to take the proper precautions.

    Welding Safety - GME Supply 

    Standard polyester webbing doesn’t cut it in these situations. Just a small amount of flame or sparks can do critical damage, which would force you to take the gear out of service. In our latest video, we put an old DBI Sala Y-lanyard in the danger zone… inches from a Milwaukee M18 Grinder. Watch the video to see the destruction:



    That’s really all it takes! The hard spot made after a few moments of sparking is enough to ruin a lanyard.


    Be sure you’re using the right gear if you’re doing a tower mod or working on a new steel structure! The WestFall Pro Ascend Welding Harness is a favorite. It’s Nomex/Kevlar blend is designed to hang in tough conditions. Don’t want to purchase another harness? Checkout FallTech’s slag shields.

  4. Sterling Rope Aztek Kit + 15% off Sale

    Sterling Rope is known for their wide variety of climbing and life safety ropes. Their HTP Static is one of our most popular ropes. Their rope bags help protect your gear and their pulleys will fill out your lifting and rigging kits. Plus, their haul systems make pick-off and rescue much easier. We’ll go over their Aztek Elite Kit a bit later.


    Right now, through June 5th, all Sterling Rope gear is 15% off! Just use code Sterling15 at checkout to receive the discount! The deal won’t last long, so get in on it while you can.


    Back to the Aztek Elite Kit… This kit features a four-to-one mechanical advantage system, plus a travel restraint system on the other end. And, it’s all self-contained in a carrying pouch, making it ready at a moment’s notice. Can’t beat that. One catch that sometimes hangs people up is the fact that it does not come pre-assembled. But fear not… we did you a solid and put together an easy to follow how-to rig video.



    There are two version of this video. Above is the detailed version which goes over every single step in close-up detail. It’s pretty long, but if you’ve never rigged one of these kits before, you’ll appreciate the deliberate attention we gave to every step. Below, is a much more broad overview of how to put the kit together. Think of it as a refresher which just goes over each step from above so make sure you’re doing everything in the proper order. It’s shorter, but if you’re experienced rigging the Sterling Rope Aztek Elite Kit, you can use this to jog your memory.



    Now that you’re learned up on rigging the Aztek, head over to the Sterling Rope page and see what else you can get at a steal of a price, this week only!

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