May 2015

  1. Are You Wearing the Right Shades?

    Let’s talk tints...



    The safety glasses on your face could be a number of different colors. Every lens design is made for a specific environment or situation. While there are some which are general and can be used in a variety of settings, there are others which should be used for distinct circumstances.

    Clear Safety Glasses

    For general indoor applications which require impact protection. These don’t have any tint or color shade, and are pretty simple, standard safety glasses.

    Gray Safety Glasses

    These lenses are made to be worn indoors or outdoors, but they have a slight gray tint which helps reduce glare from the sun or overhead lights. Sometimes these are also called “smoke” lenses. Fork lift drivers going in an out of warehouses or plants would wear these.

    Amber Safety Glasses

    These are normally worn indoors, in potentially low-light applications. The Amber color helps enhance contrast.

    3.0 and 5.0 IR Filter Safety Glasses

    These lenses are designed to block mid-infrared wavelengths and heat, while still allowing visible light to pass through. IR Filter safety glasses are commonly used around welding and cutting. They don’t replace a welding mask, but offer more protection for those in the general vicinity. 5.0 IR Filter shades are more heavily tinted than 3.0 IR Filter lenses.

    Blue Mirror Safety Glasses

    Blue Mirror lenses are gray lenses with a blue mirror coating which reflects light. This cuts back the amount of light that actually passes through the lens and helps reduce glare and eye strain. Use these for outdoor work.

    Silver Mirror Safety Glasses

    Much like the blue mirror, these are grey lenses with a silver mirror coating. They’re also to be used outdoors to help cut back light and reduce glare. Color preference between blue and silver is mostly a aesthetics preference.

    Infinity Blue Safety Glasses

    These are solid blue glasses, without a reflective coating. Use these for indoor applications where there are yellow, or sodium vapor lights. The blue tint offers high contrast and helps cut out yellow light.

    Red or Orange Safety Glasses

    Red or Orange safety glasses use a gray lens with a reflective layer of silver and either red or orange coating. This helps reflect some light back, and also increases contrast and helps with color recognition. Use these outdoors where color recognition is important.

  2. Kenwood's 2015 Summer Rebates

    We’ve gone over Kenwood Radios in the past. They’re compact, durable, and powerful. They make you more productive, and pay for themselves quickly.

    Kenwood’s summer rebates are now in effect, which means you can save a bunch of money and even get a free multi-charger. See the details of the rebates here.

    One of the two-way radios in the rebate, the TK-3230, is incredibly popular due to its size and functionality. We cover two of the great features in the videos below:




    When you purchase six of these walkie-talkies, you receive $20 back per unit with the rebates, which run through July 31st. Plus, with this deal, you can get a FREE six unit charging rack. We put together an easy how-to on the assembly of the charger. Watch and learn below.



    See all of the killer radios from Kenwood, here. And don’t forget about holsters and speaker mics, as well!

  3. The NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica

    Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block - GME SupplyIntroducing the NEW P53D Omni-Block from Rock Exotica. This is a very strong, ultra-efficient double sheave pulley. And it’s the only double pulley in Rock Exotica’s Omni-Block lineup with a prusik minding feature.


    All Omni-Blocks have an integrated swivel, which reduces the overall height of your rigging system, and allows the pulley to automatically align itself. Plus, you can install and remove the rope without detaching the pulley from the anchor.


    The P53D has a Minimum Breaking Strength of 40 kN. This is much stronger than all other Omni-Blocks. It also has a Working Load Limit of 10 kN, making it the overall strongest offering from Rock Exotica.



    Rock Exotica CNC machines their Omni-Blocks from a single block of aluminum. This makes them lighter and stronger than the competition. Everything they do with their designs is done to make your work easier, and safer.


    Check out the video below to see the Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block in action.

     Rock Exotica P53D Omni-Block Video - GME Supply


    Click here to see Rock Exotica’s full lineup of great gear.

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