March 2015

  1. Rock Exotica Omni Blocks

    There’s a long list of things that set the Omni Blocks apart from other pulleys. The swivel that Rock Exotica has incorporated into the design makes for an overall smaller rig. Since you won’t have to use a carabiner to connect the pulley to the anchor, you save valuable space in your kit. Plus, you’ll reduce your overall weight for every Omni Block you use.


    Rock Exotica Omni Blocks - GME Supply


    Rock Exotica Open Omni Block - GME Supply




    Omni Blocks also open using a side gate. Unlike traditional blocks that you have to remove from the anchor, you can load the line without removing the hardware. Plus, the double latch, and skull and crossbones logo help ensure you’ve completely closed your Omni Block after loading. This allows you to focus on your work, and staying safe.


    These Omni Blocks use high efficiency ball bearings. Brush off your physics notes… You won’t have to worry about doing tons of extra work to run rope through your rigging system with these pulleys. Since Rock Exotica has made them so efficient, you’ll hardly lose any energy going through the pulleys.


    Rock Exotica also machines their pulleys from solid blocks of aluminum. This makes them very strong, and lightweight. As soon as you hold an Omni Block pulley in your hand, you’ll be able to tell how well they’re made. Think of the most well-constructed, best designed, most good-looking product you can think of. Omni Blocks are even better than that.




    Omni Blocks come in a few different sizes and designs. Check out the videos below to learn more about each design.



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  2. Make Your Rope Last Longer

    Taking care of your ropes is something that doesn’t take much time out of your day, but can save a ton of money. Plus, it helps ensure safety while working. You never want to take your rope for granted!

     Rope Cross Section

    Between jobs, be sure to store your rope correctly. Using rope bags is the best way to protect rope from getting dirty, and UV damage. Rope that sits out in the sun can have decreased strength and flexibility. Not good.


    While on the tower, always keep rope away from sharp objects. If rubbing the rope over an edge is unavoidable, always use some sort of edge protection. Just a little nick in rope can lead to failure, either in the long-term or even immediately. Also, if you're doing any welding, be sure your ropes are protected from the heat and sparks.


    Before each use, inspect your rope! We’ve gone over the process before. Check for breaks, cuts, fraying, discoloration, or melted and hard spots.

     Sterling Rope Wash - GME Supply

    Also, it’s good to clean your rope periodically. Depending on how much use your rope gets, it could be once a month, it could be every couple years. Regardless, washing will help remove any dirt or grime that’s worked its way into the rope, which decreases strength. There are a number of different techniques to do this. Check with the manufacturer of your rope for specific instructions. Sterling Rope has a specially formulated rope wash solution that’s designed to keep your rope clean, without affecting the strength.  


    With the summer coming, you may need some new pulling rope to fly some sectors. Check out the popular double braid from Pelican in the video below.



  3. Pints, Shots, and Flasks from Stanley Thermos

    What’s in your thermos? Or pint glass? Or… shot glass?


    Stanley Thermos Shot Glasses - GME Supply


    We’ve expanded our selection on all things Stanley Thermos. You know Stanley… the company that’s been making great thermoses for over 100 years. Now you can get their same great craftsmanship in the form of insulated pint glasses, rugged coolers, even stainless steel shot glass sets.


    Stanley Thermos Pint Glasses - GME Supply


    Check out our latest video to see the new selection.



    Still need more convincing? Currently, all things Stanley are on sale. Get ‘em quick… they’re really a steal!

  4. New Shipping Options for Gloves

    Announcing USPS shipping on all gloves! We’re working hard to find new ways to make things easier, more convenient, and CHEAPER for you. So, we’ve expanded more shipping options!


    New Shipping Options for Gloves - GME Supply


    Now, you can ship between 1-12 pairs of gloves for just $5.75. They’ll come straight to your regular mailbox so you don’t have to worry about catching the UPS guy during the day. And, they’ll even be delivered on Saturday for no extra charge.


    Also, we’ve been rolling out quantity discounts for many of our gloves. Look for a chart like the one below and save even more dough.

    Bulk Discounts Each
    12-143 $3.33
    144 or more $3.10


    So what else is new? Check out the TuffMax3 gloves. Huge abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance. These gloves do it all. Learn more below:



  5. NATE Unite 2015 Drawing Winners

    And the winner is…

     NATE Unite 2015 - GME Supply


    During NATE Unite 2015, we gave away over $20,000 worth of products. Some were present and walked away with their winnings. Others probably didn’t want to try to fly home with an entire 1,000 lb capstan. Understandable…


    Below are the winners! If your name is here, send an email to and we’ll get your prize on the way!


    James Salisbury / EWS LLC – Hougen Versatile Portable Mag Drill

    Paul Light / Light’s Tower Construction – Elk River Peregrine RAS Tower Climbing Harness

    Haley Grimes / Tower Communication Services – Ergodyne Bag, Bucket, Pouch, and Squids Prize Pack

    Dylan Wessell / S25 Tower Serv – Petzl Grillon Adjustable Positioning Lanyard and JAG System

    Jerred Ingram / Clifton Tower Service – Guardian Tower Edge Harness, Diablo Twin SRD, Equipment Bag

    Kevin Laffuedo / Penntech International Inc – Guardian Tower Edge Harness, Diablo Twin SRD, Equipment Bag

    Justin Leftwiech / Hightower Communications – Wilton All Terrain Vise

    Scott Conyers / Tower Systems – Sterling AZTEK Elite System

    Matt Blackburn / State of Michigan – Honeywell/Miller AirCore Aluminum Tower Climbing Harness

    Corie Fontenot / Tower MRL – Honeywell/Miller AirCore Aluminum Tower Climbing Harness

    Jesse Zazueta / Andale Construction – Honeywell/Oliver Boots 8” Lace Up Thinsulate Boots

    Tony Moore / Tennessee Valley Authority – Petzl Large I'D Self-Braking Rope Descender + JAG System

    Brian Weis / MiKab Corporation – (2) Kenwood ProTalk 2 Watt Two Way Radios and (2) Mics

    Jason McIntyre / Clifton's Tower Service – Guardian Daytona Big Block SRL, Equipment Bag

    Julie Bruce / Sentenia Systems – Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Tech Backpack

    Ryan McNally / Broadcast Tower Solutions – Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Tech Backpack

    Ethan A Dolph / North Sky Communications – Liftex $150 Gift Certificate

    Justin Veazie / I and S LLC – Milwaukee M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw Kit

    Donna / Global One Eng – FallTech ComforTech Tower Harness + DuraTech SRD

    Jason Gardner / NextLink – (2) Kenwood ProTalk Pocket-Sized Portable Radios and Case

    Bryce Bauder / Spectrum Wireless Solutions – PIP React Electronic Ear Muffs

    Julie Bruce / Sentenia Systems – Guardian Diablo Twin SRD with Steel Rebar Hooks, Equipment Bag

    Mike Young / Sioux Falls Tower – Guardian Diablo Twin SRD with Steel Rebar Hooks, Equipment Bag

    Robert McCoy / Crown Castle – Petzl JAG System

    Walter Huse / Clifton's Tower Service – FieldSENSE RF Monitor

    Chrishawn Williams / SBA – PMI Deluxe Haul System + 12.5mm Kernmantle Ropes

    John Rheault / Great Plains Towers – Suunto Azimuth Compass with Declination Adjustment

    Steve Sylvester / New Horizon Site Services – WestFall Ascend Aluminum Tower Harness + (3) Dyneema Tie-Off Adapters

    Joey Eames / General Dynamics – WestFall Ascend Aluminum Tower Harness + (3) Dyneema Tie-Off Adapter

    Jeremy Johnson / Pro Fiber – Hubbell Power Systems / AB Chance Capstan Hoist


    Also, check out our wrap up video of the entire event!

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