Spring is around the corner. Which means the busy summer season is next. Get prepped now with new Kenwood rebates! Save up to $30 per unit on radios like the best-selling TK-3400U4P.


Now through the end of April, get $20-$30 back when you buy six or more radios. Tower climbers love the 3400U4P because we have it specially packaged with a stubby antenna, which doesn’t get in the way while you’re cruising up and down the tower. Get $25 back per radio when you buy 6! Oh, and since you’re getting six, consider snagging a KMB-28 Six Unit rack charger. It lets you charge up to 6 radios at a time in a convenient rack style charger. Once it arrives, watch our How-to Install video below to get it up and running.



The pint-sized PKT-23K is also in rebate mode this session. This radio is smaller than a deck of cards, but still packs in 1.5 Watts of communicating punch. Get $20 back per radio when you buy six or more of ‘em.


That’s just the short list of all rebate options available. See them all here. Also, check out our ever-growing two-way radio playlist here. Then, once you’ve made your decision, give us a call or chat us online to get your order into our sales robot, and we’ll get it out the door.