January 2015

  1. Yaktrax Walk+

    Now on sale from Yaktrax… The Walk+, the best of both worlds in ice traction. The Yaktrax Walk model is a popular option for those looking to step up their traction game without going all out. Now, the Walk+ version introduces removable carbide steel spikes into the design.


    The carbide steel spikes are located directly under the ball of your foot. It’s the spot that does the most pushing off while you’re walking and where you gain most of your balance. This lets you dig in and really grab onto ice while you’re walking.


    Check out the video below which covers the Walk+ in more detail. After that, head here to see our entire ice traction video playlist on YouTube.



    See all ice traction, including the Walk+ here. Have a question about application or sizing? Give us a call, or chat us online and we’ll help you out!

  2. Why Fit is Important in a Harness

    Westfall Harness Photo - GME SupplyIt doesn’t matter if you have a 1 or a 6 d-ring harness. Construction, Tower, Oil and Gas, or even a rock climbing sport harness... If your harness doesn’t fit correctly, you’re gonna have a bad time.


    An ill-fitting harness isn’t just unsafe; it’s probably uncomfortable as well. If you’re wearing your harness correctly, you really shouldn’t even notice that it’s there after a while. You get used to it. If you have a harness that’s digging in, pinching, or rubbing in a certain area, there’s a good chance you’re wearing it wrong.


    The most common problem with harness fit that we see is the chest strap. A lot of climbers wear it too low. It should fit straight across your chest, nipple to nipple. If it’s too low, you could roll out of the harness when your shoulder strap slips. Too high and it’ll ride up under your chin and either choke you or give you a nasty cut.


    Next big issue is the leg straps. You REALLY want these to be tight on your legs. Wearing them loose might seem like it gives you more room to move around, but in the event of a fall.. BAD THINGS HAPPEN! If your leg straps are tight, during a fall they’ll grab onto your legs and catch the majority of the weight. If they’re loose, they’ll slide up your legs, and whatever they hit will absorb the energy. If you know… what we mean. Yeah… not good!


    Check out our How to Don and Fit Your Harness video to see a step-by-step of putting on and properly adjusting your harness.



    Even if you’ve been working in your harness for a while, it’d be worth a once-over to make sure it’s still fitting like it was designed to.  If you have any other questions about harness fit, or aren’t sure what size harness you need, give us a call or chat us online!

  3. Liftex Pro-Edge Slings

    Liftex Pro-Edge Premium Polyester Web Slings are different from other premium edge slings because the edge protection is literally built into the sling.



    Liftex uses twisted tire cord yarns, which provide maximum resistance to wear, cut, and abrasion. They also provide much better value. Since the slings last longer, the cost per use is greatly reduced.


    Pro-Edge slings are 50% tougher to cut than standard webbing slings, thanks to the high-tenacity twisted tire-cord yarns. They’re also stronger. Liftex puts their slings through the paces with 2500 cycles of surface abrasion testing. Even after all that, the slings still maintained 50% more of their strength compared to standard webbing.


    Finally, Liftex’s pocket tag means you won’t have to worry about the inspection tag disappearing during use. They use a PVC pocket with continuously sewn stitching to protect the laser printed tag. Just like on harnesses or lanyards, if your inspection tag is missing or illegible, the sling must be taken out of service. Liftex goes the extra mile to make every part of their gear durable and safe.


    Check out all of the lifting and rigging gear from Liftex. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call or chat us online!

  4. More Power! Extension Cords, Generators, and More

    Extension cords are pretty much everywhere. You can buy them from us, a hardware store, a grocery store, even gas stations and truck stops. It’s not like they’re hard to use. It’s pretty straight forward… Plug it into the outlet, plug your device or tool into the other end. But their simplicity doesn’t mean they can’t be used incorrectly.


    Check out our buyer’s guide video above to learn about jacket type designations, gauge ratings, maximum amperage, voltage, and more.


    Have you ever seen a series of numbers on the packaging of extension cords? Those letters mean very specific things. Knowing their meaning can help you purchase the right cord for the job, and keep you safe. Reference the chart below for their meanings!

    Extension Cord Jacket Designations - GME Supply


    Alright… now that you’ve got your extension cord, where’s your power coming from? Generac makes some of the most reliable, easy to use generators around. They use motors that were actually designed to be used on a generator. That means you get clean, steady, reliable juice to run your expensive tools and sensitive equipment. See our selection of Generac generators here.


    And while you’re at it, peruse around the rest of our power and lighting category. The Pelican 9420XL LED Work Light has been very popular, and for good reason. Check out the video below to see it in action.


  5. Milwaukee Tool Accessories

    Click here to view our full selection of Milwaukee items


    Time to accessorize


    Get a shiny new power tool over the holidays? Whether it was a Black Friday door buster, or wrapped up with a bow on Christmas morning, you’re going to need some accessories to make the most out of that tool. Lucky for you, we got ‘em. (Lots of ‘em!)



    Milwaukee’s Shockwave Bits utilize a specially designed shock zone to increase durability and reduce stress on the tool. They’re made to be used on their powerful impact drivers and will last longer than your bargain basement bit sets.

     Milwaukee Shockwave Bits - GME Supply


    Get a Sawzall? Grab yourself some blades! The Torch Ice Hardened Sawzall Blade provides the longest life and maximum durability due to the ice hardening process. And the Grid Iron honeycomb pattern to increase rigidity, which resists blade buckling. Rip through wood, nails, metal… you name it.

     Milwaukee Sawzall Blades - GME Supply


    Finally, Milwaukee has a complete line of sockets to fill out your tool chest. Deep well socket sets, to individual sizes… check out our sockets section to see them all.

     Milwaukee Socket Sets - GME Supply


    This is just a small selection of all of the Milwaukee Tool Accessories available. Give us a call or chat us online if you don’t see what you need!

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