November 2014

  1. AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Kit

    We’ve written about Chance Capstan Hoists in the past. We’ve gone over some key safety tips, and how to rig the cathead from start to finish. And now we have a special kit that puts everything you need to get your work done in one package.


    Introducing the AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Truck Kit.



    The kit includes the AB Chance 1,000 lb capstan with foot control, the AB Chance Capstan Hitch Assembly with Swivel, 2 Hubbell 3” top-opening hand-line aluminum blocks, 2 Liftex 4’ green round slings, and 600’ of double braid pulling rope.


    The kit is comprised entirely from approved AB Chance parts which are all designed to work together. Hubbell has put its equipment through the paces, to ensure that everything will function without fail.


    Hubbell recommends always sticking with the approved parts when using their AB Chance Capstan. There are some other hitch mounts out on the market, and some have been known to fail. Especially imitation swivel mounts. We’ve heard a few different reports about them breaking and dropping loads, which obviously puts everyone on the jobsite in danger and costs you money in downtime and damaged equipment.


    One other piece of equipment that doesn’t come standard in the kit, is the ropelock device. Feed the pulling rope through the ropelock as you’re lifting the load, and the device will automatically grab the rope and prevent it from slipping back on the capstan. Not only does it prevent you from having to stand there and hold the rope the entire time when the capstan isn’t turning, but in the event you accidentally lose handle on the rope, it will keep the load from falling. We definitely recommend it!


    If you have any questions about lifting and rigging, or need to add some additional parts to your truck kit, give us a call or chat us online!

  2. Rock Exotica Innovation

    Rock Exotica has been innovating “Gear for the Z Axis” for over 25 years. They started in a garage, but they’ve come a long way since then. But that doesn’t mean they’ve changed their ways. They still make all of their gear right here in the US. They’re based out of Utah, so they’re not far from a lot of the places their carabiners, pulleys, swivels, rigging plates, ect., are used.

     Rock Exotica RP5 Bolt Rigging Plate - GME Supply

    Their Bolt Rigging plate uses a quick detachable stainless steel rod, or bolt, that allows quick connection for pulleys. No carabiners are required with this plate, so you can save room and weight in your rigging setup. Which is nice.


    Plus, since there are no carabiners, you don’t run the risk of getting your pulleys, and your ropes, twisted. The Bolt is constructed from a single oversized piece of material, so it looks as great as it performs. The aluminum rig is only 19 ounces light, and has a maximum breaking strength of 36 kN.

     Rock Exotica P3 Kootenay Ultra Pulley - Rock Exotica

    The Kootenay was originally designed by Rock Exotica in the 80’s. Since then, it’s been imitated by many different companies. Made for passing knots, the sheave is 2.2 inches wide and has a maximum breaking strength of 39kN.


    Setting it apart from other knot passing pulleys, the sheave can be locked down for high strength tie-off using the included pin, which is stored in the axel of the device when not in use. Once you wrap your rope around the sheave a few times, similar to a capstan, you can lower heavy loads with ease.


    Check out all the great products from Rock Exotica here.

  3. Maxiflex Cut from PIP

    Maxiflex gloves from PIP are already very popular because of their ultra-thin, seamless construction. Working in them is as close as you can get to working with your bare hands. And now, that same ultra-thin feel is available with high cut resistance.

     Maxiflex Cut from PIP - GME Supply


    Cut rated gloves are measured using the EN 388 standard. This rating has four parts, represented by numbers below the EN 388 stamp. The meaning of the numbers can be remembered using the phrase, ACT Professionally. A = Abrasion, C = Cut, T = Tear, and P = Puncture. Each is rated from 1-4 except cut, which is rated 1-5.


    The Maxiflex Cut has a rating of 4331. It’s one of the thinnest forms of hand protection with that high of abrasion, cut, and tear rating. Obviously, the ultra-thin glove isn’t the greatest for puncture, so if that is a danger in your work, you might want to use a different type of hand protection.


    The perfect glove keeps your hand protected, while still maintaining mobility, dexterity, and comfort. The Maxiflex Cut gets this done using a Nitrile coating that has 360 degree breathability. It allows all natural body heat and moisture to escape the glove, but keeps your grip and tactile feel intact.


    Head over to our hand protection section to see the wide variety of gloves available. There’s something for everyone. There is anything from economy, disposable gloves, to specialty, task-specific gloves. Maybe you even need some thermal, insulated, waterproof gloves for the upcoming cold season. If you have any questions about which gloves would be best for you, give us a call, or chat us online.

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  5. Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne

    Ergodyne Gear - GME Supply

    As the temperature creeps towards single digits, gloves become an important part of your daily work wear. Thermal ProFlex Gloves from Ergodyne offer maximum protection from wind and water, without decreasing dexterity or becoming uncomfortable. One of the things that set Ergodyne’s hand protection apart from others is their waterproofing systems.

     Waterproof Gloves from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    Their traditional waterproof insert uses a waterproof membrane between the outer glove shell and the inner insulation. While it does keep your hands dry, and warmer than a non-waterproof glove would, it still lets the glove absorb some water in the shell. This can make your glove feel colder than it actually is, and can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Not ideal. At all. Plus, the insert also holds in moisture, so sweat can collect and leave you with a sticky hand.

     Waterproof Gloves with OutDry from Ergodyne - GME Supply

    This is where OutDry comes to party. The OutDry membrane is bonded directly to the glove’s shell inner side. That means rain, snow, and wind is blocked on the gloves outer surface, for ultimate comfort. Since the elements are stopped at the surface, the glove uses its full thermal potential, providing a constant, stable temperature inside the glove. And because the membrane is breathable, sweat is able to escape, keeping you comfortable. Also, they pair OutDry with a heavy dose of 3M Thinsulate, so your hands stay toasty, no matter what.

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