October 2014

  1. Elk River Peregrine Platinum Tower Harnesses

    Elk River’s Peregrine Tower Harness Series has all of the bells and whistles you could need in a tower harness. A few different harnesses make up the Peregrine line.



    The Peregrine Platinum is one of the lightest harnesses on the market. This six D-Ring harness has a standup aluminum D-ring on the back, plus two aluminum D-rings on the hips and seat. The smaller chest attachment point is steel. Breathable padding on back, shoulders and waist keep you cool and comfortable. The Peregrine Platinum has a quick-connect chest and tongue buckle waist. Choose between quick connect or tongue buckle leg straps.


    The Elk River 67630 Peregrine Platinum RAS has all of the great features of the Peregrine Platinum, but with an adjustable, removable seat. This popular harness has exceptional fit, and is ideal for all day comfort. See the Peregine Platinum RAS here.

  2. Liftex Endless RoundSlings


    Liftex Endless RoundUp RoundSlings are the most basic roundsling, but they offer great versatility. They can be used in a variety of configurations. They’re strongest in a basket configuration, but are also very reliable and safe in vertical pulls and in a choker.


    They’re available in a few different sizes and strengths. They are color coded by capacity, which makes identifying easy. Reference the chart below for a guide.

     Liftex Sling Capacity Chart - GME Supply


    These slings are very light, relative to their strength. The durable cover protects the strong fibers inside. You don’t have to worry about abrasion to the part of the sling that actually does the lifting. See all our lifting and rigging gear from Liftex here. If you have any other questions, or are unsure of which slings are best for your operation, give us a call or chat us online.

  3. Petzl Tikka Headlamps

    Sometimes… the work can’t wait until the sun comes up. When you find yourself doing some lunar labor, you’ve got a few illumination alternatives. One of the most convenient and accessible is a headlamp.



    Petzl makes some of the most popular and best performing headlamps around. If you’ve never given them a shot, now’s your chance. This week, 10/12-10/18, all Petzl products are 10% off. More info on that later.


    One of the most popular is the Tikka. This classic headlamp comes in at a very reasonable price point, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do some heavy lifting(lighting). It’s got two modes, one for proximity lighting, like working on something right in front of you, and another brighter and wider setting for walking or illuminating a larger area. This small, lightweight unit pumps out 80 lumens, with a range of 50 feet.


    This weather resistant headlamp is very easy to use. A single button on the top toggles between lighting modes. One click turns it on, and sets it in proximity lighting mode for close-range work. Another push cranks the power for a brighter beam. One more turns the light off. And the lamp also has phosphorescent reflectors, just a fancy name for glow in the dark bits, which makes the lamp easy to locate in the dark. Fancy.


    And as mentioned above, everything Petzl is on sale this week only. Use code “Petzl10” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase of any Petzl item. They have a full line of headlamps, ranging from basic models all the way up to their specialized and performance models. The Tikka is a great all around headlamp, but if you need something more specific, give us a call or chat us online and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

  4. Kenwood ProTalk Winter Rebates

    We’ve talked about two-way radios before. They increase productivity. They're more advanced, durable, and reliable than ever. They solve a lot of problems. And now Kenwood has rebates on some of the most popular ProTalk radios around.

     Kenwood Two Way Radio Rebates - GME Supply


    Now through the end of December 31st, get $20-$35 back when you buy 6 or more radios. This rebate program includes our best seller, the TK-3400U4P. Buy six of ‘em and you’ll get $25 back per unit. We’ve worked with Kenwood to get a specially designed radio that’s popular with tower climbers. It leaves the factory with a stubby antenna. Unlike the longer standard antenna, the stubby doesn’t get in the way when you’re working up on the tower. But don’t worry, there’s no loss of signal with the compact antenna style; Just increased convenience.


    The TK-3230 and PKT-23 also have rebates available.   The TK-3230 is a small 1.5 Watt radio, that still meets military standards. Get $25 back per radio when you buy 6. If you’re looking for something even smaller, pick up the PKT-23. It still pumps out 1.5 Watts of communicating power, but in an ultra-compact package. It’s smaller than a deck of cards, but is still as versatile and strong. Get $20 back per radio with a purchase of six or more.



    See all the rebate info here. Can’t decide which is best for you? Check out our Two-Way Radios video playlist. Then give us a call, or chat us online and we’ll get your order going.

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