August 2014

  1. FallTech's ABCD's of Fall Protection

    FallTech has been outfitting people when they’re exposed to fall hazards at work for over twenty years. Their complete fall arrest system addresses every part of fall safety. They reference the ABCD’s of fall protection: Anchorage, body wear, connectors, and deceleration devices.


    FallTech Anchor Strap - GME Supply


    FallTech’s Pass-Thru Anchor straps are some of the most popular today. They’re constructed of heavy-duty 1-3/4 inch polyester webbing, which is sewn onto a 3-inch wear pad to protect against abrasion and cuts. Ideal for I-Beams and other rated structural members, the standard D-ring passes through a larger D-ring, and the anchor strap is cinched tight for an anchorage point rated at over 5,000 lbs. This anchorage sling is ideal because it can be removed and used over and over again.



    Body Wear

    The FallTech 7084 ComforTech Tower Climbing Harness is ultra-comfortable, which makes it a great choice for workers that are up on a tower all day. The removable seat has an aluminum bar with extra padding for support, and the shoulder and leg pads are also removable. This makes washing simple to help combat stink. The harness is completely adjustable, so you can make it fit perfectly. The quick-connect chest, and tongue-buckle waist belt and leg straps make donning and doffing simple. It comes in four different sizes, so check our sizing guide to pick the right fit.


    FallTech Twin-Leg Lanyard - GME Supply


    These are what attaches your B’s to your A’s in the ABCD’s of fall protection. Carabiners, positioning assemblies, lanyards… all that good stuff. FallTech’s 8240Y3 ElasTech Lanyard combines safety and versatility with convenience and thriftiness. This ANSI Z359 twin-leg lanyard stretches from 4.5-6 feet, so it doesn’t get in your way while you’re climbing. It has a snaphook to attach to your dorsal-d, and large rebar hooks for tie-off. In the event of a fall, the built in shock absorber limits arresting forces to 900lbs or less.



    Deceleration Devices

    Devices, like self-retracting lifelines, slow the worker and reduces forces to the body and anchorage during a fall. The Duratech line of personal SRD’s are the smallest on the market. The abrasion resistant webbing is cycle tested, and there’s no shock pack to get in your way. The Self-Retracting Lifeline comes with multiple connector choices, and is also available in a twin-leg version for 100% tie-off.


    See all of FallTech’s gear here, and if you have any specific questions, give us a call or chat us on the bottom right of the page.

  2. Sterling Rope - Safety Rope, Sewn Cord, and Climbing Hardware

    Sterling Rope is the leading manufacturer of life safety rope, sewn cord, and climbing hardware. Plus, it’s all made in the US. Their climbing, rope rescue, arborist, and safety gear is some of the most innovative around. And they guarantee its quality. Sterling Rope hand checks every product before it leaves their facilities.

     Sterling Rope HTP Safety Climbing Rope - GME Supply

    Sterling’s HTP Static Rope is a one of the most popular, durable, and best performing safety ropes available. This kernmantle rope has overall better durability higher strength and lower stretch than other static ropes, which makes the HTP a great choice for mainline, haul systems, and highline use. With a safe working load of 908 lbs, this strong rope is often used in specialized rescues, rope access, and safety applications, as well. Since it’s made with polyester, which is inherently resistant to moisture, the HTP doesn’t lose strength or experience increased elongation in wet conditions.  It comes in a number of diameters and lengths. Choose from 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” or 5/8” in any lengths of 300’, 600’, 1200’, or really, any specific length you require to get the job done.   

    Sterling 12mm Dyneema Sewn Slings - GME Supply

    Sterling’s 12mm Dyneema Sewn Slings are lightweight, crazy strong, extremely cut resistant, and aren’t affected by moisture. There are a few different lengths to choose from… 10”, 24”, 30”, or 48”. Although these climbing slings have a MBS of 5,170 lbs or 23 kN, they have very little elongation and they shouldn’t be used for dynamic falls.


    The Pocket Hauler is the perfect mini mechanical advantage system. It can provide either a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage, making lifting heavy weight simple. It’s ideal for rope rescue, adjustable directional, piggy-backed haul systems, tensioning lines, or a number of other rigging needs. The haul kit comes with two SR mini-double pulleys, 50 feet of 8mm rope with a sewn eye to attach the screwlink, 2 Hawk Autolock carabiners, and a 6mm sewn prusik cord. It doesn’t come pre-rigged, so check out our video to see a proper setup.



    This is just a small sampling of the great products from Sterling. See them all here. If you have any specific questions, give us a call or chat us online!

  3. Cold Galvanizing Compound

    Galvanized steel is everywhere. From towers, bridges, and buildings, to street signs, hand rails, and fences, it makes a durable, long lasting finished surface. Galvanization protects against rust and corrosion, making steel last a really long time.


    Cold Galv Compound - GME Supply

    Most steel is galvanized through a hot-dip process. They literally have giant tubs of molten zinc that they use to coat huge pieces of steel at one time. This is great for large scale galvanizing operations, but when you need to galvanize a small spot on a tower after doing some welding, filling a tub with zinc and melting it isn’t really practical. Enter Cold Galv Compound.


    Cold Galv still uses zinc to protect exposed steel, but it goes on like normal paint. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto the surface of the steel. It also comes in a few different finishes. The bright finish will match a recently hot-dipped piece of steel, where flat will blend in with metal that's been out in the elements for a while.


    Cold Galvanization Compound is also available in a few different levels of zinc content. The more zinc in a compound the greater the protection. Choose from anywhere from 65% to 96% rich zinc.


    Application is easy. Just clean the steel of any dirt, oil, or rust. A little elbow grease might be required to clean off rust using a steel brush. Then, just apply the cold galv like normal paint. Be sure to check with manufacturer specs for ideal temps for application, as well as dry times.



    Check out our video to see a comparison of some of our most popular compounds.

  4. Know the Force!

    Many dynamometers are bulky, heavy, complicated, expensive, and well... ugly. The LC1 Enforcer from Rock Exotica makes things easy and looks good doing it.

    Rock Exotica LC1 Enforcer - GME Supply


    It’s light. It weighs just 14 ounces, made of durable aluminum alloy and steel. Pair it with the optional waterproof case and it’s easy to transport and store. The LCD screen and simple interface make the Enforcer easy to read and operate.


    It’s strong. The device is rated to 36 kN, but will only measure up to 20 kN. If forces exceed 20 kN, the device will permanently ready “overloaded” on the display. At this point, the device is still good for testing, but shouldn’t be used in life safety events. It’s also recommended to back up the device to reduce the risk of any accidents.

    LC1 Enforcer with Case - GME Supply


    It’s versatile. Forces can be measured in kN, kg, and lbf, in both slow and fast monitoring modes. The slow mode samples twice a second, where the fast mode measures 500 times per second. You can also turn on the “Max” mode to display the max value measured. This is great for measuring dynamic events.


    It’s techy. To make reporting easy, the Enforcer also has integrated Bluetooth to pair with your iPhone. The Enforcer app is available in the Apple App Store. Use it to instantly monitor static forces, record dynamic events and graph and log all of the tests. The graph can be viewed on the iPhone, emailed as an attachment, or saved to the cloud using DropBox or Google Drive.



    Check out our videos to see the Enforcer in action. More testing videos will be coming soon!

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