July 2014

  1. Harness Accessories

    On a daily basis, you use quite a few different pieces of safety gear. We’ve talked harnesses, lanyards, bags, and SRLs before… but there are quite a few accessories, some that aren’t necessarily safety gear, which can make your work easier. These are some popular items that you can add on to your climbing kit.


    The T-Reign is an open-top protective case with a retractable tether. It’s perfect for keeping two-way radios, RF monitors like the fieldSENSE, cell phones or small cameras within hands reach. Check out the video above to see it in action.

    Next up are Ergodyne’s Squids Grabbers. These versatile little devices are commonly used to hang on to gloves when you’re not using them, but they can hold pretty much anything. Chill-Its towels, hats, rags, and more. They come in two different designs, so check out the video to decide which is best for you.


    Finally, the DBI Sala Suspension Trauma Safety Straps. Suspension trauma is a serious risk if a worker falls and is hanging in the harness. The pressure of the harnesses leg straps can cause blood to pool in the veins in the legs, which can result in unconsciousness. It’s a condition that can occur quickly, so prompt rescue is required. Luckily, the Suspension Trauma Straps allow a worker to stand up in the harness to relieve pressure from their legs. Watch Jim demonstrate them in our video.


    Go check out all our harness accessories to fill out your climbing kit, and make your work easier.

  2. Gear Bag Grab Bag

    On the job, you’ve got a lot of gear to haul around. Having the perfect bag to protect your gear keeps you organized, makes your gear last longer, and most importantly, helps you work faster, easier, and safer. From climbing kits, to rope, to all of your hand and power tools, we have bags to carry it all. We did a test with a few of the popular gear bags to see how many standard sized hard hats would fit in each. The video at the bottom of this post shows the test.

    GME Supply Large Deluxe Gear Bag

    Our favorite, and most popular is the GME Supply Large Deluxe Gear and Equipment Bag. It’s available in red or black with reflective yellow accents for visibility. To make sure it stands up to anything you put it through, it’s made of heavy-duty, PU coated polyester fabric. It has 4 outside pockets for organization and to combat stink, it has a vented mesh window that opens up on the back. In total, this bag held 23 hard hats.

    GME Supply Premium Equipment Backpack

    The GME Supply Premium Equipment Backpack is waterproof and has a tough-as-nails plastic bottom. Keep all your tools and carabiners accessible on the gear loops on the front, and carry it anywhere via the padded shoulder straps. Use it to haul your rescue kit, climbing gear, or all your rope. The wide opening made it easy to fit 8 hard hats.

    Ergodyne Arsenal Duffel Bag

    Ergodyne’s Arsenal Water Resistant Duffel Bag comes in three different sizes. The top of the bag has ID and document pockets, and under the lid is an interior mesh pocket. This duffel can be put in backpack mode with the modular straps. There are gear loops on the front and compression straps to make it compact. The small fits 11 hats, the medium fits 14 and the large packs in 18.

    Klein Tools 5180 Extra-Large Nylon Bag

    Last is the 5180 Extra-Large Nylon Equipment Bag from Klein Tools. It’s made of orange, vinyl coated nylon and has a wide-opening, steel frame top. The bottom of the bag has a plastic bottom with drain holes, and there’s even a storm flap to keep out any rain. We filled it with 13 hard hats.


    Check out the video below to see the hard hat tests live, then head over to the bags section and pick one out for yourself!


  3. Are You Ready to Cool Down?

    PIP has a wide variety of safety gear and PPE. From hand and eye protection to ergonomics, first aid, protective clothing, and more, they offer products for many categories. Their heat management and cooling lines are engineered and designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re working.

    Cooling Products from PIP - GME Supply

    If your job requires a safety helmet to protect your dome, the 396-400 EZ-Cool Cooling Hard Hat Pad is for you. It’s made from polycotton material with integrated cooling crystals. Just attach it to your hard hat’s suspension with the easy hook and loop closure and it will keep you cool for hours. Activate it by dipping it in cold water for 10-20 minutes, squeeze out any excess water, install it and then get to work… comfortably. There’s also a version with a built in neck shade to keep the back of your neck from getting crispy.


    PIP also has very comfortable cooling tie hats that tie around the back of your head for a secure fit, and use evaporative cooling to keep you comfortable. The 396-300 is made from polycotton with cooling crystals and is available in navy blue, cowboy blue, and American flag print. This is great for keeping the sun from beating down on your head, plus it keeps you cool at the same time.


    Finally, the 393-100 evaporative cooling bandana is available in a variety of colors and is made from polycotton material with cooling crystals. Its cooling effects last for hours and it’s comfortable to wear around your neck to keep cool in warm environments. Pair that with the 396-602 cooling towel that will always feel cooler than ambient temperature. It can be trimmed down to wrap around your wrists, head or even go inside a ventilated cap.



    Watch the video above, then head over to our cooling page to see everything to keep your temperature down when the heat is on.

  4. Tuf-Tug Antenna Pipe Rooster Head

    Lifting and rigging is a common job when working at a tower site, but if not done correctly, it can be very dangerous!


    There are a lot of things that you need to focus on while doing any lifting and rigging work. It is a job that has the potential for many dangerous situations. A safe rigging operation requires the rigger to know the weight of the load being lifted, along with the weight of the hardware being used, the capacity of the hoisting device, the working load limit of the hoisting rope, slings, hardware, etc… there’s a lot to keep track of!

    Tuf-Tug Rooster Head - GME Supply



    Luckily, Tuf-Tug has a product to help reduce the intricacy of your lifting and rigging operation. The DAS/LTE 2 Inch Antenna Pipe Rooster Head slides directly into a standard 2” pipe mount at the top of a tower. It makes it quick and easy to hoist antennas up the tower and into position. The device is constructed of solid, heavy-gauge steel and finished in a hot-dipped galvanized coating.


    The rooster head has a 4” pulley with an oversized groove to keep the lifting rope in place. It is made for 1/2” rope or 3/8” wire rope. While the maximum lifting capacity is 250 lbs, that is more than enough for a DAS or LTE antenna. It’s a great device for tiger teams to get their tools to the top of a tower, or for decomm work.


    Check out our video that goes over the Tuf-Tug Rooster Head to see it in action. And head over to our lifting and rigging page to get the rest of the gear to get the job done. If you don’t see what you need, or have any questions, give us a call or chat us online using the box below to the right!




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